Top ministers pessimistic over peace prospects
Roni Sofer
Published: 06.01.10, 01:03
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1. What can Israel gain by talking to Abbas? No rational answer
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.06.10)
You'd think talking to Abbas was really important the way our leaders are begging the world famous Holocaust denier for a sit down. Yet nobody has come up with a rational answer to the most basic of questions. What does Israel have to gain by talking to Abbas? What does Israel have to lose by talking to Abbas? Absolutely everything, from Jerusalem to our heartland to our small strategic depth to our relative freedom from constant rocket attacks and much, much more.
2. No Al-Quds? No Peace
Nour ,   Palestine   (01.06.10)
The equation is simple. Palestinian soverignty over the Alqsa compound and the rest of E Jerusalem is the most basic requisite for peace, along with land-for-peace on the basis of '67 lines. How many times must the Palestinian negotiator repeat this until Israel accepts this reality? Unpalatable? Even better for us, we get one state (Palestine Solution) from river to sea and we get to return to our ancestral lands like any other refugee in the world. It's a human right.
3. it's a circus...
Jennie ,   USA   (01.06.10)
What peace? What negotiations and with who ? Could there be anything more rediculous of the Israeli Government, then playing this idiotic game of words about pessimism over the "peace process ? In almost seven decades and numerous peace agreements, that never failed to cause more war, terror and further demands from these bandits-isn't it high time for Israel to realize, that this rhetoric of lies is not working...It is not peace, that the abbas and chamas want, but the whole Israel peace by peace....The traitor Barak and the PM, who seems to be so eager to please abbas,mubarak, EU and other enemies , that he forgot his responsibilities to his country and people. He needs to brake the chain of lies and react to actions, not words.
4. Few nations can match the fundamental legitimacy that ...
Ron B. ,   Lod   (01.06.10)
Few nations can match the fundamental legitimacy that Israel has. Beyond the fact that Jews were returning to their ancient homeland, the League of Nations authorized the land west of the Jordan as a Jewish homeland (and, by the way, included the Golan Heights, once known as Northern Galilee) under the Palestine Mandate of July 24, 1922. So it has no lesser legitimacy than Syria or Lebanon (under French Mandate) or Iraq (under British Mandate). Much of the land in Palestine which is claimed to be "stolen" was in fact purchased. Few nations can match the fundamental legitimacy that Israel has as explained :
5. Israel needs to stand firm and look out for its own ...
Ron B. ,   Lod   (01.06.10)
Israel needs to stand firm and look out for its own interests for a change. Tiny Israel is too small for two states, especially when the Arab group takes joy in massacring Jews. The Arabs own 99.9% of the Middle East. They have the space to place ALL the Arabs who claim to be Palestinian –– without cramping. They have the money to settle the Palestinians, especially if the money now spent on the Arab "refugees" is added in. And why should there not be room in the Middle East with its 22 Arab states for a single Jewish State? In fact, when you think about it, the major question is: where should the Palestinian arabs be resettled? that and the need for Israel to stand firm and look out for its own interests for a change. More at :
6. The Game
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.06.10)
Israel is too quick to get back to the game it always loses at.
7. Ynet kills me, where do you get these great photos of Abbas?
☺☺☺   (01.06.10)
8. ynet you have modeling book of Abbas?
ghostq   (01.06.10)
just wondering, I mean every day we see a pic of him in verious faciall expretion. I just hope when the other monthly magazines will have his pic you won't be offended or something. :P
9. Demands Nour, "the patriot", who
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.06.10)
identifies himself as a "Palestinian" but enjoys life in the West too much and will never return to the land of his parents.
10. to #2 for the last time in the 67 the old city
ghostq   (01.06.10)
in jerusalem was in the Israeli side. and you cant put it on the pali side cause it's right near the Herodian jewish area. sheesh don't relay on propeganda but on facts. lol and it located right under the Muslim quarter. giggle go look for it.
