Report: Mousavi nephew killed in clashes
Published: 27.12.09, 23:03
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1. The regime has shown no toleracne...
Persian CAT   (12.27.09)
On the contrary it has done EVERYTHING it possibly could to squash the uprising. It has been as successful as Israel in defeating the opposition. Look at the two regimes under siege and subject of condemnation, IRI by its own people, and Israel by the world.
2. #1 No comparison
Cynthia ,   USA   (12.27.09)
The Regime is fighting unarmed Iranian civilian protesters who dared to question the illegitimate election of Ahmadinejad. As a result, they have been raped, sodomized, tortured, imprisoned, beaten, arrested, stripped from jobs and murdered. The Islamic Republic is condemned by Iranians and world opinion for blatant human rights violations. Israel is fighting armed terrorists who hide behind Palestinian civilian populations to attack Israeli civilian populations. Israel is condemned for protecting its own citizens by hypocrites who would never tolerate Palestinian terror if it was directed at them.
3. #2 Exactly.
Keren ,   IL-BR   (12.28.09)
Iranian Jew to #1 ,   LA   (12.28.09)
I'm sorry, but that shows how little you know about your own people and Israel. Protesters in Iran are not armed. Palestinians on the other hand are armed and have all types of guns and missiles. Do you really think Jews would accept to leave under rule of these Islamists? The answer is no and never. Now give guns to these poor Iranian protesters and you shall see what will happen.
5. Half right, #1
Brad ,   USA   (12.28.09)
The Iranian people, and the nation of Israel, are fighting the same thing. It's just that the Iranians want to be free, and Israel wants to stay free. That means you are half right, and the "world" is wrong. Again.
6. That's all! Just condemns?
Israeli 2   (12.28.09)
7. Funny, I am part of the "world" and I condem the Arab war
against Israel ,   Go Israel!   (12.28.09)
8. Where is BBS? Where is Matty? Observer?
Danny   (12.28.09)
Surely their concern for human rights is universal right?
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