Obama approves aid to Israel, PA
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 18.12.09, 22:28
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1. :: Another handout
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (12.18.09)
And Israel is getting a $2.775 billion handout for what exactly?
2. #1 What about the $500 million to the Pals JUST from America
Jake   (12.18.09)
That is in addition to the billions upon billions that the Palestinians receive from the EU, the oil-rich Arab states, the Far East, the UN, and God knows what else. What about the billions America gives to Egypt and Jordan? For doing what, exactly? At least the foreign aid that Israel receives is derived only from America, and is mostly to be spent on American military hardware. Where are the returns for American aid spent in the Islamic and Arab world?
3. makes me proud to be
Barney ,   USA   (12.18.09)
an American. Support our only real ally in the middle east. Too bad about the 500m to the PA. Not opposed to aid to them but not until they get their act together. all the aid they have recieved so far is where? has done what? suhat lives fat.
4. matty
do you recall when all you arabists complained that israel is getting a handout, as you continue to claim now??? read the article carefully. 75% of this military aid NEEDS TO BE SPENT BY ISRAEL INSIDE AMERICA, CREATING AMERICAN JOBS AND MILITARY PROJECTS. AS WELL, 75% OF THIS MONEY FROM THE USA BOUNDS ISRAEL BY LAW OF THIS AID AGGREEMENT TO SPEND THIS 75% OF THE 2.7 BILLIONS GIVEN IT TO ORDER AND PURCHASE AMERICAN MADE MILITARY GOOD, WHICH IN TURN CREATE JOBS IN THE MERICAN INDUSTRY, ESPECIALLY MILITARY AND HIGH TECH MILITARY AND DEFENSE INDUSTRIES...ALL HELPING AMERICAN TO AQUIRE JOBS IN THE DEFENSE SECTOR, AVIATION SECTOR AND HIGH TECH MILITARY SECTOR. NOTHING OF THIS MONEY IS USED BY ISRAEL FOR DEVELOPING ITS OWN MILITARY NECESSITIES. THEY ALL HAVE TO BE BOUGHT BACK FROM THE USA WITH THIS 2.7 BILLIONS. so, how is that a hand out????? additionally, israel repays anything and everything back to the usa in terms of soft loans. nothing is forgiven israel. israel has a wonderful economy and is a leading high tech industry in the world second to the usa. usa depends on this military and aviation high tech technology invented in israel more than you think. the usa and europe also depend on israeli mossad intelligence and without it, probably most terror attacks around the globe and particularly in the usa and europe, would not have beem known. mossad is the best in the world and is tops in the inttelligence business. they are indispensable to the cia, and other organizations in europe. they all work together. egypt gets 2 billion in aid annualy. NOTHING OF THIS AID IS EVER RETURNED AT ALL. NOTHING. ALSO, THEY ARE GIVEN MILITARY HARDWARE ANNUALLY TO KEEP THEM SAFE AND AFLOAT. HOWEVER, THE BASIC REASON BEHIND THE AID EGYPT GETS IS THAT IT FINALLY AGREED TO A PEACE DEAL WITH ISRAEL. IN DOING SO, AMERICA GUARANTEED EGYPT THIS 2 BILLION ANNUAL AID...MOSTLY FINANCIAL AID, BUT THEY USE IT FOR MILITARY PURPOSES. THEY DO NOT HAVE TO PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THE USA LIKE ISRAEL DOES. THEY TAKE THIS MONEY AND SAY GOOD BYE. NOTHING IS EVER GIVEN BACK AT ALL, WHILE ISRAEL GIVES IT BACK IN THE FORM OF 75% MILITARY PURCHASES FROM THE USA. understand now? thick headed bigot? it is not a handout at all. it comes with strings attached! while israel has a lot to show for this 2.7 billions by producing defense jobs in the usa, the arabs have only hummus and pita to show for it. now you understand, you moron? hameed aboughaze, iranian
5. #1
