Ahmadinejad: Riots are Zionist masquerade
Dudi Cohen
Published: 29.12.09, 17:52
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1. LOL
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.29.09)
I was waiting for this one. The dog ate his homework. Carpe diem, Israel; if you're going to do something about Iran's nuclear problem, now would be the time.
2. Rabid anti-Semite and tyrant ... of course he has to blame
EST ,   Miami USA   (12.29.09)
the Jews, the Zionists, the Israelis and any appellation associated with Jews. He cannot accept the fact that the Iranian people do not want him ... delusional, dangerous, amoral ,,, that is what he is.
3. #1 Sarah B. - You read my mind. This is utterly laughable.
Allan ,   Ft. Lauderdal   (12.29.09)
4. Not even Ahmi's supporters believe in his lies any more
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (12.29.09)
Zionists are the least of their concerns now they are busy trying to find places to hide in the event the opposition wins and wants to take revenge on them.
5. Uh oh - Iranians sounding more like Soviets every day
JPS ,   Efrat   (12.29.09)
Anybody remember when the Soviets used to blame civil unrest in the USSR on Jews and Israel? Sounds like the Iranian theocrathugs are starting to lose their grip on the country. Just like the USSR imploded from its corrupt roots, so is the fate of Iran sealed in doom. Looks like the Zionists will have the last laugh when Israel outlives the Iranian Revolution.
6. The shiite entity is falling..
Septimus Severus ,   Rome   (12.29.09)
Its own people courageously fight to overthrown medieval and oppresive tyrants. The Tehran regime is currently teh most oppresive one of the earth. There should be swift and broad economical sanctions, followe by a military blockade, to push further the collpse of that illigitimate entity. Time to free the persians an dthe whole world from these usurpers.
7. yes it was all me
rashid ,   palistinian   (12.29.09)
as i said before it was me what gave the iranian all the informations form mosad yaanee i didnt know what i was talking about and it was all a code believe me i am not welcomed in iran anymore
8. we must ask who benefits from these riots
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (12.29.09)
the answer is clear: decent human beings who love liberty and despise tyranny and hatred. basically, anyone who is not evil (which, by definition would include america, israel, the rest of the free world, and everyone who longs to live in freedom).
9. Ahmadinejah is felling kaka
Salvador ,   USA   (12.29.09)
Now they want to deal with the USA with the uranium trade what a coincidence.Hope they USA will stole time until the Brave freedom iranian take over the Nation
10. Killing regime
Bozorg ,   Tehran   (12.29.09)
This is a pathetic attempt by the tyrants, to present the current uprising from the Iranian people, as a act of the foreign power. However this cheap tactic will fail. Each day there is more is more Iranian, especially young and educate done, from the big ciries, who can't bear anymore living in that open air prison. The movement begin with the faked "election" of Ahmadi nejad, but now its is the whole regime that we want to reject as a whole; Khameni is adicattor; We want to be free, like the people in the west. We want Iranian money investe din Iran, to develop our country, not for waging wars against peoples with whom we have no problem. the Iranian people is not a ennemy of the US or Israel. It is only our tyrants who are your ennemy. When we will be free, I hope there will be peace between us.
11. The Shiite hit the fan...
Hermin ,   haifa, israel   (12.29.09)
I'm planning my next summer vacation. Any sites of interests for a Zionist in Tehran? :)
12. "Hello Chavez? It's me, Ahmadinejad"
William ,   Israel   (12.29.09)
"Remember that nice couch you have in your Caracas estate? Do you think I could sleep on it for say....5 or 6 years? Just until we overthrow the West. I'll bring my own pillow and covers"
13. if only...
tom ,   toronto, canada   (12.29.09)
if only it were true that washington was behind the demonstrations! it's time for the "great satan" to wake up and smell the coffee. the only solution to the "islamic revolution" and its dangerous brew of fanaticism, terrorism, and megalomania, is "regime change". and the sooner the americans realize this, and act upon it, the better.
