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Pixies coming to Israel
Raz Shechnik
Published: 25.12.09, 07:42
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1. Another reason to love Pixies!
Jeff in Seattle ,   Seattle, USA   (12.25.09)
Graet news - I saw them in November and they can still rock
2. Interesting to hear they are touring again
Cameron ,   USA   (12.26.09)
One on the few "alternative" bands that ever had appeal, and they can definitely rock hard. Would be a show to catch!
3. VERY kewl band. "Here Comes Your Man" was huge, but "Hey"?
L ,   Israel   (12.27.09)
Obviously the author just plucked that one off of the CD jacket at random. Have you listened to that one? [blase voice: "Hey...(lackadaisical guitar plucking in the background)...been tryyyyyyin' ta meetchyoo" (repeat)]. They can't all be winners. Bravo that they're coming to Israel! Thanks, guys.
4. to #4 - you're joking, right?
Aleza ,   Tel-Aviv   (12.27.09)
You don't even have to be a Pixies fan to appreciate the genius of "Hey", one of the absolutely positively greatest rock songs ever written. Encapsulating life in three minutes.
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