and 500 mil to the pals for what exactly? what have they done to the billions of dollars so far given? WHERE IS THE BILLIONS, MATTY???? DO YOU SEE ANY DEVELOP,ENT IN GAZA BEFORE TGHE SEIGE? DO YOU SEE ANY INFRASTRUCTURE, HOSPITALS, SCHOOLS, RESEARCH CENTERS, UNIVERSITIES, ETC... MEDICAL INVENTION, HIGH TECH INVENTIONS? WITH THE PREVIOUS BILLIONS OF DOLLARS GIVEN THE PALS FROM USA AND EUROPE? what have they done with the money, matty??? where is it? i'll give you a each terrorist leaders swiss bank account paying for limos, trips and fancy suits while their people have not seen one single penny of this aid. got a clue? want the answer? just look at arafat's wife's life style, at hanniyeh's life style, at mashaal's life style, at abbas's life style and you'll find that these individuals have not worked a day in their lives, have not contributed anything of value to their people and have POCKETED THE ENTIRE AID USA MONEY INTO THEIR INDIVIDUAL COFFERS IN OVERSEAS BANKS. where do you imagine these individual gto the money to live such life styles, build their palaces villas inside the desolate gaza and west bank and afford all these limos, mercedes benz and all the fancy cars and trips? FROM THE USA! the question is, if you combine all the billions thus far donated and given for free to these leaders for the betterment of their people and their citizenry, how come they still have to use israeli hospitals for cancer patients, for deliveries, for infectious diseases, for operations, for various treatments? why have they not been able to build and stuff their own clinics with this money? to conduct their own research and advancements in medicine? i guess using this money to buy arms for terrorist infrastructure is more important than a hospital to them, don't you think?? otherwise, we, the intelligent people in this world that know what is really going on with this money and how these terorrists leaders use it, we know only too well that the palestinians have not seen a penny of it so far. so, matty, don't sound too smug and criticise what israel gets. at least israel does something with this money; it helps with industry and jobs in the usa while protecting themselves against the morons you so blindly support. hameed aboughaze, iranian
6. answer to another handout
Robert ,   Fullerton USA   (12.18.09)
Matty; Israel is getting $2.75 Billion to defend itself against your ignorance and that of the so called international community. If you don't understand "for what exactly?" I suggest you open your mind, do a little bit of unbiased research and maybe you will come to see that Israel is our best defense against the dictatorial despots who are the heads of all the other middle eastern countries. Oh wait; it's probably just easier to listen to the Arab and Palastinian lies about Israel. That way you don't have to think for yourself.
7. The PA should send the money back.
Nour ,   Palestine   (12.18.09)
...Then force Dayton out of Palestine forever. We do NOT take conditions from anyone - respect our democracy.
8. US Aid to Israel
Zamaaz ,   Phils.   (12.19.09)
Thank God, the American leaders remained steadfast to their Christian conviction or prioritizing the Jews as epitomized by the words of Paul; 'Jews first, Gentiles next..' (Romans 2:10)
9. Answer to Matty (and sockpuppet BSNews not yet posting)
flyingdoc57 ,   Florida   (12.19.09)
What's the $ 2.775 billion dollars for ? It is for Israel to be able to defend itself against the constant attacks and threats of attack from those that idiots like you refer to as "freedom fighters" (known as Muslim terrorists to the rest of the civilized world). You feel bad about the money, do you? Here are two suggestions. 1. Move. 2. Stop inciting hatred of Israel/Jews via your incessant postings (i.e. GET A LIFE).
10. where are all the haters now?
Matt ,   US   (12.19.09)
Sarah B, Birdi, Zionist Forever etc... where are your posts claiming that he just wants to destroy you and that he is 100% against Isreal? I thought you all said he would turn his back on you? you don't give people you hate and want to destroy 2.5 Billion when your own economy is in a recession. While he may not be the "ideal" friend to Israel, he is a friend and ally. Haters to the left please....
