Why I back Israel sanctions
Udi Aloni
Published: 05.01.10, 11:56
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1. Your perceived injustices
vered ,   israel   (01.05.10)
are disproportionate to the world in which they take place. By choosing to single out Israel, whose injustices are surely minescule compared to the injustices of our neighbors, especially regarding Jews living there (that no one has mentioned), you are aiding anti-semitism. The way to work against injustices is through the system. Our judge Dorit Benesh seems quite fair and impartial. Don't fool yourself, you help no one, especially not yourself.
2. You Hit The Nail Right On The Head
Konrad ,   Warsaw   (01.05.10)
But (there is always a but, ain't it), I do not understand the sentence: " [...] while the alleged Palestinians murderers of a Jewish rabbi in Samaria can be extrajudicially executed, with the ballistic weapon examination proving their guilt being performed retroactively by the executioners, [...]"
3. You 'forgot' no killing of Israelis
Gilad ,   London UK   (01.05.10)
None of your demands gave a damn about Israeli lives or security. In your plea for 'justice', you demanded a withdrawal from the settlements without a recipient expectation of Palestinian end to terrorism. You demanded full equality of the Arabs of Israel yet did not elaborate what this means. In many countries worldwide they have immigration policies, in some places a son or grandson of someone can become a citizen having never been there. Yet others cannot, and sometimes children born in that country of immigrants cannot. This is not unique to Israel. I myself can obtain Argentinian citizenship having never set one foot in S. America let alone Argentina. Yet my friends who have lived there cannot. Israel is slightly unique, but not as much as you pretend. But your assumption that people support an "end to the occupation" without expecting a 100% proven PA government that works and fights terror, is just laughable and silly. This isn't a manifesto or principles, this is a one-sided ideological blame-fest. I'm not buying it, and neither does anyone with sense. As for the people abroad (of which I am one), Lets see how they would act if they cities were bombed with 10,000 rockets by an unoccupied bordering entity. Lets see if they rush in the aid, if they refrain from launching attacks that make Cast lead look like a delicate flower. We both know the answer. The US, UK, France, and MUCH MUCH MUCH worse the Arab nations would launch attacks that Israel is morally and physically incapable of. So don't pretend simply because Israel is left in a special focus, that it is worse, or unique. Israel, in the context, has acted in ways the British and Americans would never bother. They don't warn civilians prior to attack like Israel, they don't provide aid until the war is over and they've won. Pretend otherwise all you want, but the preppies you talk about don't know how it feels, and neither do their politicians. Using those who have NEVER EVER come close to experiencing what we have as demonstrations of the moral majority is like saying that I know what it's like to have abusive parents and the messed up kids who grew up under abusive parents should just 'grow up' and get over their sob story. I don't say that of course, because I know enough to know that I can sympathize, but these foreign boycotters know nothing except that they 'feel' this is wrong, feel here being a word for people who've never experienced it, have limited factual knowledge of the situation (and historical background), are unaware of how their own nations act much worse and have some desire to have a mission in life (which instead of stopping the killing and raping of 300,000 darfurians, which is no longer popular, Israel is luckily still in the spotlight for them to latch on to). Good luck with your ideologically bias hatefest and it's worldwide support by those who have no idea what they are discussing.
4. Actually it is an insignificant portion of the "west"
Danny   (01.05.10)
that cares but as the saying goes "An empty drum makes the most noise"
5. Of course you do, you also want to see the end of Israel.
JMK ,   NYC   (01.05.10)
In addition, your straw man logic does not stand, right wing, indentify them, evangelicals are armageddon lovers and really irrelevant within Israel and Dershowitz is a one man operation whose zionism is based on intellectualizing the zionist pushka box. Give it up you simply do not believe in a Jewish State but in the vast fantasy of the modern socialist democrtic world that the past century proves has no room for Jews and refuses to look at the Arabs true motivation.
6. I have never read such a load of rubbish
Scott McNair ,   Australia   (01.05.10)
Yes, G_d help us all should this well-intentioned dreamy pink ever get to actually influenece decisions that affect others. The author has no idea of reality -- even here in my 'soft life' far from Israel its evident that he doesnt believe in Israel or its right to exist. Its just as well most Israelis dont ascribe to his way of thinking. There would be no Israel almost overnight. Mate, you are a fake - Maybe you should come over here. Its too much for you there.
7. The "Final" Solution
leo ,   nyc   (01.05.10)
Why not just come out and say it, you and others want the dismantlement of the State of Israel---so do you expect the citizens of Israel to join you in mass suicide??
