Ministers to discuss loyalty bill
Aviad Glickman
Published: 03.01.10, 00:15
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1. Unity
Joan ,   New Zealand   (01.03.10)
PLEASE, please get behind the Loyalty Bill Israel, do not let the extreme leftys lead you from the path set before you, look at Psalm 133
2. What's to Discuss??
Esther ,   Ofarim   (01.03.10)
Do it already! How can we have an enemy of our country be part of our government? That's pure insanity!
3. A referendum NOW that declares once and forever the Golan to
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.03.10)
be an integral part of Israel. No more attempts by corrupt politicians to give it away.
4. What do you want from the Arabs
Shalom   (01.03.10)
if most ministers and judges are against Israel being a truly Jewish state? (Not that it makes much sense having Arabs in the government of Israel or in their judicial courts - but that's for a different discussion.) Look what happened to one of the Jewish judges for calling for Torah law to be instated in Israel. Sick! and getting sicker!!
5. about time. pass a law and imprison or deport all disloyal p
ralph   (01.03.10)
any israeli or israeli arab convicted of acting against israel losses citizenship for life same for politicians.
6. if Bibi is against the Golan bill he is no better than Olmer
zionist forever   (01.03.10)
If Bibi believes in democracy & he intends to keep his election promise of not ceding the Golan then he must support this bill. The problem here is Bibi wants to give up the Golan to satisfy Obama in an attempt to get support for US backing Israel on other areas with the philistines. He will either fight any referendum bill or he will try and do a quick deal before any bill passes. As the law stands if 61 out of 60 MKS are in favour it can be sold off and in a coalition system where its not hard to bribe parties into supporting the plan then its not hard. Labour & at least the bulk of Kadima are all in favour of selling it thats 41 votes, the religious block have no paticular attachment to the Golan so for a boost in child support they will give around another 10 votes thats 51, Meretz & the arabs combined give about 13 votes so we have 74 in favour and that doesn't include the Likud members who are in favour of giving it up. Bibi is proving more and more untrustworthy and getting more pro left wing daily. Now he is fighting any plans to stop the corruption overruling democracy for Nobel prizes and other political reasons. TIME TO KICK THIS MAN OUT OF OFFICE. As for the bit about MKS having to swear loyalty to a jewish, zionist and democratic state. The decleration of independence states that Israel is to be a jewish state. So already from day 1 Israel has been classed as jewish so whats wrong with demanding all MKS swear loyalty to Israel as a jewish, zionist democratic state? MKS are supposed to be legislators which means they should be obligated to sear loyalty to Israel for what it is. Personal political feelings don't come into this. If they are not willing to swear loyalty to Israel for what it is legally then they have no place in law making and can sit on the sides as a civilian and say anything they like.
7. #3 More advise from a Bunnie in LA
Avi ,   Israel not LA   (01.03.10)
You must be confused the proposed bill if for Israel jews not jews that sit in the comfort of LA dictating to others how to run their lives from the comfort of LA.
8. Labor, weak and getting weaker
mordechai taub ,   jerusalem   (01.03.10)
For the last view decades, the only chance that a Labor led coalition had of leading the government has been with support of the Communist and Muslim Fundamentalist patrties. Labor is so dependant on their support that even when those party's representatives slander the State, they won't be critisizesd by Labor.
9. Israel needs more common sense. Loyalty is a must , not a
Jae ,   Lynn US   (01.03.10)
10. #7 Bolshevick Avi, no need to silence Jews. Its all of our
Jae ,   Lynn US   (01.03.10)
homeland, not yours. Its historic and religious, and that is our connection & basis. You want to quiet Israels supporters? change your name to hamas.
11. does this include datiim & settlers?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (01.03.10)
if this is comprehensive to cover every citizen with equal punishment for disloyalty, i've got no problem with it. but i doubt it will get very far.
steve ,   tel aviv, Israel   (01.03.10)
13. how ridiculous can we get ?
Michael ,   Haifa   (01.03.10)
The Arab MK's can take the loyalty oath and add the words "b'li neder", which is perfectly legitimate in a Jewish State
14. #11 Mike
Pete ,   Bat Yam   (01.03.10)
First things first, let them deal with the fifth column in the Knesset first. Ahmed Tibi and his ilk are all guilty of perjury when they swear loyalty in the Knesset and then commit acts of treason against the state.So not only are they disloyal and treasonous but they are also guilty of perjury for swearing an oath they never intended to keep! Regular citizens do not swear an oath of loyalty in any country, whereas Gvt. workers, the armed forces, police etc. must swear an oath of loyalty when appointed or elected.
15. The problem with Israeli Arabs is:
Janice Cohen ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.03.10)
They want their cake and eat it also!
16. 8
Rosie   (01.03.10)
Absolutely correct
17. 14 - pete
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (01.03.10)
why not deal with the problem as a whole? if someone has a higher loyalty than the state, no matter who and to what, punish them. if there are more arab MK's guilty of this than, say, settler or dati MK's, fine. as long as the law applies to everyone equally. what can possibly be wrong with that?
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