14. Ahmadinejad...
Natan ,   USA   (12.29.09)
He must be the inventor of the..."The Dog Ate My Homework"... BS after BS
15. Unbelievable..
Natan ,   USA   (12.29.09)
I posted my..Dog ate my homework before reading any of the posts.. I guess we all think alike when it comes to the Iranian moron...
16. don't forget to look
Barney; ,   USA   (12.29.09)
under your bed achmadinejad. the Jewish boogie man is there plotting against you. he reminds me of the dylan song on the john birch society.
17. We will see SarahB...we will see.
Arash ,   Tehran-Iran   (12.29.09)
At the end of the day the Islamic Republic will prevail and those demonstrators will be doomed. The funny thing is we don't see you around when your officials take different stances than the ones you wish of,Sarah(like your defense minister). Trust me 8 people getting killed is nothing compared to what we have in store for these demonstrators. PS: Just a little something. To make you realize how stupid you sound,please read what Yiftah Shapir had to say about the Qom site in the Jerusalem post. We really are in no hurry Sarah,not at all. At the end of the day,we would have nukes and there wont be a damn thing you or any one else could do about it.
18. The Zionists are coming!
len ,   usa   (12.29.09)
I did not know that Iran had so many Zionists. However, I do understand it. Where would any normal person want to live. In a society like Iran vs.Israel and the good old USA. There is hope for humankind. Hopefully, the dictatorship will die and peace and love for eveyone will breakout in the New Year! Long live the Iranian Zionists!
19. #17 - What? You mean you lied to the West?
William ,   Israel   (12.29.09)
You really are trying to get nuclear weapons in order to commit genocide against Israel, and dominate the region with your Shia nonsense under the atom sword? Gee - that's not very nice. We thought you were our friend and told the truth - that's why Obama reached his hand out to you in peace. Despite the previous nonsense - we all know what you and the Mullah's are, and how willing, especially using Islam as your justification - to kill just about everyone on the planet before you are taken out. The Iranian people are much wiser and much stronger than you give them credit for, and this reform movement....just the tip of the iceberg my furry friend. Which is why you're so bent on not just killing them, but torturing them, raping them in prison, and their families. A true monster regime that is both illegitimate and global enemy #1. By the way - Shapir wrote about Qom's defenses against conventional bombs, not bunker busters...which Israel, NATO, UK, and US have many of.
20. Bozorg, we feel the same
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (12.29.09)
Jews and Israelis have no quarrel with the Iranian people, our beef is with the regime alone. Unfortunately this regime has done a lot of harm to Israel and has the potential to do much more, in which case Israel will have no choice but to retaliate and innocent Iranians could be hurt unintentionally. This is why you need to hurry up and topple the Mullahs before they cause a tragedy of epic proportions for Iran with all their threats, and even if they are empty someone may believe it and make a preemptive strike. Hopefully you will be able to visit Israel and witness the religious Carnival of Purim honoring Kings Xerxes and Cyrus the Great
21. #10 bozorg
inshallah!!! i wish you success. do not stop. do not retreat. go on and do your best because the rays of light and freedom will follow. organize yourselves, march with ocnfidence and make sure you bring the revolutionary guards on your side. you all can do it. you did it, unfortunatelly, in 79 and you can do the same to topple this regime you faultly chose in 79. had you known what tragedies it will bring you, i am sure you wouldn't have had this revolution. you do not need a shah, or a mullah. you need freedom, prosperity. you do not need a bomb. israel is no threat to you and always had good relations with iranians. we do not wish you harm. we wish to be friends of the iranians, to visit your country and for you to visit ours. this is my prayer to be friends with you. kick this torturous regime from your beautiful country and begin a life of freeddom. all your money is beeing used to support terrorists that do not care about iran and could care less about your suffering under this regime. billions of your dollars are going to war, to hate, to propaganda and to destroying your people. your country is now the number one supporter of terrorism around the world. but we americans and israelis fear that putting sanctions on you will cause the iranian people, even those opposed to this evil regime, to support the regime against the usa and israel. this true??? if israel attacks and usa slaps sanctions on iran, will the opposition all of a sudden support the regime? answer. israeli
22. #17 Arash- lies
Lisa   (12.29.09)
haha- and I thought you did not WANT nukes? You are eating your own shiite... you are confusing yourself with your lies, your own people- and the world does not believe it for one moment... go back to your caves- morons.
