Olmert denies all charges against him in court
Aviad Glickman
Published: 21.12.09, 11:30
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1. Futile try to save War criminal from International Tribunal
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (12.21.09)
Allgeation against Barak and Olmert are fabricated to save them from International War Crimes Tribunal If Human Rights defenders succeed in opening a War Crimes hearing on Olmert and Barak, Israel will be sentenced to long years of prison terms therefore they will be kept in Israel creating a pretext for not to hand over them for international trial. Your game is unmasked
2. Shula Zaken and her faith
Avi ,   Israel   (12.21.09)
Shula Zaken should come to court clutching a bible that normally get a few years off your sentence these days!
3. Olmert will NEVER be charged or behind bars, after all
Shalom   (12.21.09)
he's not chareidi and not even religious and not Sephardic and he's a LEFTIST!
4. #3 Shalom - neither was Avraham Hirschon
Avi ,   Israel   (12.21.09)
5. olmert and god
alexi   (12.21.09)
Now olmert uses God to justify his alleged criminal actions in the tours case. The legal system is trying to protect him as he is one of them. Having failed in war, in negotiations where he outdid chamberlain in appeasement concessions, where he openly admitted that he was overwhelmed by suicide bombing while mayor of jerusalem and where he couldn't stand it, he now invoked god to bail him out of his misdeeds. Forget about this crookery, alleged. It is obviously transparently true. Lots of israelis died while he ran the ship. Israel's national pride was damaged. And this was the dirtbag that haaretz, dankner, oz, and the rest of the ginsberg brigade put their trust in. No wonder margalin and shiff described him as a total wimp and failure. If israel does not put this bum in jail, then it deserves a bad fate.
... THE WORLD DOES ,   Atilla Karagözoğlu   (12.21.09)
lets try to remember who are the criminals ? a) Olmert b) Olmert's FM c) Olmert's DM d) Olmert's IDF CHIEVES e) Olmert's Advicors f) Olmert's MK Supporters g) Olmert's wife ğ) Olmerts American financial support. h) Olmert's friend, Arcadi Gaydamak k) Olmert's Rabbi l) Olmert's first grade teachers
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