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A man on a mission
Yigal Walt
Published: 01.01.10, 14:12
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1. Israel's Future is clearly in Jeopardy
Nour ,   Palestine   (01.01.10)
Israel's future is in question not so much because of its "demographic problem" (which is a racist remark anyway) but because it was founded on terror and illegalities. A country which made daily rants about its "right to exist" a perpetual political slogan has all the reasons not to sleep at night. The author is clearly deceiving to you all.
2. Al Gore has been peddling climate doom and gloom
Al   (01.01.10)
he obviously never spend a winter in Montreal. This guy is peddling feel good mythology. The facts are quite different. I suggest he walk around Um el Fuchem and report back his findings. There is no fool like a wannabee fool.
3. True, there's no demographic problem, but
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (01.01.10)
that is only as far as Israel proper. Unless we get the hell out of the Territories, we are before long going to be forced into a single state, and that will be the end of Israel as the homeland of Jews. #1: Israel was founded on (1) mostly legal population migration, (2) a decision by the majority at the U.N., and (3) several wars of self-defense. These are a damn sight stronger foundations than those of many states created in the 20th century, including most Arab states, and certainly a hypothetical state of Palestine.
4. demographic fatalism
alexi   (01.01.10)
this argument or myth was used by olmert, the ignoramus, and livni to justify in part alll kinds of concessions. Remember olmert with his south african analogy... we are finished. He is finished. He was briefed by ettinger, he would understand. No he would not understand anything, overwhelmed by his arrogance and his sense of righteousness, he was and is a walking disaster. He is such a crook, that not to put him in jail would be an indictment of judaism and israel. In the meantime, ettinger would do well to lecture to livni who is following in ehud's footsteps.
5. To Nour #1
bisselluh ,   Chicago USA   (01.01.10)
Israel was refounded by Adonai in accordance with Biblical prophecy and the Bible declares that it will always exist so the demographics are in HaShem's hands. The Bible or theTorah is the word of G-d---the only word of the only G-d that there is. His name is Adonai none else.
6. Pardon my lack of understanding...
Israeli 2   (01.01.10)
...Is this a prediction? If so based on what? Statistics? Can we then assume that this guy, Ettinger is a scientific prophet? Otherwise known as a Yidonee Google Cook.
7. #1 No-Israel-or
X'   (01.01.10)
We have drugs available to cure your truly bigoted psychotic jew-hating delusions. The author is only trying to point out that the demographic "threat" is an illusion based on the usual Palistinazi lies. Israel at least has the sense to see that it has totalitarian genocidal greedy enemies (that your hallucinations represent) and the will to do something about it. Morons like yourself delude themselves into thinking they can kill and destroy with impunity because it is "god's will". As the old expression goes " don't wish for something too much as you could get it for yourself". You obviously want to "push the Jews into the sea". If I were you I'd be prepared to get some swimming lessons.
8. nour # 1
mohson   (01.01.10)
Nour, you know very well that ancient israel existed and there was never a palestine state. palestine is the roman term for the area. I suggest you move to Jordan as you are only visitors here. You were lucky to have olmert here who bought into demographic myths and who was afraid of you. Most israelis are not. You want to live here, contribute to israel and do your duty, then fine. Otherwise, pack your bags. Now if you fire a lucky missile and kill a 1000 israelis, then israel will boot out all the arabs from the west bank, out they go. So you do what you have to do and we do what we have to do.
9. No surprise. Leftist ideology is based entirely on myths.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.01.10)
Ettinger may be the first to widely disseminate the truth about the so-called demographic bomb, which leftists claim threaten Israel's Jewish majority. However, many highly credible Israeli and American studies prove Jews are a growing majority in Israel, including Judea and Samaria. The bogus statistics put out by "Palestinians" and Israeli leftists have an obvious political purpose. To promote insane Israeli retreat. Israeli leftist ideology is based entirely on myths so it's no surprise they use myths to promote this insane agenda.
10. #5
Harold ,   New York, USA   (01.01.10)
Very old myths. No one believe what you are stating. You and your followers are spreading these idioting stories. The Bible was written by story writers and not God. Provide me with the e-mail of the guy who promissed you and your followers.
11. #7
Harold ,   New York, USA   (01.01.10)
#1 Nour is 100% right and are 100% wrong. Wise-up.
12. #11
Harold ,   NY, USA   (01.01.10)
Nour is right and you are wrong. During the Romans there was no Israel state but there was Palestine. check the movie titled The Robe, a story happened during the Roman Empire.
13. How does this change anything?
Josh ,   San Jose, USA   (01.01.10)
As of today just over a million (20%) of Israel's citizens are Palestinian Muslims. These people routinely identify themselves with those who would like to destroy Israel, push the Jews into the sea and finish Hitler's job. How badly would Israel be weakened by adding another 3.5 million from Judea, Sumaria, and Gaza. Even if they never become a majority, they could still tear the country apart. Shiites are not a majority in Lebanon but look what Hizballah has done to that country. A Palestinian state is essential for Israel's survival.
