Lieberman: No Turkish mediation as long as I'm in office
Aviad Glickman
Published: 27.12.09, 19:14
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1. once a thug always a thug
avramele   (12.27.09)
Lieberman is an embarrassment to Isael - a brute, a clown and one who plays with the worst of hatred and right wing paranoi. Is he the picture of himself Bibi sees when he looks in the mirrot at night?
2. At least as it's reported here....
AJ ,   Washington, DC   (12.27.09)
EVERYTHING Leiberman is saying is true. I don't love the man, and he is hardly what one would call diplomatic. But the truth is the truth. The minute the Palestinians really want a piece of the pie - and are ready to declare the war with Israel ended, it will end in a matter of months. But we never have seen this. At all. And the Turkey question is beyond doubt. Their PM defames us right out of his mouth and then expects us to allow Turkey to mediate? That's just beyond stupid. I say tell it like it is Mr. Leiberman, because that is his job.
3. Lieberman, Israel's bestest FM ever...
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (12.27.09)
...oh I do hope you keep him Bibi. He is such a delightful representative of the real Israel out there on the world stage.
4. Though not PC, what he says is true
bernard ross ,   st anns bay, jamaica   (12.27.09)
Perhaps a return to straight talk and unapologetic reprisals would be less confusing to the enemy. It should be made clear to the enemy that there is no limit to the magnitude of reprisals and that they should not be relied upon to be proportionate. Disproportionate responses would be more effective. Proportionate response is an invention of the 2000 year jew killers in an effort to kill more jews through attrition.
5. Lieberman, where r u taking us??
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (12.27.09)
Lieberman is a joke, a bad one for Israel. He is the least diplomatic politician in Israel and yet he is Israel's chief diplomat. He is taking us to complete isolation on the regional and international stage. Even our friends in Turkey, the only moslem country that has meaningful ties to israel, are becoming anti-israeli because of him and netanyahu. Time for a change in goverment, Time to give mediators for peace a chance. Dan
6. The one Israeli politician who
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (12.27.09)
tells it like it is. I love it!
7. I like this guy
J K ,   NYC, USA   (12.27.09)
Hey may not be the best human being, but he tells it like it is. Honestly can sometimes be quite refreshing. Syria wants to speak to Israel. So, nu? Speak. What's with all the cloak and dagger. And he is spot on with the Holocaust Denier. He and certainly Hamas are not the ones the end this conflict. Right on Lieberman!!
8. Liberman the street fighter
Mark ,   USA   (12.27.09)
I am a shame of this man as a FM, right wing blaber mouth, l have one advice to him, speak soflty and carry a big stick and better yet go read some books and aducate yourself, who put this idot in this post?
9. Liberman for Prime Minister
Arn ,   Yehud   (12.27.09)
He has my vote. And if he ever became Prime Minister so many other long festering, mind-numbing issues in this country would be resolved - like the backward, self-serving and arrogant mindset of the haredim.
10. Lieberman for Prime Minister!!
A cocerned Zionist ,   Ny, USA   (12.27.09)
Finally, someone who tells it like it really is - Lieberman does not beat around the bush - he doesn't believe in diplomatic BS. How refreshing - dare I dream to see him as Israel's next PM? I hope so!
11. "diplomacy"
soludo   (12.27.09)
Was Edrogan "diplomatic" when he was bashing Israel? Are Fakestinians "diplomatic" when they bash us anywhere and everywhere? Why should we be the suckers? Many kudos to Lieberman for saying it like it is.
12. Way to go
Birdi ,   Isarel   (12.27.09)
Lieberman ! You have my support.
13. God Bless Lieberman!
frank ,   usa   (12.27.09)
14. straight talker
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.27.09)
Israelis like their politicians to lie to them and tell them fairy tales and so I guess that most do not like this Lieberman
15. Lieberman talks truth and is a great Israeli leader
Paul ,   Bruges - Belgium   (12.27.09)
Maybe that's why he is so hated, vilified and demonized in the EU. I only wished we had politicians like Lieberman who stand up for their own people. It's a fact that more than 70% of European voters do NOT want Turkey as an EU member state.
