Fayyad helps burn settlement products
Ali Waked
Published: 05.01.10, 18:17
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1. I only see boxes in the picture ...what products ...
rachel ,   usa   (01.05.10)
2. Photo has tones of book burning. (end)
Essie Hakohane ,   Plantation, FL   (01.05.10)
3. Burning food?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.05.10)
So many people are starving in the world, and these animals burn food by way of protest? Shameful and disgusting. How truly Palestinian of them.
4. Boycott all Arab produce, and hire only Jews
Berl ,   formerly of Seattle   (01.05.10)
5. Wow
Jane   (01.05.10)
that'll show us! Another display of profound intelligence on the part of the Palestinians.
6. Too busy lining his pockets and
Brother Joe ,   Bensonhurst N.Y.   (01.05.10)
skimming off the top with international aide . Just another lying, corrupt thug which makes up the Palestinian Authority. To care about the people - that they don't. All smoke and mirrors.
7. Nothing new, they wont accept anything Jewish
eddie ,   london UK   (01.05.10)
They won't stop at these settlements, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Herzliya are all settlements. Iran , Hebolla al qaeda do not recognize them and neither do Hamas. Shamir was right, as was the "old" Bibi , who has become a leftist. This is their theory of stages.
8. We need a list that has all the companies that
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.05.10)
hire palis. We can then boycott them till they fire each one and sign a pledge never to ever hire another one. Any Israeli having palis work for him is providing aid to the enemy.
9. :: Sarah B - #3
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (01.05.10)
For once I agree with you, it is wrong to destroy this food/goods. As you know Israel’s weak social welfare system is totally sapped by the Haredim sector who would rather get free handouts than do an honest days work which leaves mere pittance for the truly needy in Israel. Personally I would have suggested that this food/goods should have been donated as a gift from the Palestinian people to the raising multitude of poor and homeless in Israel. Such a gift from the Palestinians would have helped to elevate the misery in Israel society.
10. Any books in there?!
jb   (01.05.10)
They've had "good" teachers in the past. No surprise here. They're probably bemoaning the fact that they can't throw Jews in there. Gives these people a State!! Ha!!!
11. Didn't see them throw in their
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (01.05.10)
Mobile Phones, Computers, solar panels micro chips i pods need I go on! lets see how the list can grow! Perhaps we should repair the thousands of rockets they fired over at us and we send the back the same way!
12. On Sunday the Palestinian PM said, ...
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.05.10)
"the future Palestinian state will be "free of fences and of settlements." What the guy really means is much simpler: "FREE OF JEWS." Can you imagine a Jew living in the new State of Palestine? Dhimmi or death- what a choice. The picture reminds us of Germany, where burning Jewish belongings turned into BURNING JEWS. What point is Fayyad trying to make? That he hates Jews more than Abbas?? And everyone thinks this guy is the 'good' Palestinian.
13.  in a normal setting...
OZ   (01.05.10)
he would have been arrsted and charged. but in israel, this" pm"" is considered a""modreate" and therefore must be dealt with golden gloves...... fayyed should have thrown himself into the fire.. no one would miss him.
14. As long as they paid for it, who cares?
burning the product is meaningless. they've paid for it which equals support for the factories. inane logic is inane.
15. Translation: Palestinian State should be free of Jews
JG ,   Modiin, Israel   (01.05.10)
That is what the "Palestinian PM" said. No other way to interpret "On Sunday the Palestinian PM said the future Palestinian state will be "free of fences and of settlements.'" And the world wonders why they should not be permitted a state?
16. Fayyad burning prod.
sherry ,   new york   (01.05.10)
Why are you still sending them food? Humanitarian reasons? FOOLS! Stop giving them the food and let the world donations buy them what they need. Your still acting like suckers!
17. Who they kiddin?
Big Bobby ,   Atlanta, Georgia   (01.05.10)
They love playing the victim while living like kings. Now their brothers in Gaza are another story.
18. Fayyad helps burn settlement products
j.bergamn ,   Brooklyn NY   (01.05.10)
Strip him of hi Israeli PM post. Having an opinion is one thing working against the country that gave you democarcy and rights is unacceptable. It is normally called Fifth Column.
19. No Food Sarah in the Pics
Resistor   (01.05.10)
You were just hungry as usual!
20. Netanyahu's change in the air
Steven ,   San Francisco   (01.05.10)
This must be what Netanyahu is referring to when he senses "a change in the air" coming from the Palestinian side -- smoke rising from burning Israeli goods.
21. Rest of The world must follow the suit &burn Israeli product
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (01.05.10)
UK and Europe already started to question origin of products to know if they are from settlements However as long as Israel specially mark products done in Settlements ALL ISRAELI PRODUCTS should be BANNED, and there must be an effective follow up for correct marking and labelling Palestinians should check products if they are correctly labellled
22. Wow... what a bunch of idiots
AlexB ,   Toronto, Canada   (01.05.10)
Unbelievable... Why not just fine the stores that carry the products? Why do you have to forcefully take their products and make a "dog and pony" show where the frikkin PRIME MINISTER participates in public burning of foodstuffs and daily things that people need? Plus, of course, the whole idea of boycotts is stupid. You should also stop SEEKING WORK at these settlements.
23. Irony
Ron ,   Acton, MA   (01.05.10)
While Gaza complains about lack of products, they are being burned in the West Bank.
24. Its amazing how much confidence new US Prez gives Pals
Alan ,   SA|   (01.05.10)
25. Reply to No 21 - Tayfun
expat   (01.05.10)
Yes, Tayfun, that's a great idea - why don't you start by destroying your computer (which contains technology made in Israel) along with your mobile phone (which includes Israeli technology). And if you ever come down with a serious disease, just check whether the life saving medication comes from Israel. If it does, of course you had better boycott it and die instead.
26. #9 - Actually, send it to "Pals" in West Bank
William ,   Israel   (01.05.10)
There are plenty who are not working or are under-employed in the West Bank. Thanks to Fayyad's new push to rid the area of settler factories - a whole host of new unemployed Arabs will be looking for handouts. A very nice way of displaying circuitous logic among the Arabs, and the weak under-belly of the PA, namely NO social welfare programs!
27. Fayyad - do you need more to burn?
William ,   Israel   (01.05.10)
How many pallets of "bad Israeli settler goods" can I put you down for? Payment needs to be upfront. I can give you a break on delivery and matches.
28. Anybody caught
Paul ,   Jerusalem, ISrael   (01.05.10)
selling or marketing Arab products should be fine. Racism and boycotts can and should go both ways. The question is do Jews have enough dignity and self-respect to do it?
29. #21 - Can we boycott Turkish products?
William ,   Israel   (01.05.10)
until production from Turkish held Kurdish and Cypriot areas are discontinued and handed back to the rightful residents?
30. A perfect PR opportunity. Get photos of burning food
William ,   Israel   (01.05.10)
and Fayyad in front of the fire. Place them on thousands of flyers and dump them over Gaza. Then sit back as the factional war continues.
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