Report: Judge thought Livni was in UK
Published: 14.12.09, 23:39
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1. Backlash In England Building
Christy ,   Boston, US   (12.14.09)
The backlash to nonsense like this 'PC endorsed and motivated' arrest warrant is building in England. Unfortunately, voters in England are finding even the Tory leadership is very caught up with 'PC madness'. Not sure who the British voters will back, but it will be any party -or- person who wants to return England to the British and stop the 'PC Madness' and immigration. My concern is that some far right wing party will gain quite a lot of votes because, according to the UK/British sites I visit they are fed up with both New Labor and the Tories for ignoring important issues. There's a very strong groundswell for politicians who will put British issues ahead of all other issues. This issue of using the British courts to advance Palestinian, non-British, issues strikes a very negative chord among the British.
2. She was smuggled ou by diplomatic pouch
tea man ,   marjayoun   (12.15.09)
Electronic media has reported eyewitness account at heathrow airport
3. Losing Patience !or Runing out of options
palestine dove ,   afula israel/palesti   (12.15.09)
She been living in a fantasy world utopia or in the black hole 429 she seems out of this world never heard of UN school or phosphor or 400 hundred children 400 women all that is nothing to you then you are right nothing happen on planet earth all of that just for what?
4. take my tsipi, please
Ruri   (12.15.09)
you can have her, why not put her on a plane and send her to the uk? rid Israel of this treacherous vermin
5. war crimes
Dennis Greenstein ,   USA   (12.15.09)
is there a statute of limitations on war crimes? if not, im sure that some British soldiers who committed crimes against Jews during the Mandate are still alive. Maybe Israel can go after some of them and bottle them up until the jerk Brits realize how absurdly insane this is
6. Livni
Michael ,   Oxford UK   (12.15.09)
The prosecution of war criminals who have ignored International Law and the Geneva Convention is a concern for the whole world and not just Palestinians. Nothing to do with PC, just like the Nuremberg trials. As for counting Britain out of the "peace process, what peace process?
7. officials warn UK will not be part of peace process if
if Israeli MKs cannot set foot there good reaction, kol hakavod am yisrael chai
8. international humanism
zichron   (12.15.09)
You cant launch wars in which children and women are killed and this applies to iran hamas and hizbollah . A HAMAN JIHAD must be arrested at the soonest time practical. What about idi amin and his saudi protectors . ARREST THEM.
LARRY ,   USA   (12.15.09)
to all british citizens who are convinced that the idf commited war crimes in operation cast lead I WILL EDUCATE YOU ABOUT YOUR OWN HISTORY IN WW2. AIR CHIEF MARSHAL SIR ARTHUR { T BOMBER } HARRIS WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR MAINTAINING THE POLICYOF AERIAL BOMBARDMENT OF GERMAN CITIES TO DEMORALIZE THE CIVILIAN POPULATION. unlike the IDF to stop the constant agression of hamas on Israeli soil
10. So the only source that says a warrant was issued
Danny   (12.15.09)
is the "pro-palestinian" lawyer?
11. Hope you're right, #1
Cameron ,   USA   (12.15.09)
Sorry to see the Brits starting to wear this self-righteous, PC cloak like the Spanish have been doing. Surprised to hear of it after that shameful farce of releasing the "dying" bomber to go back to Libya.
12. Who can Trust British government anyhow??!!
Asher ,   NY,USA   (12.15.09)
13. Easy fix
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.15.09)
All Jewish Israeli members of government should be issued diplomatic passports for travel abroad. That will put an end to that nonsense. Don't worry about the Arab members of government. In England, at least, they'll probably be invited to an audience with the queen.
14. UK open to Islamists, terrorist enablers, but not Israelis.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.15.09)
Despite the contributions the English have given to democratic principles, these days it's a legal cesspool. Perhaps the phrase "libel tourism" rings a bell - where the presumption is with the accuser and the accused must prove his/her innocence. Or how about the inability to deport those inciting to terror back to their home country because "they might be tortured"; so they walk free in the UK, often on public assistance. Or how about the refusal to shut down organizations promoting a new caliphate? And a terror supporter like Qaradawi can get a warm welcome in London by the mayor, while an Islamist in a suit like Ramadan will be feted as a "scholar". But an Is-ra-eli can't catch a break. The UK will reap what they sow. And we won't shed a tear for them.