11. This is BS. Why Israel needs money from American taxpayers?
Yaniv ,   Israel   (12.19.09)
12. #7, Palestinian economy is basically just aid
Danny   (12.19.09)
take out the aid from people and you'll have nothing left
13. Sugar Daddy got plenty for everyone!
Cameron ,   USA   (12.19.09)
Santa be a rank amateur compared to that ole US Sugar daddy when it comes to placing gifts in grasping hands. Gold & weapons for the taking!
14. 11 billion to Iraq, 2 billion to Egypt, 1.5 billion to Jorda
Jae ,   Lynn US   (12.19.09)
Jordan, and billions more to many of the other 20 arab countries and 50 Muslim countries. so 2point4 billion to the US's only ally in the region versus 24 billion to puppet western governments in arab countries. who is paying this "matty groves" kid to post here around the clock before articles come out
15. Nour - your democracy (thats a laugh)beheads women for honor
Jae ,   Lynn US   (12.19.09)
you and your culture are hijacked by arabism- arab nationalism. its your arab nationalism versus Zionism. problem is Zionism has over 3000 years and the worlds best selling book ever to back it up. no such thing as "palestinians" until 40 years ago. no currency no language no capital no sovereignty. no such thing palestinian= fallastinian as in fallacy, lie, made up. might as well call Jerusalem aeriola capitolina as well. "palestine is a name given by the genocide committing Romans 2000 years ago. Its Judea by the way Nour JEW-dea. ...The name of our ancestor Judah, son of Israel son of Yitzhaq son of Avraham
16. #7
what democracy, nour??? have you seen any democracy in gaza lately? it's an islamic terror base controlled by sharia where hamas beats women and men on the beach for "indecent exposure of half an exposed uncovered arm, where they insist all women wear hijabs and veils, where the decency police arrasses women on the streets like in all muslim lands, where the death penalty for theft and lying was just instituted into law, sharia law! where the police hamas thugs kill and murder anyone suspected of anything on the spot without trial or due process, where terror, fear, oppression reign and where citizens are held hostage by their so called leaders. those leaders are thugs, terrorists without a vision, without a consideration for their constituents, without law and order, without any vision or ability for state building. thugs and murderers playing at leaders' roles. what democracy, nour. the gaza strip is anarchic to the max. people live in fear of hamas who shoots anythingg and anyone that doesn't agree with them, that forces christian arabs to close shops for rallies, forces people out of their homes to participate in rallies and creates fear and desolation on the ground. THUGS, NOT LEADERS AND NOT A SHRED OF DEMOCRACY THERE. IT'S MORE LIKE ANARCHY! TERROR! DISORDER! MAYHEM! the west bank is much better because they have a great economy created by israel, thanks god, since the palestinians there have no clue how to create their own infrastructure if it truck them in the face. israel helps with everything. their economy is trippling now as it was prior to the violence and intifadas of arafat, may his name be erased forever,...the suffering that he brought to the palestinian people for decades. what democracy, nour. show me one single islamic arab country that is democratic. you arabs do not even comprehend the word. there is no democracy in any arab nation. there is only despotism, rule by fear and persecution and repression, hate propaganda, murders and coups, severe police states based on fear and conspiracy theories, poverty, backwardness, illiteracy, fanaticism, bigotry and hate for the other or the non muslim in the world, a disfuncional court system based on sharia murderous law rather than democratic constitutional law where hangings, stoning, killing, murdering, assassinating and mutilating reigns on a daily basis. what democracy nour? do you even, as an arab, comprehend that should you live in any arab country, you will never have democracy in the true meaning of the word? WHAT DEMOCRACY ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT NOUR. IT IS YOUR FANTASY, NOT DEMOCRACY! hameed aboughaze, iranian
17. #4, #6
Jed ,   USA (real democracy)   (12.19.09)
#1 made a statement in the form of a question. Didn't attack Israel, his only offense was being critical of a handout. AND IT IS A HANDOUT - it is basically a "shop at the USA superstore" handout, like store credit or a gift card. Is it really so bad to make you spend the billions on our gear, considering we gave you the money? Be happy Israel is getting anything; without it you'd be dead in the water, dear friends of ours. Anyway, my point was that Matty's only mistakes were being the first to post and posting something that is critical about Israel. The response? Vicious verbal attacks from right-wingers who are only angry because they know Matty has a point to make. Stings a little, does it? Do you feel better when you call people morons and idiots? Way to drive your point home, haters.