16. May Lieberman live and be protected for 120 years!
Dan ,   USA   (12.27.09)
17. Thank you Avigdor! Thank you for your service to Israel!
Elizabeth ,   USA   (12.27.09)
18. schmuck
dani   (12.27.09)
he is a foreign minister. you don't talk like this to foreign countries with which you have a peace treaty. no matter what you think inside. erdogan is a bad person, but the turks as a whole are tolerant people with a history of secularism, and very moderate islam (especially Alevi Islam, which should be a model for all Islam), which despite current trends they will likely return to. We want to be there as their friends when they do.
19. time for barak
alexi   (12.27.09)
Its time for barak to withdraw from goverhment. He has apparently been ok at defense but horrible as PM and weak politically. So we thank him for his service and wish him well. Yaalon is a far better replacement The arabs do not fear barak but they fear yaalon and peled. So ehud, join olmert on the sidelines as a speaker. Incidently, if readers read the bio sheet of olmert at his various speeches, he tells such bull and lies about his record, he would earn a conviction easily in his corruption charges.
20. Simple truth
Paul ,   Jersualem, Israel   (12.27.09)
Why isn't Israelis citizens privileged to hear the simple plain truth like Liberman speaks? Israeli leaders have always been afraid to speak the truth leaving a gap for the despicable garbage coming from the Arab side. That's why you have so many Jews sounding like Fatah spokesmen. Just speak simple truth, and to hell with the political correctness.
21. straight talk
mohson   (12.27.09)
In place of illusions by peres, and peace talks by barak who like olmert would offer the house for nothing and doesn't know what he is doing politically, liberman is straight, direct and feared by the arabs. turkey is out as a mediator after their ottomon rugby prime minister spews out anti israel pro arab hatred with his lies about gaza as he butchers kurds. Lieberman tells bibi don't play games with ben eliezer and barak appeasement of turkey or he is gone. Bibi shoiuld not actually be offering kadima anything as some of the mks will eventually back as the olmert experiment was a bloody disaster.Bibi is still an insecure person who should take martial arts to strengthen his resolve.All the haredi should be forced to do idf service, no exemptions. torah is not an excuse.
22. To # 18; Thanks a lot Dani
Atheist Turk ,   Germany   (12.27.09)
You are absolutely right. I agree with your talkback. It is time to renew our ties with our ally and friend Israel. I know that Erdogan used anti-semitism as a political weapon and I really appologise for that. I hope the damage done on the political agenda will not lead to a complete standstill. The fact, that you know such groups as the Alevis (I have an Alevi mother and a Sunni father) shows me, that you know a lot about Turkey. In deed! The Alevis are very tolerant and liberal and due to that fact very often victims to persecution among radical Muslims in Turkey.
23. On this he is 100% correct!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (12.27.09)
Lieberman is what he is but he is right when it comes to Turkey. Turkey has sided with those who wish to destroy our country and send our people back to the Concentration Camps although some seem to think they never existed! No to Turkey! Turkey cannot negotiate when she is a new member of the "Axis of Evil". Turkey is the wolf in sheep's clothing!
24. To #1...Oh yea and Turkey is on your side...LOL
KB ,   US   (12.27.09)
25. In addendum
soludo   (12.27.09)
Much of what he said was lost in translation. Yes, he was talking straight, but he was also making an honest, albeit indirect, address to his country. He seems the only person in the government who is doing something to end the situation where our European "allies" feel it's ok to bash us publicly and apologize to us quetly, to try to end that. In a proper translation, he's no less diplomatic than Abba Eban.
26. WELL SAID!!!
danaos   (12.27.09)
27. Thanks Lieberman! Turkey should not mediate for Israel
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (12.27.09)
I am strongly opposing Turkish Mediation for Israel Turkey must immeadiatly enter to A pact with Syria, Iran and Pakistan against Israel and USA
28. Thanks Lieberman! Turkey should not mediate for Israel
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (12.27.09)
I am strongly opposing Turkish Mediation for Israel Turkey must immeadiatly enter to A pact with Syria, Iran and Pakistan against Israel and USA
29. Erdogan and Turkish people
Alex ,   Bklyn, NY   (12.28.09)
We should differentiate between Erdogan, who is trying to distance Turkey from Israel and secularism as much as possible, and Turkish people, many of whom are secularists and have no desire to live in Iran-like fundamentalist state.
30. #5, great re-write of history
Danny   (12.28.09)
you not see their behaviour under Livni?
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