11. no. 2 No E. Jerusalem No peace & No israel
Palestinian   (01.06.10)
12. Nour, forget Al-Quds !
Janice Cohen ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.06.10)
13. #2+11 - Dreamers.
Yosef Levy ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (01.06.10)
14. we have adream
Yafa ,   Palestine   (01.06.10)
In my opinion the best solution is to solve the Palestinian Authority and return to normal situation people looking for freedom, because States do not make peoples free, while thethe oppossite is correct and to No. 9 one day every Palestinian will return home
15. To: No. 14
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.06.10)
I agree with you absolutely -- one day every Palestinian Arab will return home. Of course, you do realize that "home" is the Hejaz, in western Saudi Arabia, right? Try not to let the door slam you in the hindquarters on your way out of Eretz Israel.
16. To: Robert at No. 9
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.06.10)
Actually, I think Nour is of the female persuasion. I am basing this solely on Lisa Halaby, who became "Queen Noor" of Jordan. Rather interesting, actually, because I am given to understand that Lisa was quite the hit at Princeton keg parties ....
17. Yafa sometimes...
Janice Cohen ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.06.10)
dreams don't come true.
18. #14 - Do I detect in your words
Jerry B. ,   Los Angeles USA   (01.06.10)
"armed struggle" which will only lead to a new nakba ?
19. .no.2
samuel ,   RSA   (01.06.10)
Al-Quds or whatever you people want to call Jerusalem isn,t mentioned once in your Quran and you pray away from Jerusalem towards Meccca so what exactly are you talking about ?
20. Nour
samuel ,   RSA   (01.06.10)
Nour like his fellow Palestinians are too busy selling themselves in Iraq ,Afghanistan and elsewhere for blood money and couldn,t care about their beloved(sic) homeland as it,s currently occupied by the Hashemites .
21. Nour & fellows no.11
samuel ,   RSA   (01.06.10)
East Jerusalem is currently being resettled by Israelis/Jews who are undettered by bullsh- ,your corrupt Abbas is useless and Israel will be celebrating 62 years in May this year of it,s existence so quit your whining as the Jewish state is thriving while the peasants of Palestine/Jordan continue to be misled by rhetoric and violence ,sorry for you.
22. Yafa
samuel ,   RSA   (01.06.10)
Yafa carry on dreaming over nonsense as your inept corrupt useless leaders don,t care about you or your brothers ,si sters ,fathers ,mothers,uncles,aunts camels ,goats ,sheep they,re to busy liv ing the good life in Ramallah at your expense with money stolen by your hero Arafat ,if you don,t believe me ,then where are Suha and daughter currently residing?
23. #9 Stereotypical attitude
Nour ,   Palestine   (01.06.10)
Wow, I didn't know GMT+2 was considered "The West", I guess I need new geography lessons? It so happens that I speak English so you jump to conclusions. It confirms that you have old, cliched stereotypes about anyone or anything that identifies themselves as Palestinian. I bet you don't have any Arab or Palestinian friends. Try getting some, you might discover they're also humans and yes, some speak impeccable English.
24. Ynet censored my first explanation...
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (01.06.10) I will try again. It is Israel and the likes of the "ministers" mentioned in this article that purposely broke Abu Mazen. Mahmoud Abbas has done everything that is required on the Road Map, bending over backwards. And Israel is still not doing the most basic requirements of the Road Map. There is no one to blame but Israel. Israel created the split between the Palestinians with Sharon's Disengagement Plan that was totally unilateral with no security coordination resulting in the foregone conclusion that Sharon wanted, the better to take the world's eyes off of the illegal colonies in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the root of the problem today. Israel is worried about it's "PR" problem, it's Israel actions a large part of it, among them, terming Abu Mazen as "wretched" when it was Israel that has made him this way.
25. Watch them get this thingontrack and then PA electionsderail
TJ ,   SA/TX   (01.07.10)
the whole thing/process
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