Report: State encouraging education for rich only
Yaheli Moran Zelikovich
Published: 16.12.09, 08:00
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1. Absurd,absurd,absurd!
Keren ,   IL-BR   (12.16.09)
Israel should have ONLY ONE *JEWISH* system for ALL,including arabs. My mother studyed in Moldavia,when it use to be Romania,in an Orthodox Catholic school,because that was what it was. She didn't attend their religious classes and didn't do their signs.Period. I studied in a school runned by Rotary in São Paulo and after at a Christian run university.It was neither a Jewish school nor a Jewish university , although both were attended by many Jews.I respected everything there as my mother did in Romania,I simply didn't participate in what didn't belong to me. Arabs in Israel should be treated alike and Orthodox Jews should low their exageres and get along with the general audience.A middle term for all,in a high level.
2. So what?
David ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.16.09)
Obviously, intelligent parents do not want the govertnment to force mediocricy upon their children and are willing to pay for it.
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (12.16.09)
look at The Systems of the God ! and LOOK AT RESULTS OF LIVING IN WORLD blood hate cry .. ... ... there are good things too. happness friendship hope ... ... BUT NO ONE IS PERFECTLY HAPPY IN THIS WORLD. *** SYSTEMS CAN BE PERFECT. BUT as long as human is human with GREAT BRAIN there will be no peace. so ! injustice everywhere. my father is a retired teacher. we were so poor he wasnt making good money. he wasnt even offering to buy newspaper everyday ! anyway ! I dont hate the education system in my country. day by day its getting better. I am sure, you guys will have better in time. LETS TREAT TEACHERS GOOD. LETS GIVE THEM GOOD MONEY. THAN WE HAVE TEACHERS SIDE WITH THE SYSTEMS. and they give help !
4. This is Bibi's way - the rich get everything and .....
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (12.16.09)
the poor get screwed!
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