Man killed in West Bank shooting
Ynet reporters
Published: 24.12.09, 20:27
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1. Netanyahu has innocent blood on his hands
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.24.09)
he removed many critical security roadblocks yo please his pimps in Washington. God will hold him accountable for his treachery and betrayal which encourages the enemy to kill more Jews..
2. this is sad , who was the man?
gal1 ,   israel   (12.24.09)
no info, G-d bless Gilad
3. He was not alone
Leah ,   Israel   (12.24.09)
His wife and one of his seven children was in the car with him at the time of the attack. They have since been sounf by the security forces who thought that they might have been kidnapped but BH they are safe. For those of you who care about the Jewish residents of the Shomron
4. More proof Palestinians do not support peace
JPS ,   Efrat   (12.24.09)
Ask the Palestinians and they'll say that this is just "legitimate resistance to the occupation" due to their frustration over the lack of peace talks blah blah blah It's not "resistance", it's a war crime. Both Hamas and Fatah do not support the 2-state solution. Fatah evens says explicitly that their goal is the destruction of the Zionist state and the expulsion of all Zionists. Abbas is just another lying Palestinian leader who pretends that they want mutual co-existence. They don't.
5. infuriating
Ilana   (12.24.09)
How easy it is for THEM to kill innocent humans!!! They are evil!! Crimes against humanity!!!
6. Freezing building doesn't bring peace
Chana   (12.24.09)
And neither does removing all of those checkpoints (as Israel has done throughout Judea and Samaria in the past few months). All it does is encourage the terrorists to murder Jews.
7. Outright murder father of 7 kids, & Obama wants to give 'em
ChicagoDave   (12.24.09)
Outright murder of father of seven. No 'collateral' damage, no stray bullet or missle. Just a targeted, intentional slaughter of an innocent. Obama wants to give these people a State, so does the Israeli Left. I think you've all lost your mind.
8. Response to terrorist attack
New Yorker ,   U.S.A.   (12.24.09)
Annex the nearby areas.
9. we need death penalty for the monsters
gal1 ,   israel   (12.24.09)
G-d bless Gilad
10. hey Bibi,why don't you dismantel some more road blocks
chaim ,   brooklyn ny   (12.24.09)
a simple question,if someone illegally opens the cage door of a wild animal,and the animal runs out and devours somebody,who is the murderrer the animal or the person that let him out?of course we know the answer, any government official who is responsible for dismantling some of the road blocks is just as responsible for this murder as the terrorist animal that actually pulled the trigger
11. Areas haven't been turned over to the PA because PM refused
jason ,   haifa israel   (12.24.09)
All you getting on Bibi Olmert turned over many areas while the U.S was pressuring Bibi and he refused. The checkpoint that was removed was planned by the IDF under Olmert. When the far right takes Bibi down again they will be making another mistake. Last time they took him down we got hezbollah by the border and iran in gaza and kadima. This time livni will give jerusalem to saudi arabia. The far right has destroyed israel by their obession with taking down bibi.
12. shooting
alexi   (12.24.09)
learn from the arabs! Every israeli jew who is fit, should carry a gun whether driving or otherwise.Stop runnning to the idf complaining. An arab shoots at you, take him out.Stop whining like the pussy duo of olmert and ramon.When tractor terror broke out , they both offered to leave e.jerusalem as if that would solve problems. Wverywhere that israel left except sinai has led to death and destruction. West bankers should set up the state of judea to be confederated with israel.Elect your own president or PM. Set up your own army. Arabs can take jordanian citizenship or they can figure it out.If the arabs can have 22 states, the jews can have 2 states.
13. Retaliation
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.24.09)
We need to go back in our history and recognize what works. Retaliation. We are a small country that will never number more than several million, surrounded on all sides by hundreds of millions who do not wish us well. These attacks will not stop unless we make it very plain that there will be a swift response, and a very unpleasant one. To hell with international pressure and international opinion. They don't know Arabs the way we do, and we KNOW what works -- strength. It is the only deterrent that these primitive, bellicose people understand or respect. Moreover, the one thing that would satisfy the international community is if Israel were to disappear -- making international opinion all the more irrelevant. Stretching out a hand in friendship has not worked. So-called "peace treaties" have not worked. Time to go back to what works.
14. The settlers having the taste of their own medicine!
Sal ,   US   (12.24.09)
15. Highway murder
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.24.09)
Thats them in a nutshell. Murderers. HA & we are told to make peace with them. Peace wont get us anywhere. Disgusting weaklings to kill an innocent man. Never open the border,keep it closed & re-install the checkpoints.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (12.24.09)
It saves Barak and the IDF time and the Avi's of Tel Aviv and other haters of the people living in JUDEA and the SHOMRON can be pleased and blame the bloodshed on us for living here. Also our deep gratitude to Ynet for their very consistent demonizing and hate spreading, you see it pays off.