14. Mr. Ettinger's demographic analysis
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.01.10)
is interesting and perhaps fruitful as it challenges the popular opinion based, according to his research, on a (purposely) faulty census created by Palestinian bureaucrats based on a political, as opposed to a scientific, rationale. It would be useful for interested readers of this article to google "yoram ettinger + demographics" in order to gain a sounder understanding of his (Ettinger's) statistical research and analyses.
15. #1 Noor - WHO was founded on illegalities and terrorism????
I'll reply with one name -- Haj Amin al-Husseini. What a nice man! Perhaps I should add that his chosen heir was Yasser Arafat, also such a nice man!
16. Keep dreaming body, sleep better!!
Yaov ,   Tel Aviv   (01.02.10)
Yoram Ettinger is a dreamer and out of touch of reality. He is only fooling himself. Israel will dissolve into the arab culture and language, and eventually in demographics. Our language already has more than 20% of arabic vocabulary. Keep dreaming body...may be you can sleep better in the U.S.
17. Halfwit Harold
X'   (01.02.10)
Your pompous bombastic statements to the contrary,if you were bright enough (which you definitely are not) to check with if you would check with archeology departments of any university, you would find that there is evidence of Jewish inhabitants in Israel long before either the romans or the Arabs. That makes the Palestinians the illegal occupants and not the Jews. Get a life and an education you ignorant terrorist supporting moron
18. to Nour #1
James ,   USA   (01.02.10)
History does not start at your convenience. The Jews lived in what is known today as Israel, Syria, Iraq and part of Egypt for thousands of years before Islam was incepted. History tells you that even Jesus Christ was jewish. Islam inception occurred in the sixth century. After the last crusader's invasion of the Holy land (Due to the Islamic persecution) Selah Eddine, an Arab warrior and his army kicked the Jews and the Christians out of Israel. This is when the true Arab occupation started; in 1948, the Jews returned to their motherland and claimed it back. Who is occupying whose land?
19. Nour, which part of Palestine are you on? Jordan, Israel?...
EST ,   Miami USA   (01.02.10)
20. Harold
Matt   (01.02.10)
If Harold's understanding of history of no better than his spelling then Israel has a strong case in its favor. As for #1, Arab Muslims are colonizers all over the MIddle East and North Africa. The Maronites in Lebanon, the Jews and Samaritans in Israel, the Copts in Egypt, and the Berbers in Algeria and Morocco are just a few of the people forcefully occupied and dispossessed by Muslims. Nour can like all she likes, it does not change the facts. Perhaps one day soon these other groups will be as successful as the Jews in reclaiming their homelands.
21. Which Population?
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.02.10)
What Ettinger fails to mention here is which section of the Jewish population is growing... It is the ultra religious groups, so even *if* the Jewish population number are growing, the State of Israel is still in danger.
22. fantasies is the best palestinian arab pastime
frank ,   usa   (01.02.10)
they love to invent the fairy tales and repeat the lies so many times that they start to belive their poorly conceived nonsense. No wonder they are devastated and poor.
23. #12 Harold
Cynthia ,   USA   (01.02.10)
There was Palestine but no independent Arab or Palestinian state ever existed in Palestine. Also, there is no archeological evidence of the Palestinian Arab existence but there is plenty of archeological evidence of Jewish history in the area. Nour rants about the occupation and Israel's right to exist yet Nour lives in Canada and has no claim to the area. Her family abandoned their home in 1948 and ran away to Lebanon when Arab armies attacked Israel. Better to check history books rather than rely on Nour or Hollywood epic films as sources of information.
24. to #18
Shoshannah ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.03.10)
You are mostly right with the historical narrative except: Salah al-Din was NOT Arab - he was Kurdish. And ALL the Muslim occupiers of Eretz Yisrael AFTER the Crusaders were NOT Arab - they were all South Central Aisian tribesmen. The ONLY Arab conquest came in 638 CE and the leader then, Caliph Omar Ibn Al-Khuttab would be seriously upset at the way the Arabs and Muslims currently treat the Jews and Christians as HE respected all peoples and religious ideas.
25. to #20
Shoshannah ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.03.10)
Well said. I have a friend in Morocco who is Berber. He told me that before Islam came there and forcefully converted everyone, his family was of a small group of Berber Jews - there is some evidence that he could be right. Or it might be that in the village where his family lived, there were Berbers & Jews living peacefully together. Either way, when Islam conquered that area of North African by the sword, all that changed.
26. jealousy and hatred
ruth siegel ,   atlanta,georgia, USA   (01.04.10)
jealousy and hatred rise from those who cannot rise with their peers...that is Jews are hated...the have nots hate the haves.. world wide, and this is the inherent in most humans toda.
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