UN expert slams 'tragic' international failure in Gaza
Published: 23.12.09, 23:36
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31. # 7
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.24.09)
EXACTLY. I agree fully with your logical post.
32. I never saw a picture of any Gazan who was not overweight
Alan ,   SA   (12.24.09)
When women cry,they show a mouth of pearly white teeth . Children are beautful condition . Plenty goods and money is entering by some or other means See this link -Is it Gaza or W B... I dont read Arabic... Please help me readers of Arabic.
33. #6 Israel the occupying power under the Geneva Conventions
Ben Alofs ,   Bangor, UK   (12.24.09)
The fact that Egypt has a border with Gaza does not relieve Israel from its primary responsibility as the occupying power under the Geneva Conventions. Richard Falk as an expert in international law knows that. You SHOULD have known that. Israel remains responsible for the wellbeing of the civilian population in the Strip. At the same time it has an agreement with Egypt under which the border with Egypt is kept closed. Indeed, president Mubarak is in my opinion a lackey of the USA and a hypocrite as many other dictatorial Arab leaders are. The fact that one year after "Cast Lead" Israel is still blockading Gaza is nothing less than a war crime and a crime against humanity. I agree with Falk that the failure of the EU, the USA and other world powers to exert pressure on Israel puts all of them to shame.
34. Why does Y-Net not give context to this story?
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.24.09)
Richard Falk is a vicious hater of Israel. He is a propagandist for the enemies of Israel. How can Y- Net report on what he is saying as if he were an objective observer? We should be told of his background and his record of extreme statements and actions against Israel.
35. Matty Groves of Fairport
Jerry ,   New York, USA   (12.24.09)
Mr. Groves has never been to Gaza or to Israel. Condemnation of Israel has warped into a hobby for him. He needs a new avocation.
36. Hammas civiliams?
Bob ,   Mechburg USA   (12.24.09)
How does one draw a distinction between Hammas and Hammas "civilians"? The fact is if they didn't want hammas there, they wouldn't be there. Want it both ways do some people. They piss down your back and tell you its rain. Whoever believes them will soon wind up with their backs against a hard place just like the EU is now.
37. Kidnapping Gilad Shalit was an act of Aggression.
vered ,   israel   (12.24.09)
Israel did not commit this. Hamas did. Hizbollah has already kidnapped 6 Israeli soldiers, who were returned dead. Hizbollah and Hamas are publicly committed to continue these acts and terrorize Israel. Hamas was voted in by a majority of Palestinians. Who can dictate how a country reacts to an act of Aggression? Isn't that a bit of a chuzpah to equalize both sides? Maybe the International Community failed Israel for too long, allowing this kind of thing to happen. This UN head should shut up or he won't be able to pull either foot from his mouth.
38. #9, #10
Michael Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (12.24.09)
Why doesn't Falk recommend the same treatment for Egypt? Your double standards are B******t. Egypt not only closed their border with the Gaza Strip, they're building an underground barrier to prevent tunnels. By the way, show us a photo of a starving Gazan... even the Ma'an "News Agency doesn't have one.
39. Falk- just another Lefty Idiot
James ,   LA   (12.24.09)
Yea. The UN is the beacon of righteousness. WHAT A JOKE. First Goldstone, now Falk. What do they want from us already? Has Falk even read Hamas' Charter? Does he not get that Iran's nukes, and Hamas' terror will fall on him soon enough. Falk is just Another Lefty Idiot. Too bad there is also one in the White House.
40. #9 Matti Groves
yoni ,   Sydney   (12.24.09)
Take a close look at the map of the Levant. If you can read a map any better than Richard Falk can you may just notice the common border Gaza has with Egypt. Egypt can always open her border or can she? Maybe Egypt has a problem with the fact that Hamas has got into bed with Iran.
