UN expert slams 'tragic' international failure in Gaza
Published: 23.12.09, 23:36
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61. Just because Israel is Jewish
Truthseeker ,   USA   (12.24.09)
Just because Israel is a Jewish state does not mean that Israel should be allowed to get away with the type of war crimes that would get other countries shunned and condemned. Israel should no more be allowed to starve and practice collective punishment on another people than should any other country. What Israel sows it surely will reap. It is more than obvious that Israel doesn't give a damn what the world says and will do whatever they want to another people whose major crime is that they were not born Jewish and who live on the land that the Jews of Israel want for themselves. Israel should know that there are more and more people in the world, including many Jews, who say that NEVER AGAIN does not only apply to Jews. As a Jew I am ashamed and appalled that my people, once so badly persecuted, have no problem with persecuting another people in the name of religion when the truth is that Israel is a racist state that lusts for more and more land. TIme for sanctions if policies don't change - and soon.
62. Can you criticize Israel without being labeled anti-semitic?
Weiss ,   USA   (12.25.09)
Is this actually possible? As a US citizen of Jewish decent I am appalled by the Genocidal Ethnic Cleansing of the Palestinians. We were all raised to believe Human rights for ALL not just the Jews.
63. illegal weapons
Helen Dukke ,   Edmonton Canada   (12.26.09)
if the pals were shooting chemical weapons on isrl they would be called terrorists but when isrl does it its called self defense? Good god do you jews actually think u can brainwash us into thinking ur innocent? wake up people. you digging your selves in deeper
64. Re:#62
Helen Dukke ,   Edmonton Canada   (12.27.09)
actually you can, because it isn't semitism thats questioned here. 90% of isrlies r not semites. but every palestinian is. eventually they will realize that we will not allow them to use semite as an excuse because we all know that they r not. and eventually the world will take out isrl even if the arab countries do not, because we in the west r tired of them sucking us dry. isrl was created through terrorism, and still practices it today. may the fist of God destroy the true anti-semites called isrlies.
65. to mr. know it all #44
Helen Dukke ,   Edmonton Canada   (12.27.09)
isrl as it stands is not a state either. it exists outside the un borders that the west gave to them without the pals consent. Gaza is a state its part of Palestine and not part of isrl.
66. Ostriches
PlowsharesCathy ,   Sunderland, MA USA   (01.10.10)
As an American I can see that many Jewish Americans are well educated and intelligent. They are doctors, lawyers, bankers, academic scholars and leaders in information and entertainment media. So why can't Israelis be smart enough to avert a tragedy? It isn't very intelligent to keep foreign media out of occupied territories when certain events are occuring. It is not very intelligent for your own press to bow to pressure from the military to not publish certain events. Then when outside sources mention those occurances, you act offended and attack the messenger. Israelis and supporters of Israel act like ostriches that when frigntened bury their heads in the sand. Well, ostriches have small heads and big asses. We can still see them. Wake up people. I'm writing to you on the internet. For most of the people of the world, newspapers and television are still their primary sources of news, but information keeps getting out on that unsurpressable world wide web. Talk of the blockade of Gaza has been in the news lately. If this continues, even the dimmest of Americans will have heard that the blockade has been going on since 2006. Therefore, Israelis were not defending themselves last year when they cast lead into thousand of Gazans; they were defending their military conquests. You don't get to say that you are no longer occupying a territory when you still control the airspace, the borders, and the flow of goods. If you are keeping people under occupation and seige, and they fire homemade rockets accross the border into your territory, and some of the rockets do a little bit of property damage, then the intelligent thing to do would be to talk to the people you are beseiging. You are the military occupiers. Talk to yourselves. Try to figure out what you are doing wrong. Sixty years ago, Jewish people rightfully defined thewmselves as victims. They also succeeded in defining victims as Jews. Jews are victims; victims are Jews. It doesn't matter what the events under discussion actually are. The Jews are the victims, and the bad guys are whoever the Jews say they are. Well, sixty years of home demolitions, land confiscations and arbitrary detentions have eroded that kind of sympathy. Last January, during the incursion of Gaza, I was attending a series of meetings at the Episcopal Church in Amherst, Ma. A Rabbi who was giving us a lecture there told us that Palestinians don't like Israelis because Palestinians are antisemitic. That's good. I'm glad it's not the bombs and the occupation that they object to. Sixty years ago, Jews had the sympathy of the world. That esteem has been squandered on land annexation, water diversion and settlements. Increasingly, Israel is becoming a pariah state facing a future of outrage and tragedy. It is time to make changes.
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