British agent exposed true purpose of Qom reactor
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 15.12.09, 22:16
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1. You cant have it both ways now
Mark ,   Rotterdam-Netherland   (12.15.09)
Just a few days ago it was said that the iranian scientist who fled to the west had given precise data about the where about of this site. Now they claim that western satellites had picked up info related to it??you cant have it both ways now,can you? I think the one which included the iranian scientist makes more sense. The rest it just hot air.
2. #1 Why would there be just a single source?
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (12.15.09)
Furthermore, read the article - it says that various satellites had tracked the *construction* of the site, not revealed information regarding its true purpose. Nowadays, hiding actual construction is difficult to impossible when the building is above-ground. Learning what said construction is *for* tends to be more difficult, which is where more traditional intelligence-gathering methods would come in.
3. Looks Like Obama 's Begging Didn't Work
Dan ,   Titusville, FL USA   (12.15.09)
Obama keeps begging on his hands and knees "pleeeeease speak to me...pleeeeeease, I promise we'll be good. The problem is that when the Iranians speak it will be with nuclear fire and Obama will have some politically correct BS speech to recite.
4. Let's not forget the Brits' role in...
Persian CAT   (12.15.09)
"sexing up" document about Iraq. This is just the repeat of the same "operations", that's all.
5. stupidity of the west and israel
masjnoe   (12.15.09)
the criminal west and aggressive israel do everything they like in the name of demecrocy. they also define this democrocy with their own terms which enable them to bomb other countries. this is the reason iran does not like israel and the west. so iran has every right to enrich uranium and nobody can do a damm about it, so get used to it. the us and the west and israel is killing themselves philosophically.
6. NEITHER IS TRUE.......................#1
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.15.09)
As the hype created about Iran is so intense,that one cannot believe that the intelligence kept quiet all this while.The next will be when Iran announces yet another site well below the mountaineous areas,which,when done,will come up with yet another intelligence 'report' as usual.5 sites could be under construction anywhere in the next few months.
Wally ,   Open Proxy   (12.16.09)
I believe Iran should be given a nuclear bomb from each country that has one. Each country can decide for themselves how long the bomb gets to stay in Iranian hands before it goes BOOM. If some happen to go boom just before hitting the ground from an air drop delivery - oh well.
Benjamin ,   singapore   (12.16.09)
The whole purpose of building the plant near Qom is just to take advantage of the strategic location of the holy place, in the hope that i f that place is attacked or bombed by the Americans, it would be easy to attract the world attntion as a War Declared Againts Islam. Iran want to hijack Islam to serev her pupose to bring world war NO. III
9. Except Persian C. that Iran admitted this to be true
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (12.16.09)
you really like the sexy parts, don't you?
10. #5 i doubt you even know what philosophy means. please dont
ari   (12.16.09)
talk. you have no clue of the facts on the ground and you obviously lack even the smallest amount of common sense
11. to #6 still they weren't declaired before the UN
ghostq   (12.16.09)
1 reactor for civic is fine but 5 is nueclear mass destruction weapons, I have the feeling that you like to find excuses for futur genocide, cause in the same breath the weapon could be pointed toward the UK since it's western country. what wiil the excuses by you would be than?
12. to #4 this isn't Iraq, cause Iran isn't rich with oil.
ghostq   (12.16.09)
this is not the Americans but the free world, Europ and the far east don't like the idea, this time it's not bush continue what dady didn't finished, pluse the totalitarian regim in Iran is very similar to other evil exise country such as NK and Syria when basic human rights r trampled, so kitty, go drink your cream.
13. Ahhh their true colour has been revealed at last
Bloody thirsty savages who want to rule the world.
14. Didn't we read about this site two years ago
Here on Ynet. Yes ,   an enrichment site.   (12.16.09)
15. Iran wants to destroy Israel for several reasons :
Ron B. ,   Lod   (12.16.09)
- It is an outpost of and possible military base for Iran’s primary enemy, the US, in the Middle East. - Israel is one of the few issues guaranteed to unite all Muslims, and championing its destruction allows Iran to obtain influence even with Sunnis, such as Hamas. - Israel sits in the most strategic spot in the Eastern Mediterranean, an area in which Iran wishes to project its power. To understand Iran today :
16. #5 _estimated and #1 too
Julianna De travy ,   Daytona beach   (12.16.09)
What the hack you are talking about? Philosophy by it self is defined as a nuk. they can kill you softly with ther Bla Bla . But i can tell you hope they will read your tailback jam and retaliate back. I rest my case. If you cant fight them join them . remind who say so? Elaleeka.
17. #15 thanx for the info. shocking stuff.
gal1 ,   israel/holon   (12.16.09)
G-d bless Gilad
18. NO 1 you are right
Crazy _racing ,   Daytona beach   (12.16.09)
All hot air. I found about it from other sources . All falsified for sure We should offer them green zone. thats it thats the future. You cant have the crack and eat it.
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