Report: Iranian opposition leaders fled Tehran
Published: 30.12.09, 21:51
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1. One extreme to another
Eyal ,   USA   (12.30.09)
They are the same, no matter how you look at it. Reform, Islamists, they are all the same radicals who will hate the west and Israel. No change there, but at least with Ahmadanijad, we know his motives because he likes to speak.
2. HAHHAHAHA ...Coward
3. It's time.time to put an end to this once and for all...
Arash ,   Tehran-Iran   (12.31.09)
Execute these so called reformists and their followers and let the country live in peace. I believe that's exactly what would happen in the coming day's. The guy can't even speak properly and yet he wanted to be president??HAH. We wont allow it. If this means more bloodshed,then so be it. What good is it to have scum living among us?We did it in the 80's and I'm pretty sure we would be doing it again(if needed). A bullet(preferably in the head) can always solve a lot of problems. In the 80's thing's were even worse(internally)and with the help of G-D,we made it. This time too,G-D will stand by our side and help us rid our society of these scum.
4. #3 Arash
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (12.31.09)
You mean GOD gives you the ability to buy the gun and the bullet and then you point the gun to people's head and release the trigger. Why don't let GOD pick up the gun and do the job on his own. He does not need your help. Please stop insulting GOD this way. How old are you? 12? 14? Wow! No wonder we are stock where we are.
5. #3, arash
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (12.31.09)
Arash, all I can say to you is, right on!We old-order Christians are with your leaders in Iran, and hope soon to see them victorious in liberating all of the Holy Land!
6. They didn't flee, they are creating resistance in mountains
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (12.31.09)
supplied with firearms and will come after the Mullahs and T-Arash Eat your heart out T-Arash, because if you don't the real Iranians will take it out and what is left of your body will be hanged on the highest tree, burned and spread into the wind so that there will be no memory of you left. Eat your heart out mercy for traitors of the true Iranians
7. To Arash in Tehran
Allan ,   Rosh Haayin, Israel   (12.31.09)
You want your shiite regime to be in power? Rapings, beatings, shooting, terrorists, basiji militia firing into crowds... Your country is truly doomed, no wonder you still think and live in the dark ages and are bound to fail.
8. to #5 sigh you have noidea how Chritians
ghostq   (12.31.09)
r being imprisoned in Iran just cause they r Chritians. but since you brought boming than chaves the best friend of Achmadinajad wants to bomb your county from the south, that is y the nuclear of Iran bother your country. but as you wish and I will say I told you so.
9.  wait whats that saying? oh yeah....
gal1 ,   israel   (12.31.09)
when the going gets tough, RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA G-d bless Gilad
10. peace
Valour ,   Albury   (01.01.10)
no where here do I see lets live in peace, so you can have a celebratory feat without fear, so you can live and let live. So you show humanity and prove you are above the other beasts that roam the world. Violence begets violence. Keep going, I will live in this part of the world methinks.
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