Terror attack foiled on Jerusalem-Modiin Road
Efrat Weiss
Published: 24.12.09, 13:58
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1. Thats why Bomb Engineers take precedence in Shalit swap
Alan ,   SA   (12.24.09)
2. and what do muslim extremists call this?
Ilana   (12.24.09)
A match planted in open areas, not meant to harm anyone really, like the "firecrackers" sent over from gaza-that "only land in open areas" Makes you wonder how dumb their followers can be to actually believe they would do this for no reason? Do they wonder why so much money and effort and time digging tunnels tis spent just o send us some little matches and firecrackers??
3. palis still planning terror attackes on innocent Israelis
ghostq   (12.24.09)
that will lead to renew the road blocks and sunction, oh well they will never learn.just hope they won't whine afterward.
4. I think we should shoot first .....
Jojo ,   PRT WASH NY   (12.24.09)
and ask questions later. It's the ideal, the perfect way to generate a surplus of cells. The flower of islam, the rejects of the muslim world, the palis refuse. Typical results from the education, the money, the training they get from the US, the EU, and a few other "correct" countries. And Israel is prepared to free 500 - 1000 of them? Medinat Israel, you are crazy. I was under the impression that " Megido " was the last hooray, the last " Bravado "
5. Solution - 10 month building freeze in Tel Aviv
eddie ,   london UK   (12.24.09)
Perhaps if the ZIonists stop all building in Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan, then the Palestinians will come ot the negotiating table, and stop their acts of terror.
6. this was an IDF plant
Shlomo Kamra   (12.24.09)
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