Mosque arson: Suspect released
Efrat Weiss
Published: 31.12.09, 20:04
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1. I told you it was a fit-up!
eddie ,   london UK   (12.31.09)
The arson was a political attack by some Raviv or Champagne type operative. The purpose was to give the settlers a bad name, so that the building freeze would be more acceptable to the dumb all believing public. Which settler vandal would sign his name on the scene of the crime? I belive that the same team was also responsible for the Gay shooting in Tel aviv. It was a professional hit, carried out by someone in black with an automaitc weapon. This sint the psychologica profile of a nutty haredi (who never served inthe army and only knows how to throw stones) , but a calculated act to agitate tension ahead of the land freezes.
2. more work to do
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.31.09)
The Israeli tools of the globalist agenda of cutting up Israel have more wrok to do in demonizing those Jews whom they describe as 'extreme' right wing. but they have to be careful not to overplay their filthy hand. The average Israeli is dumbed down but still able to connect a few dots back to the blackshirts of Israel. It's interesting that they never call Hamas or Hizbollah 'extremist' . Only those Jews who do not serve the god of the secular Jews and take their orders from above are targeted with such hatred and evil by the godless,evil left and the phony Netanyahu right..
3. Now I am angry
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (12.31.09)
B"H Police could have easily verified "Kahane relative's" alibi without arresting him. Therefore it is obvious and it is in front of everyone's eyes that his arrest had nothing to do with the mosque inquiry and it had everything to do with the sinister political need of the shin bet Jewish department to have the name Kahane and Kach printed on the front pages of newspapers in relation of the arson: I suspect it is a despicable act of intimidation against a specific minor with an important surname, an unforgivable slander against an orphan who's father was murdered and who's grandfather was murdered. Police, hands off from the Kahanas! They paid a high enough price for your incompetence already.
4. Sad to say
the talkbacks are more believable than the police.
5. Another case that will be dropped
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.01.10)
The government will drop this case too in about a year with the usual claim of 'security' when the fact is that they have no evidence that any Jew had anything to do with this crime.
6. a Shin bet stunt
eddie ,   london UK   (01.01.10)
their aim was just to achieve headlines with the Kahane name. However, the public couldnt give a damn, the gay shooting was more effective. The Rabin assassination was orignaly also a stunt, to help with his popularity ratings, but it went wrong, and the Jewish Ahmadinejad finished off his rival, to take power. But they still managed to demonize the right wing.
7. gotta love it
sam   (01.01.10)
Israels very democratic guilty till proven innocent
8. Thats it, keep persecuting people you know are innocent.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.01.10)
9. A politicalized shabak serves no purpose
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.01.10)
other than being tools of the government. Perhaps it is time to replace them with another group of trained people. We see the shabak and the courts are turning into our enemies and helping our enemies.
10. Prohibition against wrongs to orphans
Ilan ,   Ariel   (01.01.10)
The Biblical prohibition against oppressing widows and orphans comes to mind. I feel deep shame for the Israeli police and media who rushed to publicize this without considering the harm they could do to a youth who lost both his parents to Palestinian terrorists. "You shall not pervert the judgment of a stranger or an orphan, and you shall not take a widow's garment as security " Dvarim:24
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