Rifle seized in Nablus raid linked to settler's murder
Efrat Weiss
Published: 27.12.09, 14:20
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1. Why don't Israeli politician supply more rifles
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.27.09)
If only the Israeli media would only do their job and report the whole story. How the M-16 got into the hands of Islamic terrorists. Because we average readers are too stupid to figure out that it was supplied to Fatah by the criminally negligent Israeli leadership under orders from their pimpmasters in Washington.
2. M16 rifle
Jerry ,   New York, USA   (12.27.09)
The M16 rifle is an American weapon. It is possible that it came from Gen. Dayton's stash? Can we have more information on the origin of this weapon?
3. Thank you Olmert for your "Goodwill Gesture"
Shalom   (12.27.09)
of supplying the enemy with guns and armored trucks. What a foolish and dumb so-called leader he was.
4. Fatah shows its true colors
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.27.09)
Since Israel removed the roadblocks, there have been three separate incidents recorded against Jews. One was fatal. The other two resulted in injury, including one requiring brain surgery. All were intended by the perpetrators to be fatal. And one of the perpetrators of the murder was a terrorist released from prison in 2007 in an earlier "gesture" to Fatah. Israel's gestures of goodwill have been met with increased violence. No more gestures. These are the people (I use the term advisedly) that Barack Obama and his European cronies think would make just a splendiferous "negotiating" partner for Israel. Well, truth will out. The Palestinians are not to be trusted, not to be believed, and not to be allowed in Medinat Israel. Enough is enough. Teach Fatah a lesson it will not soon forget. If they want to act like animals, as animals they shall be treated.
5. suprise, suprise
Barney ,   USA   (12.27.09)
atleast he won't use it again.
6. Time to hand Gen. Dayton a plane ticket to the US and a
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.27.09)
"persona non grata" note. Simply remove him from the country and let o-BUM-a be seen as the fool.
7. rifle=terrorist killers
les ,   canada   (12.27.09)
dear mr&mrs shalit. with whole hearted sympathy to you, i just wondering if you would go to expalain the children, wife or husband, that they lost their loved one, so you get back yours....and as this shows, it is not if, but when they'll get the first chance to kill!. ISRAEL MUST COME FIRST. TOO MANY HEROES GAVE THEIR LIFES ALREADY TO DEFEND IT! THANK YOU.
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