Obama sends Hanukkah greeting to Jewish people
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 11.12.09, 21:02
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1. I just had a violent sneezing outburst
Tamir ,   Los Angeles   (12.11.09)
cause Im allergic to BS
2. What Chutzpah!
Darren ,   Oakland, CA   (12.11.09)
Hanukkah is quite possibly the most political Jewish holiday, dealing with such historical facts as the reestablishment of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel, the purification of the Temple Mount and the defeat and expulsion of foreign governments and their occupationist civilian populations. Someone who plans on giving half the Land of Israel away to foreign occupiers and handing the Temple Mount over to foreign occupiers has no business lighting a Chanukiah. Obama can best honor the spirit of Hanukkah by telling the Arab occupiers called 'Palestinians' to go home to Jordan. Anything else is a mockery of our faith.
3. I for myself dont need/want Barak Hussein's warm C greetings
Alan ,   SA   (12.11.09)
4. Why is C "time 4 all faiths 2 celebrate common aspirations
Alan ,   SA   (12.11.09)
we share .bla bla bla .... Did Rahme the Rachmonas regurgitate that limerick!
5. #2 - Darren - good post
eYAL ,   usa   (12.11.09)
6. May his term be short
Keren   (12.11.09)
may another take his office
Boraka o Bamba   (12.11.09)
8. No #2, you're chutzpah.
Good ol' Addle ,   Toronto   (12.11.09)
"Someone who plans on giving half the Land of Israel" Not Israel, it's the Palestinian territories. "Obama can best honor the spirit of Hanukkah by telling the Arab occupiers called 'Palestinians' to go home to Jordan." In the process, he would also tells the Jews to go home to Europe(or Brooklyn). Sounds like a fair trade off to me. "Anything else is a mockery of our faith" Since when was Judaism about stolen land? Hmmm, never. Unless you take the radical rightist approach to the religion.
9. & 70% Liberal Jews are still
Leo ,   Houston, USA   (12.11.09)
10. No light in house with construction stopped, right?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.12.09)
11. To; #8 Toronto
Eran ,   Singapore   (12.12.09)
Some facts which will doubtless make you most unhappy: The UN offered partition of the lands controlled by the Brits under the Mandate to the Jews and to the Arabs. One tiny piece of land designated as the Jewish state; one much larger portion of territory designated as the Arab state. The Jews accepted. The Arabs did not, and five Arab armies invaded the nascent State of Israel one day after Israel's declaration of statehood. Guess what happened? Yup. For once, you are correct. The Arabs lost. They didn't mean to, they certainly did want to, but THEY LOST. Oops! As for you,pack up your bag and move to a democratic cuntry;Iran. You will be less lonely than in Toronto. ADIOS.
12. No. 8
NYC Girl   (12.12.09)
So after you've sent the Jews (presumably you mean Israelis) home to Europe or Brooklyn, what do you propose to do with all the other Israelis who came from Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Iran and other such inhospitable countries? Why is it that "geniuses" like you always seem to have all the answers for where to send the Jews...except for that one.
13. If Obama were smart, he would not mention Chanukah at all
Chanukah reminds Jews that no people or empire can take our land from us, or impose foreign rule on Israel.
14. to #8 This was our land before
jason white ,   afula,israel   (12.12.09)
islam was invented. How about you going back from where you came and return canada to the native Americans? As for b.o.? he should burn like a Hannukah candle!
15. Land ?
Mike ,   England   (12.12.09)
Autonmous oblast region in Russia ? The area now in Khazaria ? Jews go home to Europe LOL You're not European people and never have been. Racially and culturally you're completely different to us. hallachically jewish is by blood which confuses a lot. They think it's just a religion which is very deceptive. Where is your homeland as i understand you're not the same people that lived in the region of Palestine ?
16. Every American should know the truth
Ron B. ,   Lod   (12.12.09)
No one should miss this video: Look to the end ( 10 min.)
17. I wish Obama studied and appreciated the Jews' connection to
Eitan ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (12.12.09)
Eretz Israel (Land of Israel) and Jerusalem which goes back thousands of years, long before the Jewish Holocaust, long before the United Nations resolution to set up the modern state of Israel as a "Jewish state". If he did that, he would not have said what he did in Cairo, nor would he demand to limit Jews' living space in their own ancestral homeland and its capital city of over 3,000 years: Zion, that is Jerusalem. (Some of the Jews in America, including those who advise the President, seem to need to enhance their education about the history of their own people and its affinity to our national homeland)
18. 15-oblast-hallachically-You sure waste time on yourJewhating
Alan ,   SA   (12.12.09)
Why dont you go out in fresh air a bit instead of reading up on Junk.
19. The Maccabees were the antithises of
Berl ,   Formerly of Seattle   (12.12.09)
everything Obama and his Czars stand for
20. New flash
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.13.09)
The Jewish community throughout the world considers it a vastly insulting and hypocritical act for this pathetic excuse for an American president to celebrate Hanukka. Osama bin Laden would have been a far more fitting candle-lighter. He makes no bones about his hatred for Jews. This president, who shares an equal view, is hpocritical and insulting. I half expect him to join the fast of Ramadan next time it comes up. After all, didn't his grandmother -- whom he credits as having been indstrumental in his ideology -- just conclude her hajj? This president is a fraud, and an incomeptent one at that. He actually makes Warren G.. Harding and Herbert Hoover look illustrious. Obama is a one term wonder, following which he will be consigned to the depths of the trash heap. What an abysmally unqualified president with a personal agenda that defies the mandate upon which he was elected. Hopefully, he will be impeached long before his term is up, Lighting Hanukah candles indeed. All his ignorance, and hypocrisy, too. What does one expect from a "community organizer?"
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