Will Rabbi Melamed cave in?
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 16.12.09, 21:24
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1. Rabbi Melamed, STAY STRONG! All religious Jews are with you!
Shalom   (12.16.09)
And the smart secular Jews are also with you. For the good of Israel, DON'T CAVE IN!
2. If hesder yeshivas pull out of the deal then they must serve
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (12.16.09)
If the hesder yeshivas pull out of the deal then that means that they will have to serve the normal 3 years like everyone else. By being in this program they are not subject to the Tal law exemption. What does Barak have to loose?
3. Rabbi Melamed for Defense Minister!
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (12.16.09)
4. Eric- Barak has "to lose" the jewish identity of israel- the
Dov ,   Kiryat Shemona   (12.16.09)
very basis of why we are here. our sole claim to our land. Its not maccabi tel aviv basketball, its not dizengoff, its the Torah, the history of the jews. hesder guys serve 5 years comittment, is there a problem with that? If youre jealous you can serve 5 years too.
5. What does Barak have to loose?
david ,   jerusalem   (12.17.09)
Perhaps his portion in the world to come
6. No Jew with a brain and a heart would serve in this Army
Al   (12.17.09)
This Army has become a tool for the anti-zionists and assorted others who seek to destroy the Jewish State. As a result Iran has you in their sights while you go around like drunken cockroaches biting yourselves in the ass. Very sorry state of affairs indeed.
7. Reply # 3 Ariel - Jail Rabbi Melamed
Avi ,   Israel   (12.17.09)
The only defense minister you will be having is the Palestinian defense minister when Kfar Tapuah becomes part of the new Palestinian State.
8. Barak is against Politicing the IDF???
Herut ,   New York, USA   (12.17.09)
This must be a different Barak---not the one someone named Ehud Barak ordered to IDF to abandon southern Lebanon to the terrorist gang Hizbollah, or that other Ehud Barak who uses the military to enforce political actions like protecting Arabs and throwing Jews out of their homes....because "this" Barak says the IDF should avoid politics, right?
9. Rabbi Melamed indeed "meamed" (teaches)
Moshe ,   Tel Aviv   (12.18.09)
Between the utter incompetence of this government and Barak's extreme arrogance, one thing I know for sure is that Rabbi Melamed (to teach in Hebrew) did teach us all a lesson that this is what democracy is all about. We have freedom of speech and we are entitled to our own opinions.
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