Fayyad: EU decision – first step towards statehood
Ali Waked and Roni Sofer
Published: 08.12.09, 18:52
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1. "statehood" will only be the result of negotiations as clled
Eitan ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (12.08.09)
for by both UN resolutions, e.g. 242, and bilateral agreements, e.g. Oslo, Road Map. And once matters are discussed, face to face, the future political entity will be close to Yitzhak Rabin's view as he expressed it in his last speech at the Knesset in October 1994: 1. Jerusalem will remain united under Israeli sovereignty and will also include places such as Givat Zeev and Maaleh Adumim. 2. The Jordan Valley, in its widest definition, will also remain under Israeli control. 3. The Palestinian state will be less than a state. And of course, any agreement for peace will have to include a recognition of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people, and will have to be considered explicitly "the end of the conflict". Are the Arabs ready for it...??
2. Go ahead!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.08.09)
Declare a "Palestinian state." (Just like Yasir Arafat (may his name be cursed throughout eternity) did in 1988.) Please, declare your "Palestinian state." Of course, you do realize that Israel has said that such a step will wipe the slate clean of everything that has been discussed and negotiated previously. Go ahead, declare your "state." Play right into Israel's hands. It will solve a lot of Israeli problems. Where do you propose to put your "state," once all of you have been driven out of Judea and Samaria? Perhaps your good European friends will give you some territory. Just ask them. I am sure they will be MORE than happy to accommodate you. Frankly -- I can't wait. Can you declare "statehood" today? Please? Pretty please?
stude ham   (12.08.09)
the more we hear from the palis the more disgusting they get. as far as jerusalem is concerned... they will never ever get a single square millimetre of it ... if they want it let them come and fight for it. but we must never let go voluntarily or willingly of our most holy city.
4. And Israel will own all the land where there are Jews and
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.08.09)
arabs will get whatever bit of land Israel chooses to give them. Bring it on, and have it settled on Israel's terms with no negotiations.
5. EU - one of mankinds best failure.
DT ,   TA Israel   (12.08.09)
Clearly no one in our government past or present has stood up to the ultimate bully boy and told the EU (old guard)"Get lost ". Bullies go down at the first "hit". Look at NATO !
6. Well Done EU
Sandra B ,   Scotland   (12.08.09)
Well yet again set in stone Jerusalem will be the capital of both israel and palestine nothing israel can do about it people are getting sick of your land grabbing Israel needs to face facts The world will never give you that land The palestinians will never give you thier land The less israel negotiates the more and more we move towards the palestinians declaring a state and having it ratified by the rest of the world driven out of Judea and Samaria, laffs.......look at the utter world outcry over gaza invasion........mmmm somehow I don't think your going to get away with ANY MORE ethnic cleansing
7. Every gesture Israel makes they see as "first step".
Eitan ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (12.08.09)
No more! Israel permitted the PLO to set up shop here and took a major risk. Israel allowed the existence of Arab armed forces here and paid with the lives of Israeli soldiers killed by the Palestinian Arab "police". Israel, together with Bill Clinton, made an offer for an independent state, only to unleash the 2000 campaign of the war-of-attrition-through-terror against the Jewish civilian population of the country. More than a thousand children, women and men were slaughtered. Israel vacated the entire Gaza Strip, only to be followed by rockets and mortars aimed at the civilian population of Israel. Enough! It is time the Arabs take the simple step of stating, directly, without ifs ands or buts: Israel is here by right, and by right it is the nation-state of the Jewish people. If the Arabs can't bring themselves to take this simple steps, why should we, Jews, within and without Israel, trust their long-term intention to be positive...??
8. Capital of non existent state
Juan ,   EU-Spain   (12.08.09)
May I suggest Amman as the capital of Palestine. If Jordan are not happy with this, perhaps Berlin would like to offer.
9. Now watch as Salam Fayyad retracts his support when he and
Nerd Ferks ,   Australia   (12.08.09)
the rest of the PA goons realize what the wording means. They obviously failed to understand the lingo. This will be classic 'palestinaspeak', mark my words, they will now cry 'hardly done by'. A truely pathetic bunch.
10. No more shared capitals, please!
Antonio ,   Spain   (12.08.09)
It seems like EU's people have forgotten wath happened with the most popular shared capital: Berlin. One city and two kind of people, but the difference is that Jerusalem must be one, and must be (as it's now), Israel's capital. Palestinians are fighting for smoke; what about Ramalla? What's the importance for consider Jerusalem as capital of the future PA state? Religius? Sorry friends, Jews founded it an set ti as their capital hmmm.... 2000 years before than Islam appeared (more or less). Then, if it's a political decission, set Ramallah as PA capital (as it's now) and forget Jerusalem. Next PA western capital should be Sevilla, province of Al-Andalus, it could be... These arabs ...
11. Real Solution
Lewis ,   Jerusalem   (12.08.09)
The best solution, to satisfy both sides, is for Israel to grant part of Jerusalem to Palestine. Which part?? Meah Shearim. This way, we rid ourselves of tens of thousands of violent anti-Zionists, and make our city safer and better.
