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17% rise in immigration to Israel during 2009
Yael Branovsky
Published: 30.12.09, 16:15
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1. Returning Israelis...a running joke
Al   (12.30.09)
Psst..You want to know why Israelis return? Mostly they screw up the one chance they had in their lives to become human beings. In Canada/USA they quickly learn they have to work for a living and pay the rent. If they dont pay they dont stay and out the friggen door they go. Jewish shmuish doesnt amount to a hill of beans. They make asses of themselves and play the poor shmendrick. They line up at every local schnorrer outfit crying the blues looking for a handout. One day its Chabad, the next day it could very well be a church. Working for a living is not on their radar screen. Doing foila schtick is their MO. The local yokels quickly wisen up to their foile schtick and cut them no slack. Thus in a short while they hightail it back to ARETZ looking to mooch another falafel on your account. You've come a long way baby.
2. AL
just because you were a failure in israel and couldn't succeed there should not encourage you to hate israel. many many jews from the usa and canada including myself have immigrated to israel, made lots of money through hard work and sweat and was always accepted and successful here. many french and english jews also migrated in my community in tel aviv and are very happy with their jobs here. they work hard, they love the jewish life here. you, my friend had a bad experience, but it should not make you so angry. ask yourself why you had this experience and stop coloring all israelis in the usa as lazy and shnorers. i know most work day and night to feed their families in an honest way. do not let your miserable experience shade and color all jews from israel in this way. most jews in miami are very sucessful. i do not see many standing for handouts. maybe you did, but most work very hard for their life style and many do not go back to israel. they stay there. jews that come back to israel come for ideological reasons, not for financial reasons. your venum and hate speaks more about you than the thousands of jews you portray as negative. shame on you!
3. Aliyah
Ron ,   Israel   (12.30.09)
Most of the Russian olim are not Jewish, and the Falash Mura are another problem too. However, there are many Western olim who are Jewish and are happy here. I am one of them.
4. Complainers
TTS ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.30.09)
Those who complain about things in Israel and don't come here should come and help improve things.
5. Well, this is an insane place..
Michael Diamant ,   Haifa, Israel   (12.30.09)
Israel is an insane, corrupt, innefficent, poor and dirty place compared to the west. Thats why western olim should come, to make things better. The locals,, well 1/3 are wonderful people, educated and nice. The rest 2/3 are basicly somekind of animals.
6. ...All nice but there is no Emigration numbers.
John ,   Europe   (12.30.09)
How many people left Israel? I think this is also an important question for Israel's survival.
7. Any Oleh who finds a job
Oren ,   Or Yehuda   (12.30.09)
takes away a job from an Israeli. Thousands have not yet found work even after 1 year of searching
8. I tried it in the seventies then I grew a brain
Al   (12.31.09)
I love the Land of Israel...Its the Israelis I find intolerable such as yourself. Next time sign your name so I'll know who to piss on.
9. 2#, Al, is ass and brain are freezing in Montreal
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (12.31.09)
He wants Israel to become the 23rd Arab country.
10. The issue is not how many people immigrated
pragmatist ,   Israel   (12.31.09)
But how many immigrants are still in the country after 5 years. That's the significant number, and I have never heard anyone keep track of that. Rumor has it that 65-75% of North Americans are back where they came from within 5 years. Some say it's even higher.