18. #7 Palestinian "democracy"
19. wow Matty
Barney ,   USA   (12.19.09)
guess you got your question answered. the aid to the arabs is basically what we in the south call "a hand full of give me and a mouth full of much obliged" and nothing more.
20. $500 Million to PA?
Brod ,   USA   (12.19.09)
Obama is giving $500 million to the Islamist-Jihadist terrorists who celebrated and danced on the streets of Ramallah when their fellow Islamist-Jihadist terrorists attacked America and murdered 3000 Americans in cold blood on 9/11! This is the height of idiocy of the Obama administration. What a waste of America's Tax payers' money. He should be using the money to pay America's debt to China and reduce the national deficits.
21. $15 billion
Mike ,   Liverpool   (12.19.09)
Israel get 2.75 billion LOL They get around 15 billion. 2.75 is the tip of the icebergs and the citizen of the U.S. don't even know. Americans you are being fleeced.
22. #7 Say thank you, Nour
Cynthia ,   USA   (12.19.09)
Of course the Palestinians will not give the money back. They can't function without aid from the US, UN and EU. Please tell us how much foreign and humanitarian aid Iran gives to the Palestinians? How about Syria, Lebanon and Jordan?
23. Hey Mike from Liverpool:
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (12.19.09)
Your quoting from a former congressman who was just released from federal prison after seven years who blames the Israeli establishment in the USA for finding him guilty and sending him off to incarceration, a man, even in this interview on UTube, who resfuses to take responsibility for his own unlawful conduct. He still blames the "Jewish establishment" and you, Mike, get on an Israeli website and repeat this drivel. Well, you know the word "ignoramus" I suppose: that's you!
24. The PA should send the money back, Nour:
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (12.19.09)
Not every Arab is wealthy, educated and resides in security like you, Nour. Like I once said, your an armchair patriot, unwilling to sacrifice anything for you "cause".
25. Hey Jed, you're new here so
Robert haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (12.19.09)
what do you know? And if you've been reading Talkbacks, why then you'll know that the eponymous "Matty Groves" has nothing but derision for Israel and Jews. Why butt in and prove your stupidity when you don't know anything? A little self-respect on your part would help.
26. unfair; Israel's economy is more than 6X PA's one
observer   (12.19.09)
the Israeli defense industries sells camouflaged American drones to the East and West. In the meantime, the dramatic increase in drone use became a concern, as particular individuals were being targeted without a proper legal basis.
27. #21 Mike
Deb ,   US   (12.19.09)
Do you have a more credible source than an ex-congressman recently released from seven years in prison for taking bribes, racketeering, falsifiying taxes supported and affiliated with white supremacist, David Duke?
28. Robert is lame
Georg ,   Australia   (12.19.09)
Why would you say israel is our best defense when it really means geopolitically that it's the best chance of taking over the middle east and getting a foothold for america since it's run by the gews, I spell that wrong since youtube are trying to pin Hate speach on me already. Oh my god no freedom of speach. Thanks israel and the pro isreali lobby, Thanks to your facsist laws we can expect judaism to take over all other religions. Thanks alot indeed, plz detect my sarcasm.
29. Oh my god, it's true, hasbara everywhere
Georg ,   Australia   (12.19.09)
I heard about these pro israeli bots on the internet. I think Nour is a retard to suggest that 3000 years of whatever he reckons compares to the great persian empire that spanned a great deal longer then that of certain otheres and didn't work in subterfuge and infiltration like parasites.
30. #21: Don’t forget the cost of US wars for Israel
Robi ,   USA   (12.19.09)
NO wonder US economy is melting down so fast. We even have to pay the corrupt Palestinian Authority to help maintain the security of Jewish occupation.
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