12. :: Israel puts on a brave face
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (12.08.09)
It is good to see Lieberman putting on a brave face in light of today’s statements: 1) The EU recognizes that Israel *discriminates* against Palestinians in E Jerusalem 2) The settlements, the separation barrier where built on *occupied* land, demolition of homes and evictions are *illegal under international law*, constitute an obstacle to peace and threaten to make a two-state solution impossible 3) Israel’s claims of sovereignty over Jerusalem are *not* recognised internationally and East Jerusalem is still considered to be occupied territory 4) The EU will not recognise *any* changes to the pre-1967 borders including with regard to Jerusalem, other than those agreed by the parties I think that Luxembourg's foreign minister summed it up quite nicely when he said: "I don't really understand why Israel does not accept that Palestine consists of the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem. The Israelis have a right to live in Israel; the Palestinians have a right to live in Palestine".
13. Jerusalem
Luiz Felipe Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (12.08.09)
EU position is right. Jerusalem must be the Israelian capital and, also, the Palestinian capital, in the eastern small part. There is not another solution to solve the problem. Peace now and forever. Luiz Felipe Haddad, Brazil.
14. Shared Capitals???
Ben ,   Monroe USA   (12.08.09)
Which capital is any european state willing to share with Israel? No dice? Such a surprise. Was Poland willing to share Warsaw with Germany or maybe Russia.? Was germany willing to share Berlin with Russia? Is Britain willing to share London with any other state? How about sharing Paris? I'm certain that Austria would be happy to share Vienna with Israel. Let's not omit Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki. The EU is quite generous with another's land. Too bad they are quite reticent to share their own land with Israel or anyone else. When the EU changes it's BS, perhaps they will be listened to. At their current rate, they are no different than the UN which has evolved into a organization for the benefit of the Arab world.
15. The Angel Gabrial is coming to Mt. Moriah. He is coming!
16. Surely this is putting the cart before the horse?
usa   (12.09.09)
17. #1
Nour ,   Palestine   (12.09.09)
Reading your terms for "peace" - i seriously laughed til my ribs cracked. This is how ridiculous and dettached from reality you are! You have NO partners for your so-called 'peace' then - keep dreaming!
18. # 7
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.09.09)
Eitan, we Jews/Israelis all know what a bunch of crooks, liars & manipulators the Arabs are....ALL of them. The Israeli people will not vote for the division of Jerusalem. FACT. The EU & Obama have no right to meddle in our internal affairs. Israel is not even in the EU !!
19. # 1 thank you for pointing out that that was Rabin's views
geulah ben-ari ,   ramat-aviv, tel-aviv   (12.09.09)
the arabs keep referring to him as someone who would give them everything they demand, and that of course was not the case. rabin was a jewish patriot whose people and its state were dear to him and his speech of october 1994 reflects it.
20. To: No. 6 - Second Attempt
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.09.09)
May I take it from your extraordinarily uninformed comment that Scotland will be in the vanguard of European nations chomping at the bit to come help the Palestinians? Yeah. That's what I thought. A whole lof of talk amounts to a whole lot of nothing. Standard operating procedure for the Europeans, needless to say. The world ALREADY gave Israel back its homeland. The intent was to give Palestinian Arabs one, but the Palestinian Arabs rejected partition, and went to war instead. What a pity. Shouldn’t go to war unless you are really, REALLY sure you are going to win. Oh, well. No sense crying over spilt milk. Although the Palestinian Arabs certainly have. Whine, fight, lose. Whine, fight, lose. To be precise, the Arabs tried five more wars (after having their collective hindquarters solidly kicked in 1948) -- and lost each time. Sixty-one plus years of terror on a previously unknown scale hasn't exactly helped them, either. Two subsequent rejections of a two-state solution (for a total of three, in case your arithmetical ability is as defective as the rest of your cognitive skills), including one which would have awarded that undeserving terrorist scum East Jerusalem as a capital, later, the Palestinian Arabs are still holding pity parties and whining "poor, poor pitiful us." Pitiful sure is the operative word, I must say. Feel free, of course, to award them Lockerbie, Sandra. The Palestinians have quite the connection to Lockerbie, after all. Wasn’t it on their behalf that the Libyans blew that airplane out of the sky, killing several hundred people in the process. Or have you forgotten that episode of Arab terror? Well, I haven't. Rather sad and pathetic that you have, but that's a story for another day. The Palestinian Arabs HAVE no land. They never did. The land slated to be theirs by the 1947 partition was rejected. Forever since, that land has had the status of non-sovereign territory. Now it all belongs to Israel, having acquired it all through fighting -- and winning -- defensive wars in both 1948 and 1967. The Palestinian Arabs are fresh out of chances. Six wars and sixty-one plus years of unrelenting terror have not exactly won them friends or influenced people. My suggestion to you is that you learn Arabic. As salaam aleikum, Sandra. Have lots and lots of fun with your new terrorist compatriots. And when it all blows up in your smug Scottish face, don’t come crying to Israel. We won’t be in the least bit interested in helping you.
21. # 6
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.09.09)
The world does not need to "give us that land" because we already have "that land" Read & re-read # 20 until it sinks into your thick head because she knows exactly what she is talking about, whereas you dont have a clue.
22. # 17
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.09.09)
Pity your brain didnt crack.
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