Deputy FM: Syria 'fooled everyone'
Roni Sofer
Published: 15.12.09, 13:31
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1. Syria fooled everyone ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.15.09)
No ,Syria didn't foll everyone ,only you naive Israeli politicians. The same sucker politicians who let Yasser Arafat back into Israel 'for the peace'. What won't you do for the peace including abusing and tormenting your own flesh and blood fellow Jews to please your terrorist peace partners ?
2. Who the heck cares about "Turkish interests"?
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (12.15.09)
We are talking about OUR country - not Turkey. NOBODY has any right to force, assume or request to negotiate or mediate for Israel if Israel's own interests are at stake. If Turkey is worried about its interests, then it should negotiate for Turkey, not for Israel. And besides, Turkey has a long way to come to be regarded as an UNBIASED and OBJECTIVE mediator for Israel. Let's put it this way: for as long as Turkey is run by a primitive Islamic government, Israel will not allow Turkey to negotiat anything on its behalf. After all, even Eurabia doesn't want Turkey become part of it for as long as the Human Rights and Democracy issues are not solved.
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (12.15.09)
just try to understand , try to understand that, why so many Turks are truly upset & angry with Israel ! BECAUSE OF CHILDREEN & CIVILIAN KILLINGS. BECAUSE OF BAD LIFE IN GAZA. Israel must solve these points to take the hearts back. IT IS POSSIBLE. IF ISRAEL FREE THE PALESTINIANS TO THEIR OWN HAPPY STATE ! here I am to support israel. *** WE ARE TIRED TO SEE PALESTINIAN BLOOD SHED EACH DAY. thank you for your understanding love & respect Atilla Karagözoğlu
4. Ayalon- Incredible statement !
DT ,   TA Israel   (12.15.09)
Ayalon you are DEAD wrong. It never fooled me nor most people who can read a newspaper. That is worrying if our governemnet can't see the obvious and "the wood for the trees" as it will be Iran next. Too late then to say "Sorry we were fooled "
5. syria
colin   (12.15.09)
WE WERE FOOLED BY THE SYRIANS HA HA HA Never happened.The syrians knew they were dealing with a batch of yellow cowards and saw that the islamic president of america has abanded Israel They fooled everybody because the leaderswhip wanted to be leftests idoits.
6. Everyone was fooled by Syria???
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (12.15.09)
Everyone except me and the Israeli public! We ain't that stupid!
7. No, didn't fool everyone. Didn't fool me!
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.15.09)
If Ayalon could check the talkback archives, he'd see that I argued against this process for years. I argued explicitly that Syria's isolation was effectively undermined by Israel's own negotiations with Syria. After all, if Israel was talking to them, why shouldn't Syria, the EU and everyone else? I also argued - and I wasn't the only one - that Syria really wasn't interested in peace, that what it sought was Israel's capitulation, that folks like Olmert were just too desperate for a deal - any deal - even at the cost of Israel's just interests. So please don't include all of us with your own naivety.
8. #3 - You just don't make sense
Eyal ,   usa   (12.15.09)
I am trying to understand what you mean when you say without Turkey? Why without Turkey? No body needs Turkey for negotiations? Do you think Israel trusts Turkey (Arab loving parasites)? Back to your stupidity about Gaza; we should have killed more Hamas terrorists (you call civilians) and more blood should have been spilled in Gaza. It wasn't enough. Besides, 1 Israeli is equal to 1000 Palestinians. heheheh If you don't agree, look at what Hamas is trying to negotiate for Gilad? No love for Arabs, as they don't respect. War is coming again and I just hope for your sake, Israel will destroy Gaza. heheheh, with the exception of Nour. Otherwise, we won't have anyone to argue with.
9. An Israeli giveaway of the Golan Heights would undermine ...
Ron B. ,   Lod   (12.15.09)
An Israeli giveaway of the Golan Heights would undermine US interests in the Mideast. It would enable Syria to redeploy a few armored mechanized divisions, from the Golan front, to the Jordanian frontier, in an attempt to destabilize and topple the Hashemite regime in Jordan, which Damascus considers a Syrian province. Such a development could have ripple effects into Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. A Golan giveaway would, also, enable Assad to redeploy a few divisions to the Turkish frontier, agitating anti-Turkish Kurdish terrorism, in his attempt to reclaim Hatay, which used to be Syrian territory, and constitutes a platform for US surveillance and intelligence installations. It would dramatically enhance the strategic maneuverability of pro-Iran, pro-Russia, pro-China and pro-North Korea Syria, which hosts a multitude of international terrorist organizations, which practices hate-education and which has systematically violated agreements concluded with Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Israel.More at :
10. #3 - What about when Turks bomb Kurds...
D   (12.15.09)
why is that allowed!
11. Yes and Israel fools no one
Caroline ,   TA   (12.15.09)
12. Erdogan fooled everyone. Syria made its intentions clear
Zvi   (12.15.09)
by continuing to host terror groups and arming Hezbollah. Peace agreements are not made while two combatants are fighting. They are made after a period of ceasefire, during which the combatants have time to take stock of the other's will and ability to stop the fighting. Only then can the two countries begin to negotiate a lasting peace treaty. Syria has NOT ONCE stopped attacking Israel through proxies and through every weapon other than direct tank assaults. Until it proves that it is WILLING to stop, nobody should waste a second mediating on its behalf.
13. # 8
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.15.09)
Eyal, Noor is not in Gaza, she is safe & sound, abroad !!
14. to #1
TAL ,   ISRAEL   (12.15.09)
i hate american jewry who live in the united states far away from everything going on here in israel and then being pompous enough to actually have a right of say in our internal policys. and yes i would do alot for peace, i been in the golan heights today on mt. hermon and as such beauty of a place i would let it go for peace.
15. #14 I live in Israel too, & if you are willing to give up
Ari ,   Netanya,Israel   (12.16.09)
the Golan for what you think will be peace, then I rate you right up there with Olmert and OLD women who are to tired to fight anymore. Our heritage is not one of weakness and cowardice. We have survived long and are strong. If that is not for you, if you think that land for peace is the way to go, then may I suggest one thing to you. Get the hell out of Israel out of Israel you damn coward! Tell me one war where land for peace was the preferred, accetable, and peaceful solution. Name one. You can't. Because once you start giving your land away, your enemy will come back later on and make war to get more land until ALL of your land is theirs and no longer yours. I was in Golan 2 days ago. I would never think of giving it up.
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