The tuxedoed pirate
Farid Ghadry
Published: 09.12.09, 19:26
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1. Syria
Attila Hunsuker ,   Germamia   (12.09.09)
So true, and it helps us understand the map of the region better. Useful idiots for the west is so true.
2. "president" o-BUM-a bows and curtsies to the muslums as he
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.09.09)
believes you can make peace with terrorists that have nothing more on their mind than world domination.
3. Farid Ghadry of Syria
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (12.09.09)
Farid Ghadry has betrayed his country and cause by writing articles sympathetic to zionism, thereby aiding and abetting that illegal project and regime. He is a wanted man in his own country (which he wisely fled), has no credibility in legitimate Middle East nations, and will answer to his country's authorities sooner rather than later.
4. graczek go back to your Syria instead of fleeing
Doron Katz ,   Israel   (12.09.09)
You are talking about illegitimate Israel when you support dictatorship and unelected leaders. What more should I expect from an arab? You sell with rolls of money in bazaars.
5. Don't think Assad in one of the West useful idiot though!
Schlomo   (12.10.09)
They tried to overthrough him several times, in fact he is one of the most popular Arab leader if not the most popular after Nasrallah of Lebanon. The Usefull idiots are to my humble opinion Mubarak, kings abdullah of Jordan, and KSA, Abu Mazen, .......... who hapen to be the closest allies of the western powers and Israel. The writer is wrong in this one.
6. #3 - Graczek - of course he has no credibility and is wanted
William ,   Israel   (12.10.09)
He speaks out against a racist despotic brutal Arab regime. That's a death sentence no matter how you look at it. Which underscores his point in this article - most Syrians are afraid of this psychotic tyrant. Maybe one day they too will rise up as the brave people of Iran are doing now, against the Mullahs.
7. Like to know more about EU PM's response
William ,   Israel   (12.10.09)
I would love to know more about why the EU leaders love corrupt dictators instead of democrats in the ME. Could it be that the age of European colonialism is not dead but rather taken a subterranean direction? So while Arabs move into Europe to take over, the EU leaders are busy feeding their lust in other countries. And Israel, as the ME democracy, is of no use to anyone in this game. Very telling!
8. Middle East Regimes
Dan ,   US   (12.10.09)
I personally, did not hear this tale for the first time. I have a friend of mine, he is from Syria, alawi, and have family back home, which he visits every two years. From him I know about marshall law, about syrian national guard ( in which he served), and all about how government uses "external evils" to justify existence of despotic government. It is a pity, that anyone , who will read this article, feel immediate urge to affiliate himself with certain camp ( Pro- or -anti arab), because this article, in essence, just telling the truth about fearsome and helpless and unjust life of commons in Syria and about true face of this dictatorship.
yuval ,   haifa, israel   (12.10.09)
Sadat came to Israel and with a few nice words (which he meant!) got all his land back. King Hussein radiated a genuine desire for peace which no-one could deny. Israel made peace with him too. Assad, if he really cared about peace, or at least about the Golan, could come to the Knesset and with a few nice words (which he may mean or not) he could get all the Golan. But he is incapable of doing so precicesly because, like all other dictatorships, he benefits from stirring the Middle East pot. And who suffers in the end....his people.
10. Syria is a dangerous enemy we should crush it without delay.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (12.10.09)
We should not miss a second occasion to destroy the terror state Syria. That way we hurt also the fanatic Islamic state of Iran. As a result of a harsh military defeat of Syria the dictatorship of El-Assad may collapse. This might open a new and positive era of relations between Israel and Syria but the Golan should remain a part of Israel. The facts about Syria nowadays are described at : http://xrl.us/oshmc
11. Ghadry
syrian ,   dubai   (12.10.09)
Ghadry tanslates to treacherous in arabic. Its amazing how he praises Israel selectively forgetting their criminal behaviour in Gaza and Lebanon and their illegal occupation of he land he claims to come from (the golan). Ghadry would sell Syria for money to Israel.
12. #11 feels offended to be one of the useful idiots Ghardy
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (12.11.09)
describes here Arbs are always offended by the painful truth but honor all lies fed to them this is why there is Peace anywhere in the Middle East, with Kurds and Druzee having independent countries, Maronites, Asyriac, Chanldean and Copts indigenous minorities to stop being harassed by Muslims, the Sunni-Shia constant wars, the current one is in Yemen, the Saharawi refugee problem that Arn League couldn't car less, the Berber countries stolen by Arbs, the genocide in Darfur........................ Since the founding of the State of Israel 60 years ago Arbs caused the slaughter of over 5 million innocents, 60% of them being Muslims Ghadry is correct at pointing the finger at Arb internal problems being at the heart of the Middle East current state of affairs and the issues the Arb world has with Israel are minuscule in comparison, and will not solve anything if Israel disappeared from ME.
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