15. Dennis Greenstein, let me ask you something...
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (12.15.09)
...have ya read the 576 page Goldstone Report? I mean actually read it? I have. The first time the day it came out I spent nine hours reading it. I have referred to it many times since, I have it open right now. It displays in stark technicolor that Israel did indeed commit war crimes and possible crimes against humanity just as it did for Palestinian militant groups. Fair and Balanced. Just like FoxNews. Pardon my being facetious.
16. to: michael #6.
Aaron ,   FLORIDA   (12.15.09)
I totally agree with you. The English were never held accountable for carpet bombing Dresden, they should definately be brought in front of war crime tribunal today. Also I do not think the Israelis should be allowed to fight against Gaza even if 7000 rockets were sent towards Israelis civilian population. I would like to see British troops sent in to straighten the situation in Gaza along with Mr. Goldstone. They certainly should show how it’s done. If they die trying I am willing to contribute my 72 virgins to them as my appreciation for their service.
17. To #3
Aaron ,   Florida   (12.15.09)
And I would add that you never heard of the 7000 rockets that were sent by hamas from Gaza on the civilian population of Israel. I would definately prefer you to be sent to fight in Gaza than other Israelis. If you happen to die I will be willing to contribute my 72 virgins to you to show my appreciation for your service.
18. UK is a hostile entity
Israel has more to lose than to gain from its relationship with the UK.
19. How many wedding parties in Afghanistan has the UK bombed?
Israel should start persecuting British officials.
20. to #3
Barney ,   USA   (12.15.09)
why do you think "dove"? to put an end to 8000 rockets flying into Israel from Gaza. Any fool could figure that out. The problem is not Israel it is terrorist groups who love to shot at Israel from schools, mosques, and from behind children. Blame Hamas not Israel
21. Don't forget Barak
I won't be too upset, if an arrest warrant was issued for this man.
22. Livni, be a patriot. Go to UK and get arrested.
23. #6--Shocking to hear anti-Israel trash coming from Oxford
A Nice Fellow ,   Montreal   (12.15.09)
No really, I am stunned. STUNNED.
24. Britain is the epicentre of the Unholy Trinity: Classic …
Eitan ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (12.15.09)
.. anti-Semitism / "Progressive" anti-Jewish Racism / European Islamism. Sadly, a significant - although not the majority - of the British public and its political leaders have been caught in this net, and with them some members of our tribe. This is Britain today, and this is how we must deal with it...!!
25. Poetic justice...
Beate ,   Holon   (12.15.09)
...when the leaders who kept Gazans under tight siege - with hardly anybody getting in or out - are themselves more and more stuck within their own country
26. I have written about UK Antisemitism+AntiIsraelism for years
Alan ,   SA   (12.15.09)
27. Simple solution - sue American leaders
Gilad ,   London UK   (12.15.09)
NOT A SINGLE EU COUNTRY WOULD DARE set a warrant against a current or former US leader. So sue them and you'll find all EU countries changing laws. There is a double standard being employed against Israel, however we can solve this by shifting it on to the EU nations themselves. It's really simple, albeit any Israeli lawsuit against Americans (in order to provoke legal changes in the EU) would probably have damaging effects for Israeli-US relations.
28. #1 You are wrong
Carsten Schmidt ,   Germany   (12.15.09)
This is not about PC. This is about islamisation and muslims hijacking the institutions in UK. This is today's reality: muslims painting swastika on synagoges in Europe; muslims chanting "Death to the Jews" in the streets of Germany; muslims threatening to kill Swiss lawmakers.
29. crimes were committed-she should know-this is the only way-
jack ,   jerusalem   (12.15.09)
of her realizing it because its possible to block out unpleasant reality and pretend everything' s okay; the people in Gaza paid a price- could this price be only for them or for those who ordered civilians to pay for the actions of their government an illegal act under present international law. I'm an Israeli she [Livni] didn't act for me didn't want to know or care if her people support illegal actions. Good for Britain- couldnt other countries who weren't so instrumental in bringing Israel into existence follow? The historical truths of how my country came to be need to be known by all jews so we wont be the unwritten victims of our own propaganda.The truths of jewish faith burning through the ancient past need to light up our lives to give strength necessary to encompass the right and not the wrong path.
30. Palestinian Dove only a "dove" when
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (12.15.09)
it comes to Israel defending itself. She says nothing about the thirty-seven Israelis who have lost their lives due to Hamas missile and rocket attacks nor the countless maimings and injuries nor the severe property damages nor the horrendous cases of PTSD inflicted on civilian populations. She is no "dove", just another Palestinian propagandist and Hamas sympathizer.
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