Peres, Turkish president reinstating normal ties
Roni Sofer
Published: 18.12.09, 14:57
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1. Israel has lost all of it's self respect
chaim schonbrun ,   brooklyn ny   (12.18.09)
turkey and egypt and jordan have been spitting into israels face for the last few years,and what does israel do? it crawls on all fours and licks their boots and begs their tormentors oh please my master please please love me. What a pathetic ugly and degrading scene this is. a drunken whino passed out on a tel aviv gutter, has more self respect than our so called leaders
2. #1, Yes.
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (12.18.09)
3. well done Peres
Jerry   (12.18.09)
and I am NOT a fan of him
4. If you want our friendship
Kadir ,   Turkey   (12.21.09)
you have to stop killing civilians and stealing land from die Palestinians.
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