France: Killer of Jewish DJ found insane
Published: 05.01.10, 13:18
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1. Insane!!!
Omar ,   Nablus   (01.05.10)
its always the case with israeli law system the killer of Rabin was insane and every other killer was insane, its the government policy. every killer is insane....... WTF
2. an indictment of all islamic terrorists?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (01.05.10)
maybe it's not the old "the devil made me do it", but more like "the koran made me do it". crazy or not, they should be put on trial and the guilty should be punished, crazy or not. keep them away from society. maybe go out and find the crazy ones who believe this same hate and put them away before they harm anyone.
3. Of course!
m   (01.05.10)
All the terror attacks in the US have been labeled the same way, even the 'psychiatrist' at Fort Hood is being presented as mentally unstable, with all the signs of premeditation. What an easy way to explain terrorism without having to do anything about it!
4. sebastien selam
frederic ,   france   (01.05.10)
the name of the victim was selam. everyone knows and almost the police that the muslim who savagely kill selam ,"his friend" shouted ; -allahu akbar!I killed a jew.
5. @ no. 1
AJ - Raalte   (01.05.10)
This is about France, stupid, not Israel. This guy should be locked up, as he's obviously a danger to just about everyone!
6. No. 1 Omar
NYC Girl   (01.05.10)
What the hell does the Israeli justice system have to do with a trial taking place in France involving two French citizens? The fact that the victim was Jewish has nothing to do with Israel as far as the law is concerned. And in regard to Yigal Amir, he's in prison serving a life sentence..isn't he? So WTF is the problem?
7. Not fit to stand trial
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.05.10)
He will not be locked up in prison but in a mental institute. He go free.
8. insanity
The Last Zionist ,   Eilat   (01.05.10)
Actually Omar it is Jewish killers of Arabs that are insane in Israel.
9. to #1 ha? Rabins killer do time
ghostq   (01.05.10)
he got life, with no parol. he was on trile. where do you palis get your info Harry Poter books?
10. france: killer
debbie ,   israel   (01.05.10)
OMAR, NABLUS This happened in France. It said "The French court". It has nothing to do with Israel. I don't see why the killer being under the influence of marijuana, should ease his sentence in any way. After all, he's the one that smoked the marijuana that made him into a brutal killer?
11. So they'll give him a parade?
steve from raleigh   (01.05.10)
Or will they simply send him to Libya?
12. what he really heard are
voices from the KORAN! hameed aboughaze, iranian
13. Insanity?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.05.10)
"'I heard voices and I thought I was dead. In order to survive I had to kill my best friend. I was not in control. This has nothing to do with religion. Sebastien was a good friend of mine,' he told the court." Sounds pretty lucid to me. Glad he's on his antipsychotic medication. Obviously, he can assist in his defense, so what is the problem with binding him over for trial? If he wants to argue that he was insane at the time of the murder, fine, let him offer that as an affirmative defense. But he should be tried.
14. The hatred was taught to him in his mother's milk
rachel ,   usa   (01.05.10)
.....he doesn't fool me with his lies ...
15. # 7
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.05.10)
ooppss, the end of my post should read; he wont go free.
16. Poor Selam, then Release giving him his medication & an axe
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (01.05.10)
17. If only we had more of him..
volcanictruth ,   universe   (01.05.10)
Now if we only had more of his kind then the problems of palestinians wil come to an end, go French lawmakers go...
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