41. Look at the tv news from Gaza - too many fat people
JPS ,   Efrat   (12.24.09)
Sure there are poor people going hungry in Gaza, just like there are poor people going hungry all over the world. In fact, tens of thousands of people are actually starving to death in Africa. Yet this bozo, in the guise of a so-called "expert", is obsessed with the Hamas theocratic tyranny and wants it to succeed. Isn't it strange that he wants economic sanctions against Israel, yet fails to mention Egypt, who could open its border with Gaza today and allow food and reconstruction equipment in to Gaza? In Israel we recognize Falk for what he is: just another racist bureaucratic overpaid toadie at the UN who makes any excuse to try and help wipe Israel off the map.
42. international defeat over Gaza blockade
observer   (12.24.09)
so, is it solely due to Israel's negativity or positivity?
43. Suleimani
Ilana   (12.24.09)
go back to where you belong-Punjab Pakistan. Stop stalking Israeli news sites that allow freedom of speech.
44. To Mr. smarty pants #11
Israeli   (12.24.09)
Believe me, if you were facing what we are with the lawless terrorists in Gaza, you also would control the airspace above and around them for your own safety. We are not talking about a little peacefull lost tribe in Africa! Israel is not controling a foreign border as Gaza is not officialy a country.
45. Dear Paul in Australia - of course it's war, you idiot!!!
Brian Cohen ,   PeoplesFront ofJudea   (12.24.09)
Crikey, Paul, didn't you notice that since 2001 the Palestinians fired thousands of rockets at Israeli citizens? What do you call that, an "act of resistance to the occupation"??? Sorry, bub, but Goldstone called it a war crime. Of course we're controlling the airspace and borders - it's our legal right since Gaza is not a sovereign state and has proven itself for years to be a hostile aggressor against our citizens. If you don't want us waging war against the Palestinians, then I suggest you use your Aussie powers to convince the Pals to stop shooting at our citizens. Crikey....
46. No. 28
NYC Girl   (12.24.09)
First of all, the destruction you refer to took place long before Cast Lead, and was actually carried out by the Palestinians themselves. Somehow, you've managed to remain blissfully ignorant of the fact that after Israel handed over Gaza on a silver platter, all the greenhouses were trashed and the infrastructure was destroyed by the people who are supposedly capable of running a state. The Israelis purposely kept all of these things in place in the hope that, if the Palestinians were able to earn a living and feed their families, they were more likely to be peaceful neighbors, but instead the Hamas knuckle-draggers used Gaza as a launching pad for the eight years of rocket attacks against Israeli civilians.
47. Let Gazans choose peace FIRST, THEN eat!!!
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (12.24.09)
Until then, they are enemies sworn to eradicate Israel and must be vanquished at whatever cost. All they need to do is abandon violence and choose peace. But they don't. Let 'em starve to death! The children have only their own parents to blame.
48. UN expert ,he?
Keren ,   IL-BR   (12.24.09)
Remember the * Sweede* "UN expert"in Iraq,called HANS BLIX, who "inspected"Iraq before Brits and Americans attacked that country even without finding even one evidence of those suspected arms?A country full of petrol now under Brits,Americans *and* certainly SWEDISH control? Hans Blix was as an expert as this one Falk is ,and we already know where they want to go. BE AWARE,VERY AWARE,because UN/ Muslim machine is on full action, near to another big bite,this time not full of petrol but much ,much precious since belonging to Jews:JERUSALEM! PS:Now I start understanding those stranges speeches against Israel performed by Swedish PM. Do you also understand why, now?
49. No. 27 Eli
NYC Girl   (12.24.09)
In the case of Richard Falk, I suspect his hatred of Israel, rather than being in spite of his Jewish heritage, is actually a result of it. Because Falk, along with other Jewish members of the far left lunatic fringe, like Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein, seem to suffer from the same self-hating psychopathology...and I'm making that point as a recovering leftist. Because, as they say, "it takes one to know one."
50. Giving credit to an imbecile, a UN specialty
HB ,   New Orleans   (12.24.09)
Isn't he the guy who argues that 09/11 was a US conspiracy? We can understand how the UN rewards such a behavior. To #11, before talking about "foreign borders" and "blocades", terms which have very specific meanings in international law, you should first of all inquire as to whether "gaza" is a state entity. Obviously, the answer is that it isn't, one cannot then "blocade" or infringe on "foreign borders" because there is no such foreign sovereign state entity.
