US General: UAE's air force could take out Iran's
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 18.12.09, 14:43
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1. Gen. David Petraeus: weapons to sell...
Marco ,   Spain   (12.18.09)
The Americans are trying desperately to push the region to war in order to sell some weapons. It wont take the Iranians 24 hours to take the whole Gulf area, so stop your propaganda!
2. UAE's airforce???? hehehehehe
3. Haha, more US propaganda...
Wael ,   Ramallah   (12.18.09)
Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims have coexisted for centuries, until the US started instigating... Arab and Persian masses are united against Western aggression!!!! America is too weak now, financially, militarily, morally, you name it...So this dirty general finds no other means to intimidate Iran than planting yet another regional bomb among the Middle East population. This punk should get a life and get his beloved US to sign freakin' Copehnagen and show some leadership towards the environment and the Earth!!! Enough WARS AND BLOOD!!!!!!!
4. Iran air "farce" is a paper hyena
Septimus Severus ,   Rome   (12.18.09)
The Shiite entity air"farce" is mere a paper hynena, equiped with outdated US fighter dating from 70's, a few mig 29 stolen from Saddam Hussein's Iraq, after the first gulf war. It doesn't match with either US or any other modern airforce; The only power that they have is to us ethe terrorism around the world, as these shiite already done in the past.
5. This is starting to sound like a joke!!!
Mark ,   Rotterdam-Netherland   (12.18.09)
Iran could easily pulverize the UAE for good with out making use of its entire armed forces. Just keep in mind,it took saddam 6 hours to occupy kuwait....which back then was pretty similar to what the UAE is nowadays.
6. UAE's airforce? hehehe. This General is crazy
Zion   (12.18.09)
7. double edged sword
observer   (12.18.09)
and can take out the entire Israeli Air Force. Iran had been, till 1980, the sole and only ally of Israel in the Middle East.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.18.09)
Of course with petrodollars,you have been arming the Gulf States with sophisticated weaponary,no doubt.Since we are going through reccessionary period,all the more reason why you have been made to give a statement.Now, there are two implications to it.One is that,by arming these small kingdoms/sheikhs you may alarm yourself by seeing that the technology of these weaponary may fall in the hands of the Iranians.But you are not that stupid to give what you normally reserve for Israel,isn't it?Nevertheless,you have been cautioned.The second possibility is that,having armed these tiny nations with your so-called sophisticated weapons,if Iran manages to destroy them with little resistance,you may have to retire too early. Very less likelihood of you being able to stage,what we shall call,a proxy war,General!!No harm trying,however.The Arab masses are not as 'worried' about Iran's progress as you may make it look.It's just the untouchables one on the throne.
9. #1. it wont take isr 12 hrs to take the whole middle east
Yosi ,   Israel   (12.18.09)
10. where is this coming from?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (12.18.09)
is general petraeus speaking for the american administration or for himself? if he is speaking officially for the administration, then does this mean an end to president obama's fantasy of "playing nice" with iran? has he finally realized that not only does the moslem world not reciprocate, but they have only increased their demands? better late than never, but is the white house waking up? or is this the talk of a frustrated american general, who sees the intell reports of iranian-made ieds and american casualties, venting a little? or perhaps even making a little mischief for the state department? such a pep talk certainly will encourage iran's neighbours to resist iran's pressure a little longer, and that's a good thing. a rash move like sadam hussein's invasion of kuwait could draw the united states into another war in the region.
11. the General probably has a pretty good Idea ...
Galut ,   selah   (12.18.09)
...on the military assets each country has in the region.... for sure he didn't get his info from these talkbacks...
12. Equipment does not win wars
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (12.18.09)
In 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973 the Arabs had superior aircraft and we had superior pilots. The warrior wins the war, the equipment merely aids the warrior. The UAE Air Force has never fought a war. Iran has no combat trained pilots either. Iranian equipment is old and most is not serviceable. There was a recent Iranian arrested attempting to buy engines for F-5s. Their so-called '5th generation home built fighters'. The Muslims have not managed to win a war in the past 500 years every against each other. Two incompetents do not bode for well.
13. Septimass, wag more...
Persian CAT   (12.18.09)
bark less.
14. #3 weal (weasel?) Propaganda?
Rob ,   Orangevale USA   (12.18.09)
The "punk' you refer to has the power to eliminate you and all your vile friends. You would never call him that to his face, coward. You better climb back into the tunnels where it's safe :) "Arab and Persian masses are united against Western aggression!!!" You had better hope so. Even you know that's a lie, since you smile in each others faces while you reach around to stab each other in the back. America will never be so weak that we cant make you and your precious middle east a smokin' hole. Dream on 'weasel'
15. 3 & 8
zionist forever   (12.18.09)
Even without help from anybody else with the hardware the US has had in the Gulf for years now they can single handedly destroy Irans entire conventional & non conventional military capability. Destroy all air defenses Sink the ships as they are in port to limit any possible retaliations from the sea. Destroy their missile sites so the bulk of the missiles could be destroyed. Destroy air force bases. Once the majority of Irans capability to fight back then bomb every single nuclear site to rubble go home not a single US aircraft lost or soldier sent into Iran. B2 bombers, F22 raptors, F/A 18, Tomohawk missiles, it will be Irans worst nightmare. Iran will fire missiles at Israel and although its probably that a few might get through the bulk will be intercepted by Arrow & Patriots and if the USAF can bomb missile storage sites then they will have fewer missiles to fire. There is just one thing the USAF need but doesn't have and thats a commander in chief with the courage to give them the go ahead. Unfortunately because Obama is so obsessed with his image of the peace maker and muslim lover he will never say take off.
