Miliband denounces Livni arrest warrant
Roni Sofer
Published: 15.12.09, 18:27
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1. ahahahahha Israel = a war criminal
Paco ,   Canada   (12.15.09)
the biggest killing hand of the ME backed up by the U.S. weapons. Israel will be judged at the end for its lies and killings... there is not way out. The U.S. empire is crumbling, it wont be long till Israel will be left on its OWN... just watch
2. Solution:label uk goods sent to israel
do not sell military equipment to uk do not share expertise on war against jihad to uk
3. Paco the Taco
Eyal ,   USA   (12.15.09)
Israeli's will never be arrested. You can puf and puf, but the brick house will never fall down. It's just hot air and Britain knows very well they can't take any chances, cause they will lose all their interests in the Middle East affairs, specially when Israel is involved and/or their relationship with Israel will be destroyed. The Brits know it very well. In a few days, the British parliament will issue a block for any arrests of Israeli politician for war crimes.
4. Londonstan
Ebed ,   Dar, Africa   (12.15.09)
what do we expect from londonstan?
5. #1 Paco
How can you tolerate living in Canada with a Prime Minister like Stephen Harper who's an unabashed supporter of Israel and its "war crimes" when you're apparently convinced that the victims in this conflict are the bunch of knuckle-dragging terrorists, homophobes, misogynists and racists whose goal is to remove Israel from the Middle East.
6. #1 Pacao Rabane, the smelly one!
Now there, you feel better. Good doggie!
7. British act's against Israel
RayS ,   New Hampshire, USA   (12.15.09)
As a WW2 combat soldier (US 1st Armored Regt) who fought along side British troops in North Africa and Italy, I consider recent British acts a BETRAYAL of my dead comrades. We should have let the rotten island sink.
8. Arrest warrant against Tzippi Livni
Spencer ,   Israel   (12.15.09)
What do you expect. Britain has almost been overrun by Muslims...there's even one in the House of Lords. Mosques are springing up like mushrooms and now those with an insight into the future of Europe are waking up to the danger. If the British government doesn't do something concrete about the danger NOW then it's only a matter of time until Britain becomes another Muslim state.
9. more to the list
observer   (12.15.09)
Livni joins the list of the Israeli officials who canceled their travel after issuing an arrest warrant. What is more is adding Israel to the discreditable list;,7340,L-3819768,00.html
10. The always world hated a strong jew
Reality Check ,   Florida, USA   (12.15.09)
especially one that will defend themself. They thought she was suicidal because of her leftist surrender rhetoric. Look historically at what happens when Jews can't or won't defend.
11. Perhaps.. Netanyahu.. But then could we expect anything else
RJBH ,   Methil   (12.15.09)
from a Zionist PM .. and then Why is Livini afraid to visit UK.. If she is "Innocent" as she claims? One suspects..Like the Tip of an Ice Berg That if Livini is subject to Law... Many more may follow. As one poster has already pointed out... It is in the interest of the International Community... Not Just Palestinians or Lebannese that Justice is seen to be done.
12. Well done Mr. PM; sure!, PM = postmortem
observer   (12.15.09)
13. Declare Blair, his pompous "mission" done until this stops
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (12.15.09)
Until UK ends this bigoted and racist practice, Israel should announce that Blair and his entourage are persona non grata; likewise, that Israel will not recognize nor participate in any Quartet or EU "mideast peace" moves in which the UK has participated - retroactively - until UK ends this practice.
14. Tzipi Livni's arrest warrant
Chris ,   Southampton England   (12.15.09)
Thankyou BiBi your demands that Britain cchange the law in favour of Israel has ensured that it will not happen.
15. Fight back the same way...
Patrick Spens ,   Dumfermline   (12.15.09) show the absurdity of this. Sue the British, there are plenty of things to be found in British history you could use against them.
16. the lesson....
Lior ,   Israel   (12.15.09)
When a country is singled out as a pariah and we as a country do nothing about it, this is what we get. It has been a long road to awakening! The world is obsessed with JEWS while turning their backs on the real issues of truth and reality. The world has forsaken Israel since we became a state. It has been a long road to awakening! I pray we wake up.
DAVID ,   South Africa   (12.15.09)
In fact there is no need to even argue over this issue at all, bcos Livni or what does call herself knows very well that she is the MOTHER of all terrorists. Staining her whole body with innocents blood and now surprised at her arrest warrant, joker. Tell me which ally isn't furtherup with ISREAL attitudes, and just pretending as if they love isreal so much. Infact it is about time the culture of inpunity is discouraged.