23. Who is lie aimed at?
Sidney ,   USA   (12.29.09)
24. Doesn't this guy ever give up?
Danny ,   Vancouver, Canada   (12.29.09)
Ahmadinejad is a nutcase, plain and simple. He's one of the worst leaders Iran has ever had and he won't accept the fact that the people of Iran are just not that into him. So what does he do? He steals the election to stay in power, obsesses over Israel when he should be running the country and he's already committed enough murder and mayhem to go down as one of the most reviled dictators in the world. Somebody spank this guy!!
25. #17 ---Irony?
Len ,   USA   (12.29.09)
Only if you loved your women and children as much as you love your nukes and mullahs. May your holy nukes implode on your mullahs and their dicatatorship. Western technological ingenuity and progress that you despise brought you your nukes. How ironic? You need to keeping striking your heads and maybe one day you will see the light. You are own blood clouds your vision. You are lucky that your enemies possess compassion and enlightenment and not who you believe they are. We pray for your offspring that one day they will truly know you. Long live the Iranian Zionists!
26. Israelis are not allowed into Iran.
vered ,   israel   (12.29.09)
And every time an American goes there accidentally, they get put in prison. Boy aren't we all talented, orchestrating revolutions without even being present!
27. Israel directing events in Iran? Don't make me laugh.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (12.29.09)
Ahmedinijad and the mullahs beware. We DO control your fate. Your intelligence services have been penetrated. We've planted our own in your universities. And Khamenei? His real name is Cohen. And Rabinowitz is deep cover; he goes by Rafsanjani. Seriously, Israel can't even control the guys in the coalition's Cabinet! Yet he claims we control events in Iran. I'm reminded of the joke about the old Jew reading an anti-Semitic newspaper and smiling. His friend asks "How can you read such hateful trash?" He responds, "When I read our papers, they tell me how much we suffer, how much everyone hates us. I read this one and I learn that we control the banks, we control the media, we control the government. What's not to like?" Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm late for a meeting with my fellow Elders. Gotta' plan our next move.
28. To: No. 17
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.29.09)
I know what was said about the Qom site. I also know that Qom is years away from going online. On the other hand, Bushehr is quite vulnerable. Just a little something: Iran does not have nuclear weapon capacity. Israel has both nuclear weapons and -- the tricky part in the deal -- delivery capacity. Sooner or later, the Islamic Republic will be destroyed. I assure you that Israel takes very seriously threats to its existence coming from a country a scant 2,000 kilometers away. Dream on. The Islamic Republic of Iran is going to go the way of the woolly mammoth and there is not a damn thing you can do to stop it. After Israel gets through with Iran, you'll be fighting all your wars with sticks and stones.
29. We will see indeed
to #17 Arash ,   New York   (12.29.09)
Hey Arash, WHERE in IRANIAN media would you ever be allowed to post your vile rhetoric? In Israel, yes, in Iran, NEVER. You would be killed.
30. To: Sidney at No. 23
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.29.09)
The lie is directed to the Iranian people (nothing new there). Iran's leadership thinks that it can dupe the people into believing that the 40% unemployment is Israel's fault, as are the crippling embargoes. Scapegoat du jour, as it were. I am sure that a lot of Iranian people are wondering why, when conditions in Iran are so precarious, the Islamic government finds plenty of money to ship arms to Hizbollah and Hamas (which have mostly been interdicted). I hope Israel strikes, and strikes soon. Given the unrest in Iran -- which is spreading like wildfire, by the way -- the people of Iran (with whom we have no quarrel) are more than ready for a change. The rule of the mullahs, going on thirty years now, has done nothing for Iran except increase the misery of the average person. Keep in mind that there is huge unemployment in Iran, the tax rates are crippling, and all the mullahs and ayatollahs live like sultans of old. The Iranian people have had enough. They're ready for a change.
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