High Court: Palestinians can drive on Route 443
Aviad Glickman
Published: 29.12.09, 15:36
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1. Road #443
Eiran ,   Jerusalem   (12.29.09)
The High Court is sick, sick, sick. May the justices who voted for Palestinian use of the road be treated to a few Palestinian road "tactics" (i.e. attacks!). Then let's see if they remain as liberal as they are now.
2. High Court are left-wing crazies
Leah ,   Israel   (12.29.09)
3. If I am not mistaken
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.29.09)
Beit Sira is part of the Palestine Authority. The town's about 10 miles west of Ramallah, right? I have a splendid thought. Let the PA use some of the billions of dollars and billions of euros in aid that have poured into the PA coffers to build their own road. Last week, an IED was found alongside the road on Route 443. Thankfully, it was discovered and dismantled before it could go off. This is not an issue of discrimination. This is an issue of safety and security. It belongs to the IDF, not the courts.
4. of course, now they can cause accidents
gal1 ,   israel   (12.29.09)
on the route 443. oh and the army has to deal with it? well that makes sense , so the army has to clean up the governments poop? ok , great country we're living in . this is great, i might aswell go and stab myself in the back. G-d bless Gilad.
5. The same High Court is responsible for Shalit kidnapping
Edmond ,   london UK   (12.29.09)
The IDF applied to demolish a structure being used by terrorists in Gaza, becasue it coudl be used to ambush soldiers. The high court blocked the application, and the building was used to kill Shalit's colleagues and kidnap him - which will result in 1000 other terrorists being freed - and they will be using the Modiin highway.
6. How pathetic
Norman   (12.29.09)
When it comes to the settlement freeze (Agains Jews) they give all the power to the Defense Minister When it come to the issue of protecting Jews Highway 443 for use of the terrorist they side with the terrorist. Are these judges working for the Jews or the palestinians ???
7. shameful, but
Jerry   (12.29.09)
let Palis drive on 443 2x - 3x daily in army accompanied convois
8. High Court & Route 443
Bruria   (12.29.09)
I suggest we have a proviso to the ruling that Dorit Beinish and Uzi Fogelman be charged when the next attack happens--and anyone with half a brain cell knows it will surely happen. We need to stop the high court from sticking their noses where they don't belong before even more Jews are killed and maimed.
9. Place several checkpoints between "pals" and 443
William ,   Israel   (12.29.09)
Sure, "pals" can use road 443, after they go through several checkpoints and submit to extensive searches on their vehicles. Considering the terror attacks targeting Road 443, the idea of checkpoints is the least the security establishment can do. And after a while, "pals" will get the idea and find a more convenient way to get to Ramallah. Sad - Arabs forget how free our lives were in 1999 before they chose to launch a terror war against Jewish civilians.
10. Vehicle checks and insurance requirements
Ilan ,   Ariel   (12.29.09)
Palestinians are not great drivers, but then neither are Israelis. What is lacking though is any oversight on mandatory insurance and on emission and safety standards for their vehicles. Bring 'em up to standards or keep them off the roads.
11. :: Route 443
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (12.29.09)
I applaud the courts decision although it is appalling that it took 2 years to rule on the matter. This court ruling only highlights the Apartheid system that Israel operates in the Palestinian WB. A network of roads and settlements for ‘Israelis only’ is nothing less than a form of Apartheid. Hopefully this courts ruling will be the start of the dismantling of this repugnant Apartheid system.
12. time for a military coup to establish real democracy
dirtyshirt ,   usa   (12.29.09)
There is absolutely no checks and balances, and no accountability under the current system in Israel. The system is a holdover from the Ottoman Turks and the English. Both of these were colonial powers that needed to rule from afar, thereby necessatating an all powerful judiciary. Add on to this the reality that the supreme court has no constitution or document to interpret. There is only a loose collection of basic laws which are wide open to manipulation. This allows the justices to impose their own "morality" and NOT THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE. Israel is, in effect, a judicial dictatorship. The supreme court can rule that the government has the right to decide security matters (settlers can't build), and then turn around the next day (when it applies to Pals) and say the goverment must find another option. Take a lesson from Honduras. When a division of government tried to impose its will against the will of the people, they stood up and fought for what was right. Honduras did not face an existential threat. Israel does. Time to take action against the fifth column.
