'Hanukkah Gelt' project donates over $1M to troops
Published: 18.12.09, 07:49
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1. Thankkkk yoouuuuuu
Lone Soldier ,   Tel Aviv   (12.19.09)
I received the aforementioned donation of 1,000 nis for the last two years of my army service and I just wanted to say thank you to the donors. I was able to buy warmer clothing, more socks for the army, a winter blanket, and a few other things with the money. Just one more thing to look forward to around Hanukkah time : ) -a
2. #1 message from the usa
you are welcome, sweetie!!!! we are proud of you, support you and love you. never forget it!!!! be'hatzlacha!!!! the entire usa people. non jewish
3. amazing news!!
aa ,   Jerusalem   (12.20.09)
4. wonderful to hear but i wish u helped my sister too
a lone combat soldier busting her butt. struggling to survive with all but no financial help......oh well
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