8. Non-violent resistance (incl. BDS) is the way forward
Ben Alofs ,   Bangor, UK   (01.05.10)
Thank you, Udi Aloni, for your excellent article. I agree passionately with your outlook. Although I can imagine why people under oppression and occupation (like the Palestinians) use violent means of resistance I think that the non-violent way in the long run is much more effective. BDS (Boycot, Divestment, Sanctions), the campaign to prosecute suspected war criminals, naming and shaming, get people to come and visit Palestine and Israel and let them find out for themselves, publicizing what is going on, all these are important instruments. One of the main reasons why I think non-violent resistance is important is that in future Jewish Israelis and Palestinians will need to live together as equals. In that respect violent resistance in the form of killing (especially civilians), can only make this more difficult. The people in Bil'in show us that intelligent and imaginative non-violent resistance is the way forward. I still remember how the people in Bil'in responded to the Israeli ad for a mobile phone company (Israeli soldiers and Palestinians kicking the ball to eachother over the separation wall). They tried it out in practice, kicked the ball over the fence, but in stead of the ball received tear gas cannisters in return! We need these kind of imaginative actions. BDS plays a central role in this and just like in the case of apartheid South Africa the BDS movement will continue to grow.
9. I think this is usually called High Treason
Bart ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (01.05.10)
10. High Treason
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (01.05.10)
Why should this ba@#~d be given a tribune to tell the world how sorry he is for being born Jew and Israeli? He should be forbidden to talk or publish at least in Israel. Maybe it's not 100% democratic, but at least it's not self destructive and stupid!
11. If you think the Palestinian people want a state ...
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.05.10)
... in which everyone is treated fairly and equally no matter what religion you practice, what gender you are, which tribe you're from or which political party that you stand by, YOU'RE FREAK'N DREAMING!!! Palestine will be the opposite of liberty. Why encourage a state like this to exist in the first place? It will only lead to many more wars anyway. BTW, they hate left wing liberals the most. One guess of what happens to a left wing Palestinian that openly sympathizes with any Jewish/Israeli/ Zionist. They end up dead. Are you also going to boycott the future Palestine when they violate human rights? I want peace as much as any hippy or mother but it has to be genuine or not at all.
12. You have our support, no abuse is justifiable
Mrs Levine ,   Bucks   (01.05.10)
it wouldnt be if it was against jews it shouldnt be against muslims
13. Israel Sanctions
Bruris   (01.05.10)
What garbage. I suggest you go live in Gaza for 5 years--then if you are even alive write your opinion reports.
14. This is nonsense.
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (01.05.10)
15. Thank you Mr. Udi Aloni, Peace - Shalom - Love for you
Voice   (01.05.10)
16. BDS
Gideon Naim ,   Ambler, PA, USA   (01.05.10)
Udi, where do you live? I am sure you live in a protected area and do not care about the rest of us!
17. See Wikipedia about this useful idiot:
Conservative ,   EU   (01.05.10)
"Aloni, in all of his activities, including university lectures, conferences and demonstrations, and by self-description, is a radical leftist". The more appropriate would be to publish him on Guardian paper together with N. Chomsky.
18. Udi Aloni- reincarnation of Arafat
Conservative ,   EU   (01.05.10)
His "basic principles of BDS" are empty anarchistic slogans. Stooooooopid demands in order to win far-left recognition e.g. anti-globalists, antifa, marxist-leninists, punks and other useless graffiti-painters in Eurabia.
19. Like mother, like son
Sickened ,   Israel   (01.05.10)
Udi Aloni is the son of leftist Shulamit Aloni. Not only does he look like her, but he thinks like her too. Both of them can always be counted on taking the side of Israel's enemies. It doesn't bother them about how many Jews are murdered by Arabs. They never criticise our enemies.
20. Look up his wikipedia entry
Logic ,   Israel   (01.05.10)
"Messianic Manifesto for Binationalism" is listed there.
21. Why I back Palestine Sanctions
Logic ,   Israel   (01.05.10)
1. Consistent brainwashing and incitement of their own people against peace with Israel. 2. Irredentism and support for the destruction of Israel, a state recognized by the UN, and the refusal to agree to a two-state solution several times over the last century. 3. Support for war crimes against the civilian population of Israel in pizza parlors, shopping malls, restaurants, coffee shops and buses. 4. Waste of billions of western taxpayer dollars that could have gone to deserving developing countries with REAL problems of lack of water, food, education and medical care.
