PM: Unity has always been important
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 29.12.09, 19:35
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1. Ms. Hotovely
Steve ,   Palm beach, USA   (12.29.09)
Ms. Hotovely is quite lovely!
KACH 613 ,   Judah, Israel   (12.29.09)
Ayoob Kara is the man!! I personally spoke to him before the explosion from Gush Kafif. Ayoob Kara is a Druze Likud member and he acts more Jewish then most of the Knesset. KOL HAKAVOD AYOOB!!!
3. She's hot
Eyal ,   USA   (12.29.09)
I didn't know Likud can breed such beauties?
4. Livni decision blow to Americans
Steve ,   San Francisco   (12.29.09)
It was the Americans ordering "Bibi" to form a unity government if he could. Poor Netanyahu, now he'll have to report back to the Americans about why he failed. Now they will (Americans with Netanyahu's complicity) have to figure out another way to implement their master plan of forming an enemy state within the '67 lines.
5. kara and traitors
mohson   (12.29.09)
I dont't know about traitors, but kara is a patriot, a good druse israeli and proud of it. More damning is the fact the kadimas sat on their hands applauding the cheap crook and first rate coward olmert in harming israel. And that included bar on, boim, afalo and so on. They were baggage for olmert and useless. So I agree with kara. And Bibi would make a big mistake by substituting lieberman beitenu for kadima. Beiltenu makes me and israelis feel good about jews like bielski did. Kadima is like barak: i don't have confidence in him and I don't care about his credentials. i have no confidence in livni with her concession first approach. And mofaz was a lousy general, vastly overrated like halutz, not very good at all. So bibi should stick with his program.
6. Why PEACE???!!!
Israeli 2   (12.30.09)
Just take one problem at a time. 1. IRAN!! 2. Everything else 3. Peace with ...whom?
7. Bibi, praising assassinations, how sickening...
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (12.30.09) do Israelis expect the world to see your country when your leader praises assassinations like some tin pot dictator? And again, it is Bibi who is holding up final status negotiations, not the Palestinians. There is no freeze. It was all for show as Bibi said and we over here in the US got the message, there is no freeze, 700 more units yet today or yesterday were authorized; it's ludicrous. Abu Mazen cannot start negotiations over the division of a pizza while the other side, Israel, is gobbling it up. The old hasbara just does not work anymore.
8. The Jewish people, strong and united will not fear its...
Ron B. ,   Lod   (12.30.09)
The Jewish people, strong and united will not fear its enemies. Carrying out the demoralizing ejection of patriotic Jews from Gaza was implemented by training the IDF to see the "settlers" as the enemy and the families of Arab terrorists as more worthy of protection than Jews. This made for a psychically weakened IDF when it was called on to fight in Lebanon. Our total faith in our legitimate rights on the Land of Israel will restore even more the spirit of the I.D.F and its deterrence. The Jewish people, strong and united, will then face its enemy and vainquish. As to our legitimate rights on our land at :
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