MK Tibi: Arabs born here, some Jews fascists
Amnon Meranda
Published: 22.12.09, 12:39
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31. :: Sarah B - Creating fiction again
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (12.22.09)
Lets take Nablus as an example: "Nablus prevailed as an important trade center during the centuries of Islamic rule under the Umayyad, Abbasid and Fatimid dynasties. Under Muslim rule, Nablus contained a diverse population of Arabs and Persians, Muslims, Samaritans, Christians and Jews. In the 10th century, Arab geographer al-Muqaddasi, upon seeing a bustling Nablus, nicknamed the city 'little Damascus'." Wiki "In 1596, the population was counted as consisting of 806 Muslim households, 20 Samaritan households, 18 Christian households, and 15 Jewish households". Wiki Whatever way you want to look at it Arabs/Muslims/Christian *always outnumbered Jews* in Palestine over the centuries. Sarah B why don't you dust off Mark Twain again so I can point out that he is hardly the most reliable source of demographic in Palestine? If Sarah B had any credibility she would be able to disprove the two quotes I cite above, yet she can’t
32. Try to live in arab townships
Raphael ,   Netanya   (12.22.09)
What happens to jewish Israelis living in arab neighbourhoods? Never heard about the pogroms of Akko and Pekiin last Year? Even if a Jew does not need to fill an application to live in Taibe or Umm el Fahm, the arab town authorities manage to calculate a discriminating rate of arnona, deny social or urban services, the arab neighbours are artists in methods of harassments: 14 centuries' experience of dhimma gave the Jews an unsurpassed expertise in this matter. And they are not more natives than the Jews: thanks to the turkish sürgüt system, populations were deported from one corner of the ottoman empire to another, muslim inhabitants of the british mandate immigrated from 29 countries from 1917 to 1948.
33. Sarah B. is to facts what Bush is to intelligence
Jonathan ,   I   (12.22.09)
34. To: No. 31
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.22.09)
Got anything a little more recent than 1596? It's not Nablus, by the way, it is Schehem. Oh, so Mark Twain points a very different Palestine than the one YOU want to believe existed, so you do not consider it a reliable source? Well, Mark Twain did not have an agenda to push -- you do, and we all know what it is.\ And let us not forget, dear, that the Arabs have three times rejected a two-state solution? How do you account for that? Absent any logical explanation (let's face it; there isn't one), then the history stands for what it is. That doesn't change. There NEVER was a country called Palestine. When offered the chance to have one, it was rejected out of hand. There NEVER was Arab nationalism in the region until 1964. Take your historical revisionism and shove it. Learn history. Understand what it means to go to war AND TO LOSE. Six times. Isn't that enough bites at the apple? 1596, indeed! Careful -- your ugly Jew hatred is showing (what a surprise).
35. Tibi
Poppy   (12.22.09)
No21: I couldnt say it better It doesnt suit them to read the History
36. re#34 Sarah B.
Albert ,   Los Angeles, USA   (12.22.09)
Sarah you say in your silly diatribe that, "There NEVER was Arab nationalism in the region until 1964". Do you know how idiotic and patently false that statement is? I suggest you watch the movie Lawrence of Arabia or any other movie concerning Ottoman and even British rule over the arabs in the Levant/Middle East.
37. to 29 & 30, Sarah and Zionist forever
Chardon Bleu ,   Geneva Switzerland   (12.22.09)
You both seem to ignore that Geneva percentage-wise is a really international city, capital of a small Swiss canton almost completely surrounded by France. Here you meet people from all around the world living together peacefully and without meddling with local politics. That’s why I like it here. to Sarah: You can repeat “Zionism and Zionists are here to stay” as often as you want, the only ones that buy your mantra, are those still blinded by the Zionist ideology, but their number for good reasons is decreasing day after day, As I wrote before, the Zionist ideology is un-Jewish. Even if it is based on Jewish founding myths, only the blind believer can ignore that its main elements are past ethno-centric, destructive European style ideologies, i.e. colonialism and nationalism.
38. Invest in pre-1967 Israel
Zak ,   Milwaukee, USA   (12.22.09)
There is no reason for Israelis to fear Arab-Israeli building because Israelis can ensure a strong Jewish majority in the bulk of pre-1967 Israel if the state would invest more heavily in that area instead of in far-flung settlements that everybody knows will be abandoned in any future peace agreement.
39. No constitution......
Self Hating Jew ,   New Mexico, USA   (12.22.09)
.....No democracy,period !!!!
40. :: Sarah B - No credibility
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (12.22.09)
As I said: "If Sarah B had any credibility she would be able to disprove the two quotes I cite above, yet she can’t". I specifically asked Sarah B to *disprove* the two examples I gave, she could not. All she could do was post a link from a two-bit website rather than any creditable source. To boot she, as usual, tries to interject totally irrelevant subject matter eg: 1 2 Neither of these two ‘point’ relate to the matter at hand namely the fact the myth that: . I think Jonathan (#33) summed it up quite well when he said: “Sarah B. is to facts what Bush is to intelligence”.
