Barak decides to remove hesder yeshiva from IDF
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 13.12.09, 21:41
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31. 28 & 29. Recent date shows religious zionists are 33% of the
Jae ,   Lynn US   (12.14.09)
officers in the army yet 10% of the population. Thats called A) disproportionate representation B) ironically the far left are dodging the draft more and more C) That shows you that a huge population of combat soldiers are the very people you are ungratefully hating on. For the Jewish people at large, we exist only because of our allegiance to the Torah. Its very real- world wide assimilation (outside israel) is 80-90% for those that arent raised with lots of Torah - and 99.99% ignorance
32. barak and the chilonim lose-LOL!!!
Naji Najer ,   Israyil   (12.14.09)
News flash to the tel avivian Jew haters-close to 40% of the army is religious and the number grows every year. Only the Religious Zionist segment care about the country and wield a valid reason for its defence. The fact that you leftist self haters have aproximately 1.2 kids who by army age are too stoned to even be jobniks and find themselves in amsterdam or selling crap in LA malls, means that in the next 20 years the IDF will be 80% religious-like it or not, even without hesder yeshivas. And when the army is majority religious 2 things will happen-A) all wars will be won completely according to Halachic law, and B) the leftist elite control of the government and its institutions will be completely severed forever. Which means you can all move to the US or Australia now (before we throw you out) or you had better learn to live peacefully in the "jewish iran" (Torah state) according to Torah laws and be ready for the rest of the world to hate you for doing what G-d demands.
33. #31 & #32 What are the sources of your data?
Zionist Mum ,   Israel   (12.14.09)
I've never gained the impression that the proportion of kippa-wearing soldiers was as high as either of you said. I'm referring to men only as religious young women, for their own reasons, feel that they are unable to serve in a military capacity. Oh, I know why ... these military saints never leave their bases. That must be why the numbers we see around us are not quite as #31& #32 like to tell us.
34. #3-Right On-the best post for the article
Jennie ,   USA   (12.14.09)
It is quite troubling how many young Israelis are so shortsighted-they can't see and hear the real intentions of the enemy, who are shroodly and methodically trying to gradually "squeze" Israel out from the little sliver of the land it is trying to live on..How many generations of Jews will need to grow up in Israel, striving for peace & giving up land, only to find themselves in a forever land - for-no-peace situation...I admire the Religious IDF fighters, who do get it...Only a strong Jewish Army will achieve peace on our terms, on a piece of land that will keep our enemies far enough to keep the peace ! I wonder if children in Israel are still being tought the history of Israeli Wars....
35. Re: #10 Charles
Michael ,   Petach Tikva   (12.16.09)
"Israelis serve the STATE first of all"? I would hope that morality come first, even for most secular Jews. Despite that it makes sense to kick people/institutions out of the army if it seems like they will lead to violating orders, you should agree that a person should follow their morals. This especially applies to major violations of a person's morals, for instance Kfar Kessem. It is important to understand that according to the view that G-d gave us the land and desires for us to live in it, it is immoral to expel ppl from their homes, especially when this is seen as not bringing peace but rather is part of the policy of concessions that includes removing numerous checkpoints, which increases the ease with which terrorist attacks can be carried out. I am not currently arguing that point of view, and I am not against the army kicking people out of the army if they disobey orders or support disobeying orders. However, I am strongly against the immoral view that the reason why this is justified is because soldiers should obey the state. Soldiers should not obey the state whenever they consider their orders to be immoral, or harmful to the welfare of the nation. On the other hand, the army is justified to take action against them. But, the state should not attempt to force a soldier to obey. If the army desires, soldiers should either be kicked out, or preferably, simply moved to some jobnick position.
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