16. Something tells that UAE air force is even bigger
leo ,   usa   (12.18.09)
joke than Iranian air force. Gen. P. was kidding, no doubt.
17. Petreaus and UAE
Brod ,   USA   (12.18.09)
Petreaus is far fetched in his assessment if he thinks the UAE can take on Iran's airforce. It is laughable.
18. To number 9
Maria ,   Arab   (12.18.09)
If Israel is capable of destroying the whole middle east in 12 hrs, then why did you fail to destroy Hamas and Hizbullah?!!!! Wake up, what you're taking about is just HISTORY!!!
19. #12 Egypt has the war experience
observer   (12.18.09)
In the 1973 war, the fourth Israeli assault was to be the most determined, with over 100 aircraft – F-4 Phantoms and A-4 Skyhawks – attempting to hit the huge air base at el-Mansourah. It culminated in an almost continuous dogfight lasting no less than 53 minutes. According to Egyptian estimates over 180 aircraft were involved at one time, the majority belonging to the Israelis. In addition to its numerical superiority, the IDF/AF also had the upper hand in terms of aircraft types, pilot training and pilot experience. The only advantage the Egyptians had lay in the fact that their pilots, ground controllers and maintenance personnel were fighting in defense of Egyptian heartland. EAF morale had been climbing steadily ever since Egyptian aircraft first struck back at the invaders in the wake of the disastrous June War 1967. For its part, Israel Radio claimed, early the following morning, that the IAF had shot down 15 Egyptian aircraft, a figure subsequently reduced to seven. Following a more detailed analysis after the war had ended, the EAF actually increased its original claims and now asserts that the results of the el-Mansourah air battle were as follows: 17 Israeli aircraft confirmed shot down for the loss of six MiGs.
20. secret weapons anyone?
Rob ,   Orangevale USA   (12.18.09)
All you Iranian loudmouths are fools. Only in such a foolish, unstable country, run by religious idiots, could you possibly be so blind to the reality of American "secret weapons". Since the inception of the atomic bomb (which we definitely have, and know how to use) we have worked on ways to "neutralize" the possibilities of others that will want to harm us with these same weapons. Iran barely got a satellite into space. We have weapons so terrible that it will take the real threat of being nuked before the world will be allowed to feel them, and again realize they had better not F@#$ with America. If the terrorist come here to America, they will be eliminated, or hunted to the ends of the earth. We have prepared ourselves for war with the nuclear superpower of Russia. Iran is a pimple on a bears ass compared to this Nation. We ought to bomb Iran with all the nuclear waste generated over the years and let them see what is real. Mullahs be damned. One Iranian nuclear mistake, and Poof, no more Persian cats (not the loudmouth type) No more rugs, no more Iran.
21. Petraeus is right, UAE AF is not much but Iran's is less
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (12.18.09)
than the weakest Arb Air Force
22. for once #19 is telling the truth
better observer   (12.18.09)
Egyptians do have a lot of repeated war experiences with defeat
23. To persian SAG
Septimus SEverus   (12.18.09)
yet no answer of you about the seizure in Thailand of North Korean missiles bound for Tehran.. revealing the lie s of your illegitimate regime.. Who barks, ? your leaders who threatens Israel ! A strong nation strikes, a weak one resort to threats, lies about allegedly home made weapons, to capitaliz e on false pride. What a bunch of loosers you are. perhaps even more than the arabs. Look for your 12th imam in the nearby camel botom !
24. # 9 , Yosi : thanks for a good joke!
raed ,   jerusalem   (12.18.09)
12 hours huh. how many hours did it take ur IDF to take leb last time? or Gaza ?
Yaron ,   USA   (12.18.09)
Say What? It took Iran 10 years to fight to a standstill with Saddam and his goon squad.
26. #22 thanks!, of course with defeating the enemy
observer   (12.18.09)
27. gen petreous
jacob levy ,   london   (12.18.09)
the general is a smart salesman.he wants the uae to buy american planes.
28. You spoke the bottom-line truth, Rob
Cameron ,   USA   (12.18.09)
#3 was just indulging himself with a bit of Islamic fantasy ranting. More than content to keep watching Sunnis & Shiites try & slip a dagger into eachother's guts.
29. Raed 24
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (12.18.09)
If Israel would quit pulling their punches then you would quit laughing and it would wipe the smile off your face.
30. you just fell into a wide open trap #26
better observer   (12.18.09)
correct observation again: the only enemy Egyptians defeat is themselves over and over again this is always the problem with Arabs: self defeatism keep staying irrelevant, it makes you the clown of the town
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