13. Matty, but but, Cynthia says it's all lies...
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (12.29.09)
...she claimed in another thread yesterday that there are no Israeli only roads. Oh well, she was woefully wrong then and she'll be wrong again today.
14. #11 many muslim majority countries require
rachel ,   usa   (12.29.09)
its citizens religious identity documents that cause persecution of the ones who don't blend into the muslim society ,what are you going to do about that ?....Your typical racist rant against tiny Israel trying to protect itself shows what a bloodthirsty hypocrite your are ...
15. #11 you and BS need to answer my question about the Copts in
rachel ,   usa   (12.29.09)
Egypt who are being persecuted and exterminated by the muslim majority
16. Here's an alternative solution
Abba ,   Modi'in, Israel   (12.29.09)
"Court rules army must find alternative solution for keeping peace on road between Modi'in, Jerusalem" Place an IDF checkpoint at the exit from every Arab village on 443 and thoroughly inspect each vehicle and occupant when leaving.
17. #11- Apartheid or safety measures?
William ,   Israel   (12.29.09)
What you call an Apartheid system is the result of security and safety measures the Israelis were forced to put in place. It wasn't the Israelis who built separate roads initially - it was the "palestinians" who began drive by shootings on these roads, causing many deaths of both Jewish and Arab Israelis that led to the situation today. There is only one way to lift the separation of roads and checkpoints - a complete acceptance of peace by the "palestinians", without the right of return or E. Jerusalem - and a public announcement in Arabic and English that NO further aggression will come from their side. Until that happens - they must lie in the bed (or drive the poorly maintained road) they made.
18. #14 - BBS and Matty see no Apartheid in the places
William ,   Israel   (12.29.09)
that Jews do not rule. Despite the strict policies by some governments on movement, employment, education, even marriage based on either class, gender, or race.....neither BBS or Matty would consider these "Aparthied". In their minds - only Israel is "Aparthied" despite having to take a huge departure from the true definition and historical context in doing so. But their ilk usually don't deal with facts or laws very well - look at how they butcher Intl Law to fit their convoluted perspective of reality.
19. The high court is part of the p.a.
jason white ,   afula,israel   (12.29.09)
They work for the terrorists.If we had a p.m. with guts, he would close the high court,jail the "judges" and start over again with Jewish Zionist judges. If the court system is Israeli why do the palis have any right to petition them? Why are they involved in security matters?
20. #13 Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum
Cynthia ,   USA   (12.29.09)
Matty stated, "Israel’s subjugation of the Palestinians is a good example of Apartheid with ‘Jew-only’ roads and towns etc." I corrected Matty by stating there are no "Jew-only' roads.
21. rachel, this Web site is about Israel...
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (12.29.09)
...not Egypt. As far as questions go, do you believe that the IDF shooting civilians carrying white flags is a war crime? Yes or no.
22. Jason White, what kind of fool are you?
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (12.29.09)
Israel's High Court is part of the PA? Are you yet another insane wingnut? How do you think writing such malicious and untrue trash helps Israel?
23. More roads where Jews are forbidden
Ilan ,   Ariel   (12.29.09)
Most of the roads are open to Israeli traffic also allow Palestinian traffic. The 443 became an exception after several terror incidents. However Israelis can't enter into any of area A and most of area B under the Oslo agreement. In addition the road from other roads have been closed to Israeli traffic. So if there is apartheid is directed against Israelis and not Palestinians.
24. Looks like I'll be taking the 1
Jeff ,   Jerusalem   (12.30.09)
25. #21 so you don't care about human rights only if against
rachel ,   usa   (12.30.09)
26. #3 You are mistaken
Paul ,   Trinidad   (12.30.09)
"Beit Sira is part of the Palestine Authority. The town's about 10 miles west of Ramallah, right? I have a splendid thought. Let the PA use some of the billions of dollars and billions of euros in aid that have poured into the PA coffers to build their own road." If your geography is correct, how about Israelis stop using the PA's Highway 443? Now that would be splendid! But then, you don't even know what country you are from.
27. #26 are you just pretending to be stupid or
rachel ,   usa   (12.30.09)
are you really ?
28. Finally
29. #26 Do you practice being stupid or
Paul ,   Trinidad   (12.30.09)
were you born that way?
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