11. #8 al
i am not an israeli. in fact, i am half christian and half jewish and i live in california part of the year and thre other part on a kibutz in israel with family. there is no need to insult. i simply stated an observation based on my own personal experience with israelis both in israel and in the usa. needless to say, i do not share your experiences nor your sentiments. i do not have such anger because i may have not been ass kicked by all israelis in israel. every place has its bad apples and good apples. i chose to be friends with the good apples and damn the bad. yes, i met lots of bad apples in israel. however, i chose israeli friends that shared my own values and ethics and personality and i have formed wonderful friendships there. in your case, and with such vehement anger against israelis, i can't believe that you can brush all israelis with the same brush stroke and say that all are evil or animals. this is simply not the case. every country has its animals and its civilized people. you, my friend had a totally bad experience that lasted a life time in your memory. but, that doesn't mean that if you had these experiences, everyone had similar ones. i and many like myself had the opposite from what you claim. it will be very beneficial for you to, instead harp on israelis being evil and animalistic, to REALLY SEARCH IN YOURSELF, TO REALLY LOOK INTO THE MIRROR AND ASK YOURSELF WHY YOU HAD THESE EXPERIENCES? MAYBE AN APPROPRIATE ANSWER CAN SHED SOME LIGHT INTO THE FACT THAT MAYBE YOU YOURSELF HAD LOTS TO DO WITH THESE NEGATIVE EXPERIENCES YOU TALK ABOUT. so, when a person generalizes and says everyone was awful, maybe, it is him that was in fact to blame for this. have you ever thought of this? and my name, if you wish me to post it is evan hintermyer, esq. i am a lawyer living in los angeles and practicing international law. when in israel, i live on a moshav near lod with family. satisfied???? now, please do go and lick your wounds. you need help in anger management, sir.
12. "a new immigrant touches the promised land"
viking ,   dubai, UAE   (12.31.09)
13. to #8 you r a tad mad yet you live in Israel
ghostq   (12.31.09)
and you don't like Israelis. mmm someone missed is skink apointment.
14. to #12 lol I am sorry your name is funny
ghostq   (12.31.09)
vikings r not from the middle east, unless you r sweedish or norweegen :P
15. Non Jews?
Gregg ,   Haif   (12.31.09)
And what about non Jews Immigrants? Don't they deserved being in the stats too?
16. GO BACK OLIM.. go back where you came from
JB ,   Tel Aviv   (12.31.09)
Israel is way too over populated, we do not need extra people here... look at the traffic everywhere, it's insane, it's becoming like china here... All Olim go back !!!
17. What about us Aussies?
George ,   Emek Hayarden   (12.31.09)
Every month tens of Australians make Aliyah and yet we don't even rate a mention in this article. Hmmmmph!
18. Judah I wouldnt be too smug if I were you
Al   (01.01.10)
10 will get you 100 that your home in the Golan will be gone within 5 years. Indeed the Golan will be given back to Syria as per Obamas instruction. At that time you can take your family to Winnipeg or TO and pretend you're a DR. I dont want you in Quebec for I live here and I want qualified Doctors to look after me and my loved ones. After you'll be thrown out of your home by Jews you can cry me a river. You my friend will be the next expelled Jews from their homes. Mark my words...
19. #16 shame on you!
Grapefruits144 ,   Modi'in   (01.01.10)
We're all immigrants... technically. Humanity did not originate in Israel (science says central Africa, religion says the Garden of Eden which is probably in what is now Jordan or Iraq). Aliyah is part of Israel. Our country is founded on the idea that all Jews will eventually return to home to Israel. It's happening... slowly. Currently 42% of our people live in Israel, and it is growing by about 1% each year. Only the Gush dan area is crowded. The urban belt from Netanya down to Rehovot and east to Petach TIkwa (where 1/2 of our population lives) is overcrowded, I agree. The Galilee, the Negev, and the Jerusalem Corridor--that's another story. They're practically empty compared to Gush Dan. The Jewish agency needs to figure out a way to stop immigrants from flooding Gush Dan and settling Jerusalem, Galilee, Negev instead.
20. @17
we israelis welcome all of you with open arms. i know quite a few from australia. great people. great friends and funny as hell. i lived in australia for one year. had a glorious time. great jewish community in sydney. welcome to israel. you are important and valued. never forget it even though we do not mention it we feel it and thank you for coming and enriching this wonderful country, yours and mine, friend tali, beer sheva
21. prime purpose is not land of temple or bible, but
observer   (01.02.10)
to scape minority situation IN Israel. That's to serve creating a people for Zionist leaders.
22. Great
K.B. ,   Tel - Aviv   (01.11.10)
So there are gonna be more traffic jams, the prices of the apartments are about to be even higher (if thats even possible), people will have to get used to finding parkink spots outside the city (which is kinda the situation now) and the line to 480 bus to Jerusalem is going to end outside the central station. Nobody thinks that this situation is not normal? whats gonna happen in 10, 20, 50 years?
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