22. Article worthy of Ynet
m   (01.05.10)
What are you all lefties going to do when the Arabs take over? He who feeds the crocodile will be the first course.
23. BDS (M omitted)
heifait   (01.05.10)
Indeed, the truth is not in what you tell but in what you hide. M is for Masochism in BDSM, this is what the author demonstrates.
24. The three principles...
Gershon ,   Kfar Saba   (01.05.10)
1. An immediate end of the occupation - there is none. Learn international law. 2. Full equality to all Palestinian citizens of the state of Israel. Will you also demand full equality for all Israeli citizens of a future state of Palestine? 3. Legal and moral Recognition of the Palestinian refugees’ right of return. How about the right of Jewish refugees from Arab lands to receive full compensation for assets and property they left behind?
25. and this morons opinion is important because????
frank ,   israel   (01.05.10)
why is this self-hating apologist's opinion printable? Why can't I also write an article refuting and building on the fact that people like this are ultimately dangerous to themselves and others. Why not an article about all those "correct" thinking bleeding hearts and how their "correctness" is nothing more than ill informed, pie in the sky, wishful thinking that unfortunately regardless of how much you try, is going no where...with the only, yes the only side getting hurt is ours. I say ours, meaning zionists who wish to remain alive rather than a dead liberal at the hands of the liberal's abused unloved downtrodden....what a bunch of crap...look how well it works all over the world. Those poor loving muslims, who account for "how much of the world's terrorism????" these poor people are misunderstood and in fact really love everyone dearly...see free elections in the terrorties and what did they want. Ok, they hate us, but what about iran, ok they hate us too, and that is the reason why they voted for tyrants, because they hate israel. Oh, saudi, nice place, if you are muslim and a man...any other religions practiced there???? but no one says anything...Oil? Oh yeah, we have it now also....well, well, well, how much time will it be before it becomes arab oil because jews stole their land (that is even having been on the land thousands of years before them)...but then again our superior building powers have allowed us to build many of our monuments under theirs....curiouser and curiouser....
26. Opinions are fine, but he has basic facts wrong
Adam   (01.05.10)
I stopped reading this halfway through when it became clear he was making things up and ignoring important facts to fit his worldview. Extrajudicial executions occur when the Palestinians are unwilling or unable to apprehend terrorists, not simply to kill for killing's sake. He obviously doesn't think Cast Lead was justified, but he fails to provide an alternative (unless you consider let the Kassams continue an acceptable alternative). And he fails to differentiate between forcible removal of Jews and Palestinians who fled to make way for Arab armies. I know an Israeli Arab family that stayed when others in their town fled and (perhaps amazingly to Aloni) they were not harmed.
Andrew ,   Miami,FL   (01.05.10)
This classic jewish liberal doesnt think 10 years ahead - so after you've met all their demands..what happens? Alon will have a bullet in his head from his "freinds" in the PA
28. Most connected opinion piece in Ynet for a looooong time
Dismayer ,   Australia   (01.05.10)
Bravo Udi. You speak a truth so profound and so rarely heard so clearly in the Israeli microcosmos. The world can only hope that you serve as an inspiration for others to make their voices heard too. You will face cheap accusations of treason and worthless slogans of anti-semitism, the rabid right will attack your person and not the issue. Ignore them. You've demonstrated outstanding fortitude and resolve to speak these truths in this forum, and it marks a turning point in the permeation of these rarely spoken however pivotal, core facts into everday discussion. To those who would rather express outrage that such things be spoken rather than evaluate the content, try addressing solely the issues without chorus-line sloganeering and phoney outrage. The world loves Israel, and wants her to be safe and prosperous. It's the truth. As much as you wish it wasn't. The national paranoia has reached fever pitch and something very moral, and very unusual for Israel must be done by a new and revolutionary leadership, soon, lest BDS become the only responsible way forward.
29. Yes. Of course you do.
Gideon Reader   (01.05.10)
Oh. By the way. You DO know that all of your blather and moralizing is just so much Commie BEE ESS, don't you? You fool no one with the endless crying and sanctimonious rambling. Red Diaper crybabying at it's most boring. Maybe you can fine some nice self respect and decency at a yard sale; inexpensively.
30. What's next, a weekly column for Khaled Meshal?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (01.05.10)
Such rubbish from yet another "proud to be ashamed to be an Israeli" Jew. What else but rotten fruit would one expect from a sick tree? BDS is simply a strategy to deny to the Jews what every other nation is entitled to, of applying to Israel standards that don't apply to any other nation. Those who advance it suffer from nothing less than moral bankruptcy.
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