17. #11 Jason
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.24.09)
Where is the failed left and Netanyahu's lust for them to join his coalition in your reasoning ? You should try and reduce your intake of the Bibi flavored Kool-Aid. You must have gotten excited when he kept Ehud Barak on board ? You leave out the fact that Netanyahu has stabbed the right who supported him in the back again. Your capitulation and surrender Prime Minister ,without spine Netanyahu runs after Livni again to join his left leaning Likud while he betrays Israel to serve failed foreign interests.
18. To Sal - Are you even human?
Rachael ,   West Bank   (12.24.09)
Sal- you're completely sick...a father of 7 was can go choke on YOUR medicine...
19. Olmert armed PA that is what you get for taking Bibi down
jason ,   haifa israel   (12.24.09)
The same people that took down Bibi complain about terrorist attacks. You took down Bibi and we got kadima. Olmert armed the PA who do their jobs during the day then fight at night. Michael Ben Ari and National union were silent when Olmert was destroying the country and now they blame bibi for everything. Biggest hypocrites alive.
20. # 16
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.24.09)
No David its not celebration time, its mourning time. The murder of an innocent man is wrong no matter if he lives in the Shomron or Tel-Aviv. I admire all the settlers & you all have my utmost support & respect. I know from my own experience that it is not easy to live in Judea & Shomron. Never give up because of negative feedback from outsiders. Be strong & united.
21. # 14
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.24.09)
You cruel, cold hearted excuse for a human being.
22. Hmmm, "Man killed in West Bank shooting"
m   (12.24.09)
What a wonderful, neutral caption, but then again there were no "Jewish terrorists" involved, only "shooting". It sound to me like a fight between gangs not like a man murdered by terrorists thanks to removal of the check point. The removal of check point was not done for the love of arabs and their comforts, but to try and bring the residents in the area to despair (after enough murders) and make them leave. I think you are wrong, these are not Dizengoff coffe drinkers, they are idealists, just like your grandparents were once upon a time, when they withstood the pogroms done by the Arabs and abbeted by the British. They didn'd leave, did they?
23. # 22
Israel Forever ,   Israel   (12.25.09)
Dude you are delusional.
24. thank G_d we have arutzsheva to get the actual facts
Ruri   (12.25.09)
he was a rabbi, a family man with seven kids, thank G_d for israelnationalnews, a forbidden pirate news station where we anglos can find out what's really going on. they also report when rockets are fired, where the lamestream media are silent.
25. #18 Great Idea!
Shlomo Kamra   (12.25.09)
The settlers or IDF do this evry day Rachael. This evens the score a little.
26. To Israel: Stop All The Concern Over PR
Dav Lev ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (12.25.09)
Look fellow Zionists, until Israel wake up, this will continue. The Pales have a good strategy. They force Israel to remove barriers, then, kill Jews, whether drivebys, pipe bombs, stabbings,etc. They win either way. Israel is again caught up in politics..Bibi, vs Livni, vs Olmert, etc. To Israel: get a few 12.00 hangman nooses...get it., beginning with Barghouti, A Jew gets killed..he hangs. 12,000 Pales are incarcerated, and 1200 will be release to kill again for Shalit. One poster says to annex land nearby. Hows about the wrath of the IDF, as in the bible..Sodom..get it. No country would allow thiis for so long. Until Israel gets much tougher and stops worry over Goldstones...( more like kidney stones).
27. more expansion
Barney ,   USA   (12.25.09)
of annexed areas. more "settlers" move out the arab occupiers
28. murdered rabbi
al ,   san diego   (12.25.09)
Time has come for a jewish militia to be formed, which will exact a heavy price from the enemy whenever such barbaric acts take place. May i suggest going to the nearest enemy village,rounding up 100 men and women and executing them in front of their populace for starters.Then,they'll get the message.
29. #7 You have a narrow view of the Palestinians.
Adele ,   Toronto   (12.25.09)
Basing the actions of one man on....2.4 million Palestinians in the West Bank is beyond narrow. Last I checked, a Palestinian state wont be devoted to this one man alone. And Ynet, why do you keep censoring or fail to publish my comments? I review your Terms of Use and don't see where my comments violate the terms.
30. Those settlers put themselves at risk
Yosi ,   Israel   (12.25.09)
It's sad that soldiers have to risk their lives on people who put themselves in harms way knowingly.
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