51. Un Experts = Lots of Hot Air
Christy ,   Boston, US   (12.24.09)
Seems the favorite pastimes of many of these experts is to Blame Israel for everything that happens and give a free pass to everyone else involved. They generate lots of hot air when they speak and use up lots of trees to produce reports that say the same thing over and over. The UN is far past its sell-by date and it's starting to go moldy.
52. Bloodyscot sending excess Texas bbq to Gaza?
JPS ,   Efrat   (12.24.09)
Ya know, if the Gazans were all starving then you'd think that Hamas would line up the skin and bones kids and parade them in front of the cameras. Nothing beats propaganda than a truthful picture. But, after years of "Israel starving Gaza" we haven't seen a single still picture, let alone video footage, of these "starving Gazans". Why? Because they don't exist, except in the media reports of gullible reporters and on the websites of organizations complicit in the palestinian propaganda machine.
53. International organizations.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (12.24.09)
In the international arena, the automatic majority of Islamic and other radical states guarantees the passage of all anti-Israeli resolutions initiated at international organizations such as the United Nations, no matter how absurd. The so-called United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), which includes the worst tyrannies and rogue states among its leading members, is just one example. People throughout the world unfamiliar with the intricacies of the UN or the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict are bombarded with constant reports of resolutions from a supposedly reputable body condemning Israel as a rogue state. Thus, the false narrative of the Islamic majority, automatically endorsed by compromised international agencies, becomes embedded in the public consciousness. And to try to understand the Missle East :
54. Paul#11
Mickey ,   Sydney Australia   (12.24.09)
Gaza is not an independent country yet and therefore does not have the right over territorial waters as most states do. Further, Gaza is run by a so called government which has declared war on Israel by aiming to destroy Israel (and by the way, all Jews) completely. Therefore Israel is controlling her own borders with that entity and so is Egypt.
55. He said that Bush caused 9/11
Mickey ,   Adelaide Australia   (12.24.09)
Falk is a full blown idiot, he blamed Bush and the USA government of deliberately conspiring to cause 9/11. He needs Psychiatric help
56. Ben Alofs#33
Mickey ,   Sydney Australia   (12.24.09)
As you know, the UN regards Israel's occupation of the West Bank and its former occupation of Gaza as illegal. Therefore, the fact that Israel left Gaza also exonerates her from responsibility of the liabilities of a legal occupying power.
57. Mickey from Adelaide
Mickey ,   Sydney Australia   (12.24.09)
I agree with you, again. We'll have to meet up one day
58. see Gaza today whydontcha
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (12.24.09)
Falk and all the other nitwit Israel bashers should take a look at Gaza own daily newspaper before they cry their crocodile tears.
59. The UN, the one of a kind .....
Jojo ,   Prt Wash NY   (12.24.09)
where competence does not reign supreme; never did, never will. The one exception is a Mr.Falk and his colleagues at the "office" who have become human right experts, and are responsible for this "tragic failure" of their own making; a self serving endeavor.THEY are the ones who invented "forced refugees", a status allowing arabs to become a much sought-after cult --Beggars, by creating a monstrosity, a bottomless pitt called UNWRA--- All this while their beloved brothers are awash with Billions, Trillions $$ in revenues. from the world's wealth. If one looks at the making of delegates sitting, yawning, shuffling papers at ONE,UN Plaza, one must realise that a very high % do represent repressive regimes, dictators, power hungry leaders, who's only goal is to impose, not to debate, argue, criticise to the masses (masses are always gullible, as they respond to crises too late).A good case in point is the accredited observer at the UN Anne Bayefsky, a Director of Human rights at NY's Toro college who was forcibly expelled and her credentials confiscated, for speaking her mind (in the UN?, how degrading). Of course no action taken by our State Dept. and US Ambassador in behalf of a US citizen. So much for the Freedom of speech. To add insult to injury, this committee is chaired by NOTORIOUS SUDAN, a country known more for it's Genocide than it's support of Human Rights. It's all happening right here in the Heart of America.
60. Tragic faillure because they did not try to stop
Dani ,   Amsterdam NL   (12.24.09)
Gaza terrorist
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