Olmert defends ex-bureau chief accused of wiretapping
Ronen Medzini
Published: 04.01.10, 17:26
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1. olmert defends zaken
mohson   (01.05.10)
shiff and halevi, 2 respected figures said olmert was incompetent in security matters, and arrogant dilettante who would sell out his wife for a buck. No one except dankner, haaretz staff, ben amin and beilin think he is okay. Even the judges know he is a second rate crook. But they are trying to protect him and get him a deal whereby he is subjected to house arrest for 1 year. The problem for the judges is that they have to convict him since his crookedness is transparently obvious. I know the tours case and in that one olmert's guilt is beyond a reasonable dooubt. he ripped off the charities for some 92000$ . But here is indirect corroboratioin. He gives talks in the US for speakers bureau. You see how he describes the wars he was in and israel's situation. Its a total delusion. To earn his 50,000 fee, he bulls his resume and the results of his government. he is a born liar and israel will be better off once he is in jail never to serve in government again.All israelis should be ashamed of him. Livni is now paying the price for cavorting with him.
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