18. This is bloody ridiculous!
eddie ,   london UK   (12.15.09)
There are several reasons for why this has arisen. 1. The Oslo process decriminalised all PLO war crimes prior to the agreement. Rabin was duped into believing he could attain Peace. 2. The succcessors of Oslo, namely Barak, Olmert and Livni still believe they can complete the Oslo process. However, each step they take leads to another war. Oslo was a war process, which led to 2 intifadas and a Gaza war. 3) Israel has more or less forgitten about pursuing terrorists. They have a revolving doors policy. they also do not play international law very well, and do not take actions against terrorists through legal means. Why bother?, they will release them soon anyhow. 4) The UK has its own problems vis a vis Islamisation. They have a ticking time bomb, where at current rates, the British will become a minority group, and the Islamists will become a majority. They will then face being in the Islamic republic of Britanistan. 5) Age old Anti semitism is still alive, and this is easier to market as anti-zionism. Hence, whilst all of the Americas, Australia and NZ are settlements, at the expense of the natives and aborigines, nobody in Europe is calling for boycott of American or Aussie goods. Since they claim that Jews are settlers (in their own land), hence a targeted boycott is clearly anti-Jewish. 6) There is a bad Karma. The Israeli leadership are joining the anti-semitic party, by legislating against Jews rights to build homes, to have families, to voice their religious conscience and democratic rights to protest. These new Jewish anti-semites, think they can be loved by their European and Arab allies, but instead they are being accused of war crimes.
19. UK must decide if it is for/ against Israel and announce it
Alan ,   SA   (12.15.09)
20.  RJBH is from Methil,small town in Scotland known 4 lefties
Alan ,   SA   (12.15.09)
21. As predicted
Eyal ,   USA   (12.15.09)
The British Government will change the future course of the British courts. hahahaha Paco the Taco man, it looks like you lose again. How does one feel about loosing all the time? It must be so tough. heheheh hahahaha hhohohoh eheheheh hohohohoho
22. #5 Paco's right. My advise: make sure u get a 2nd passport
JR ,   LA   (12.15.09)
23. arrest blair for illegal invasion of Iraq and
avrom ,   bet shemesh   (12.15.09)
arrest EU officials for financing Palestinian terror campaign against Israel
24. Arrest Warrant
Joe ,   Israel   (12.15.09)
What can you expect, when the law of expulsion of Jews that was formulated in England even before that of Spain has never been recinded.
25. Eyal - you're wrong, actually
John ,   London   (12.15.09)
Miliband is chatting bollox as they say in the UK. Successive foreign secretaries have tried to amend the law but without success. It's not as simple as he suggests and I very much doubt whether any such amending legislation will be passed under this current government. It may be passed under the next government, but, to be honest, Israel isn't that important a strategic partner to the UK (Israel is a small, not particularly rich country) and going to all the faff of putting a bill through parliament just to please a minor foreign government will always be a big ask given other priorities for government. But, as I say, the incoming government might (just) decide it's worth it.
26. David Miliband
observer   (12.15.09)
As a Jew, Miliband doesn't insist on holocaust Nazis being brought to trial only in Germany's courts.
27. Warrant against Livni
Zamaaz ,   Phils.   (12.18.09)
I have been monitoring the Gaza war earlier this year and hearing her statements. They were all relevant to the war in defense of Israel, why are the British looking at the tinted 'truth' about Livni? Where is that renown British noblety than built the great empire, that changed world civilization for good? Have not the British published the first validated Bible-the greatest book of all times that made races all over the world read and speak the English language? Why are they afraid to standfast for sense of Divine justice? Had they learned to sell it for Arab Oil and Dollars?
28. Israel as war criminal
zamaaz ,   Phils.   (12.18.09)
Why do we should hate the Jews, simply because they are Jews? Suppose we will also hate the Muslims because they are Muslims would it be good and just for all? Were is the spiritual teaching of justice and equality for all before the Almighty One? As long as America is in her right Christian pioneering senses, it will always stand and fight for every being, every nation for justice and democracy. That is one crucial context in its written constitution.
29. Israel a minor foreign government
zamaaz ,   Phils.   (12.18.09)
This what I have been suspecting long ago. That the Balfour declaration was simply made by British to appease the sentiment of free world to garner support for British war afforts against Germany... That is why the British has been modifying their stand on issues of territories against Israel, and favored the Arabs since then... This is also what happened to the North Borneo Issue which made the Sultanate of Sulu restless and felt gypped until now.
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