Our currency and identity
Moshe Dann
Published: 28.12.09, 00:00
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1. New faces
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.28.09)
Eli Cohen z.l. Yoni Netanyahu z.l. Ilan Ramon z.l. Eliezer Ben-Yehuda z.l. Yigal Yadin z.l.
2. who are we?
david ,   jerusalem   (12.28.09)
I could not agree more. Yashar Koach!!
3. jewish states had no human faces on their currency!
uli ,   kiryat ono   (12.28.09)
in the days of old our fathers fought for liberty and one of the first thing they did when they reached this goals against the greeks, the romans and others, was to delete the human faces from their coins and use only fruit and plant symbols and no such thing as a human, since this would be seen problematic with our very commandment not to do create a human figure, in caution of idol worship. of course paper is something else than silver and gold, but still, should we not be concious enough not to copy other nation putting people on their money, but keep the jewish abstract tradition of faceless money?
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (12.28.09)
what you have in your hearts, ISRAELIS ? you want to see your IDFon the banknotes ? I AM SURE YOU WANT. than what makes you that you dont even think about ? A) FEAR OF WORLD RESPONSE B) NO. WE JUST DONT WANT WORLD SEES OUR HEARTS. C) WE ARE NOT PROUD WITH IDF THAT MUCH E) Atilla ! no one puts army figures on banknotes. when you have your own land ! you put yourself. f) not bad idea. g) we dont want our childreen focus on guns much than vision of peace ğ) ATİLLA ! WE ARE A NEW COUNTRY. WE HAVE MISTAKES TOO. LET US WE FIGURE IT OUT. WE DONT NEED YOUR HELP. ş) you are right atilla. all your messages are right. thanks for helping us to see ourself better from there.
5. #4
French Aliyah Jew   (12.28.09)
shut up idiot atılla ! we are very much happy in israel. Dıdıdnt I tell this last saturday ? jerk.
6. To add to the writer's viewpoint, our
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (12.28.09)
coins and postage stamps also depict the face of a nation as well as our hopes and ideals.
7. lets have landscapes or ordinary people nobody ever heard of
zionist forever   (12.28.09)
We should get rid of all famous individuals or politicians and replace them with landscapes which look much nicer and are not political. There has been landscapes on the money before in the mid 50s so its not a new idea and it represents Israel. If not landscapes why not the idea of ordinary people. Why not have an ordinary private at the Kotel in 1967 .. the people who really won the war not Moshe Dayan who wasn't risking his life to make victory possible Politicians or famous writers represent individual achievement. Ordinary people represent Israel because its all the ordinary people nobody ever heard of who working as as a unit make it possible for Israel to exist. Life would go on in Israel if there had never been a Rabin or Begin but without the ordinary people there would be no Israel so lets represent the real people who DESERVE to be on the money of THEIR country. Lets start recognizing the real people who make Israels existence possible not the famous individuals. All the notes should have the menorah which is the national symbol. We should even consider the Temple because that more than any other symbol represents judaism & Israel is a jewish state.
8. :: My suggestions
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (12.28.09)
"Our symbols remind us of what we would like our children to become" Uri Avnery Mordechai Vanunu Gilad Atzmon Noam Chomsky Amy Goodman Ilan Pappé Jimmy Carter Norman Finkelstein Martin Buber
9. Making Sense
Ben-Yehudah ,   Jerusalem   (12.28.09)
B"H There you go again, Moshe,...making sense. ;-) Personally, I am not interested in seeing Rabin on any currency. Oy. Any chance of Rav Meir Kahane hy"d appearing on currency? Doubt it. EsserAgaroth.blogspot.com
10. You're not a Jew, "Matty", you're not
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (12.28.09)
an Israeli and you've never even spent time in Israel as an interested visitor so why do you clutter up this website with your continued nonsense? After all, the cluster of five principles which, thanks to you and your sidekick, Michael Hess, was created and published as commentary, establishes that you are an inveterate Israel basher and anti-semite. And your latest recognition of Illan Pappe, the fraudulent sociologist/historian, shows what an ignoramus you are.
11. 8
zionist forever   (12.28.09)
Matty I would like to nominate you. Your thinking seems to be pretty similar to the people you personally proposed so I think you deserve a nomination as well. Do you have any preference on which note you get 20,50,100,200? I think I will write to the Bank of Israel and recommend you.
12. #8 - Ahhh, traitors on an israeli banknote
William ,   Israel   (12.28.09)
They can be adorned with the official amount of 0.00 NIS. No one in israel wants their children to grow up as arrogant traitors who actively lie to themselves, even Ilan Pappe of his kids. But on that note - I wonder what slef-righteous liberals would place on their currency - pictures of Obama? A packed Starbucks in Greenwich village? Scenes from the next Love parade in Berlin? Hamas throwing the opposition off rooftops? Perfectly acceptable stonings in Tehran's main square?
13. #10 - Matty is not even real, it's a fake name
William ,   Israel   (12.28.09)
Of course this scum isn't Israeli or Jewish. His name is really fake - lifted from that of a real singer, with "city" as the name of the record label. Like most liberals, he has to hide to make his venom known. The act of a true scoundrel. More than likely he is a repressed Muslim who is angry at the world, or a young college kid who's mind is molded by an equally intolerant professor who spounts equality and justice....but only for people HE deems worthy. Pay him no attention. He could be Arafat's fat wife for all you know.
14. currency and identity - moshe dann
david ,   zichron yaakov IL   (12.28.09)
the discussion as to the national figures whose portraits should adorn our currency sadly misses the point. we need to ask ourselves why entire swathes of the israeli economy use the US dollar as their financial reference point rather than the shekel. If this is a reflection of how we view ourselves as a nation, then the bank of israel should simply abolish the shekel and print dollars instead.
15. #14 almost all currencies are pegged to 3 references
William ,   Israel   (12.29.09)
The Dollar, the UK Pound or Euro, and the Japanese Yen, mostly because these are the biggest consumers of the world and they represent the most stability. In Israel's economy, as in most, it's very difficult to keep the local currency from fluctuating due to minor issues. In Israel, the security situation adds to this. However, despite all the negatives, the Shekel is pretty strong and investors acknowledge it. Though I do agree 110% that things like real estate being pegged to the US dollar is more of greed than economics and should be halted, per a law made about 8 years ago requiring rent and housing to be in shekels, not dollars.
16. figures of relevance...
damo ,   izreal   (12.29.09)
... for the izreali youth of today would consist of yehuda levi on the 200 shek note, maya buskila on the 100 and barak itzhaki on the 20. these are the only kind of people that hold sway on this generation of consumers. the world is getting shallower and the bottom of the barrel is fast approaching.
17. I also like Eliezer Ben Yehuda
CK ,   U.S.   (12.29.09)
18. Place the symbols of the free State of Israel
Al   (12.30.09)
The Menorah The Temple in Jerusalem The Talit \ The Star of David..The Lion of Judah. The Sword and the olive branch. Politicos come and go. Keep your land and its symbols Jewish and free..all of the above show freedom to be a nation a free nation of free Jews.
19. Symbols of State
Kevin, ,   Hod Hasharon   (12.30.09)
Israel should show with pride our real symbols - like No 18 stated! If we value Jerusalem as our undivided eternal capital, let's put a map of the city on the currency! That is the currency used by the PA too - Let them and the world see our commitment to our capital forever!
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