Internal security minister: We won't go easy on settlers
Ilana Curiel
Published: 05.12.09, 16:28
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1. Won't go easy on "settlers"
Jim Brown ,   TN USA   (12.05.09)
And what about the Arabs and their illegal building?
2. go easy
colin   (12.05.09)
Kindly inform this idiot ahoronovitch that there are no settlers in Israel There are PIONEERS BUILDING THE FUTURE IF ISRAEL He will not go easy. Does he think that the pioneers live in ease and luxury??Fools like himself should return to russia ..Nobody needs the likes of his leftest ideas. Lieberman must put an end to this thorn is Israel Beiteinu He is a liar as all politicians.
3. In Other Words
Joe Klien ,   USA   (12.05.09)
In other words Israel gave up everything for the United States in other words capitulation and appeasement. Yes Minister Aharonovitch new opportunities. Yea Right
4. Why is the building freeze legal?
adam eliyahu   (12.05.09)
And even if it is, why is it legal to threaten violence to subdue civilians? Who do these people work for? SHouldn't this have been put to some kind of vote?
5. motorcyclists blocked Tel Aviv's main highway last month AND
Moshe ,   Beit Shemesh   (12.05.09)
there were no riot police. in fact the chief of police recommended to drop all charges. so this putz should just shut up.
6. who does this guy think he is?
tm ,   usa/israel   (12.05.09)
I am sick and tired of these corrupt politicians spouting off at the mouth! It's time to take our country back from these appeasers of our enemies. While we make nice nice to those who wish/do us harm and throw our pioneers settlers and good people into these situations of having to havr to make the hard choice ...well me politician I say out with on and forget the freeze and those we have voted for in good faith have forgotten who voted them in.
7. Remember!
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (12.05.09)
B"H Just remember that any policy that is based on restriction of Jews, only Jews and no one else but Jews is, per definition, an anti-Jewish policy and the ones who dirt their hands with it, again per definition, are anti-Semites. Enough already of shameful, capo-style governance in Israel. Time to shout out loud: Israel is Jewish and pretend, pretend a Jewish Israel for the Jews!
Eli ,   Ramat Gan   (12.05.09)
How about seeing a little law enforcement in the Negev which is being utterly and illegally covered with thousands of Bedouin housing units with nary a peep from the "law enforcement powers-that-be".
9. Foolish Ministers!
The harder Israel goes on Jews settling the land, the harder Sharon suffers. Foolish ministers, are you waiting for another one of you fools to suffer along with Sharon?
10. How about not going easy on lawbreakers, PERIOD!
Etoile ,   Montreal, Canada   (12.05.09)
11. # 5
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.05.09)
The police in fact were present,but there were no riot police at last month's motorbike demonstration (in Tel-Aviv) for the simple fact that the demonstration was 100% peacefull. So peacefull that Pizza Hut were there handing out free pizzas to the motorists who were caught up in the traffic jam caused by the demo..
12. breaking the law
pepe ,   Sydney   (12.06.09)
why don't you start by tearing down all the ilegal Arab buildings in Jerusalem and all other parts of the Jewish lands , before you punish your own people ...What is the use of keeping the FARSE peace agreament when the whole world knows that IRAN,HAMAS,HISBULAH ,SIRIA ,LEBANON will soon start ataking ISRAEL
13. Yeah...get tough on your own people...but
BJL ,   usa   (12.06.09)
let the arabs Israel your gov is sick...
14. Our last pioneers.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (12.06.09)
In a country where the justice system is political, a media that makes no room for a flow of opinions, where half the nation finds no place in the media discourse, it should come as no surprise that the only communication tool left is the ROCK. As to coexistence with Arabs :
15. settlements pollard
matthew sparks ,   jerusalem-toronto   (12.06.09)
the inclusion of pollard's freedom into the settler,shalit and iran equation gives us the winning answer. not only will pollard's freedom make the settler and shalit deals more palatable,but pollard's spirit [god's blessing to ya'akov-"you can fight the strongest and win"], 'yisrael', will resolve iran;the way he helped us resolve iraq. no pollard; no deal!!
16. #11 - they BLOCKED the road - how is this more 'peaceful'
Moshe ,   Beit Shemesh   (12.06.09)
than when "settlers" BLOCK the road ??? because Pizza Hut was there? THERE WERE HUGE TRAFFIC JAMS. Oh, but since it wasn't settlers, it MUST be "peaceful""
17. #16 Well said
right again   (12.06.09)
Give lefties any freebies especially food,(most lefties live on grass... haha) and noch pizza !!! wow ! and you'll have them' 'eating out of your hand'.
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