41. To: No. 36
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.22.09)
Do YOU know how stupid it is to suggest that T. E. Lawrence set one manicured trotter in the Palestine Mandate? I don't get my facts from movies. Neither should you -- T. E. Lawrence rallied some backward Bedouins in what is today the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Has nothing whatever to do with Palestine. Duh ....
42. To: No. 37
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.22.09)
Since you are not Jewish, your comments don't matter a fig. In addition to being wrong, they are plain stupid. Oh..... still waiting for answers to my questions. I guess you have none, because it is pretty hard to defend Swiss (supposedly NEUTRAL Swiss) actions during the war (all that gold extracted from Jewish teeth and melted down from Jewish wedding bands went STRAIGHT to Switzerland. Jews attempting to enter Switzerland were turned back at the borders and sent back to certain death. And all those bank accounts. All those insurance policies that the Swiss issued to desperate people who were willing to pay the full premia in advance -- that to this day the Swiss companies refuse to honor. Swiss, indeed. Don't worry about Jews and Zionism. Worry about how you, a Swiss citizen, can even stand yourself.
43. Chardon Bleu, le traitre degoutant!
Semper Fi! ,   San Diego, USA   (12.22.09)
I hope Ynet will publish this one, I guess the lefties prefer to publish proarab diatribes like the ones of this selfhating allegedly Jew. If Jews all over the world can sell their shmutes and go along with their business is because of the Zionist that you despise. You aren't better than a kapo. I've got relatives in Eurabia, in your country as well. Everyone knows that you feel hostility between german, french and italian swiss. The "Suisse Allemanique" despise the french ones, etc... You sound like one of those collaborators George Soros style, Finkelstein, Chomsky. You're a minority amongst Jewish people, but you represent the filth of our people. Thanks God, we've got Israel and Zionist, because it'll be the first country than cowards like you will run to, if they are persecuted because of their actions or believes. Leave Israel to the Jews and go show your shameless and traitorous thoughts in jihadist websites. Va te faire foutre, ordure!
44. What a racist Tibi is.
Saying that immigrants deserve a different treatment than those who were born here is just as racist as to say the opposite. If someone in the US parliament said something like that he would be impeached immediately. The problem with people in this region is the mentality of "if you're racist towards me, I can be just as racist and get away with it"
45. #31 i found it hilarious that you use wikipedia for a source
and at the same sentence questions Sarah B's reliability in her sources. Pathetic much? Wikipedia is written by people just like you and me. I can go over there right now and change those quotes to whatever i want. It won't make them any more true just because they're on wikipedia.
46. 43
Rosie   (12.22.09)
Thank you. It is impossible to put it better.
47. #15 - Arabs already exercise this exclusion policy in IL
William ,   Israel   (12.22.09)
They don't have laws to help them, but they use intimidation and violence to keep "undesirables" out of their neighbors. Arab Muslims are extremely racist, acting out against Christians, Druze, and Jews who live among them or even try to visit their cities. Israel is simply making a law so communities can develop as they want to develop without intimidation and violence.
48. #39 - What a dumb comment from a myopic American
William ,   Israel   (12.22.09)
There are many countries that exist fine and do not have a constitution. The US was quite innovative to produce a constitution but by no means does a country need one in order to follow basic laws and human rights. Then again - what good is the constitution when the US Supreme Court and self-serving politicians eat away at it on a daily basis, especially to discriminate against population groups in order to bring "equality" to other groups?
49. To Rosia@ 46 I have just read this article.My Conclusion is:
Kate ,   ISRAEL   (12.25.09)
I live in the part of Israel where we are surrounded by arab vilagers and communities. Just let any of us try and even visit it and then THE BULLETS will fly in our direction. Tibi is a traitor to Israel and wish he'd take into consideration he is in Israel on SUFERANCE.Since most of us know there is no such people called Arab/Palestiians it gives false intepretation to the whole subject. Why not let Tibi relocate to any of his bretheren's countries and see how he'll fare. He would not dare do it,knowing his life would not be worth living in their midst. By their methods who have no freedom of expression,and would never dare open their mouths so freely as they are wont to do in Israel as we can witness it on every occasion. Hey Tibi,if you don't like living in Israel Jordan awaits you--being your real country.But,would you dare abide by their rules,and strictures you will be under?I doubt it very much. No wonder,when reading your diatribe against the laws of the country that gives you the opportunity to slandering it with impunity everytime. That is what I have said time & again. Remember these LOT are our enemies WITHIN. Before I go,let me give due praise to Sarah B, zionist foreever,LAST BUT NOT LEAST TO:SEMPER FI! who says:" le traitre degoutant" in San Diego,USA. Merci mon cher
50. MK Tibi why is it okay to have a Palestinian
michael   (01.06.10)
state with no jews. Isn't that not racism?! Try being a comedian.
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