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Abu Gosh mashes up world's largest hummus
Published: 08.01.10, 18:15
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1. We condemn this move
Ali ,   KSA   (01.08.10)
As it is a clear violation of all the UN resolutions, and all international human rights treaties. And we call on the international community to press Israel to respond to the calls of freezing the illegal hummus activities. wa asalamo alaikom.
2. Hummous war
Karin kloosterman ,   Tel Aviv   (01.08.10)
Too bad this journalist didn't interview the Ibrahim family from Abu Ghosh. They are very easy to talk with... I did. Read my story here:
3. Lebanon is NOT Israel's "long-time foe"
Zvi   (01.08.10)
Lebanon has repeatedly been held hostage by Israel's long-time foes. A lot of Lebanese are very much like Israelis - more so than most Arabs - and many of them would rather have peace with Israel. As for who invented Hummus - it's impossible to tell at this point; and in any case, many different individuals and families have come up with variants over time. Nobody should be claiming that they have some kind of patent on the yummy stuff. And as for this ridiculous idea that Israeli Arabs should avoid competing with other Arabs, why SHOULDN'T Israelis, including Israeli Arabs, have the same right to compete for world records as anyone else in the world? The idea that Israelis should avoid participating in a non-violent competition in order to avoid conflict is yet another one of these ridiculous double standards that exists in the media. If this were to cause a handful of overly sensitive idiots to rampage through Beirut, well, overly sensitive idiots rampaged through Beirut recently and it wasn't Israel's fault, any more than this would be. Lebanese and Jordanians and Palestinians and everyone else has a right to make a big plate of hummus. So do Israeli Arabs. So do Israeli Jews. I wish the rival hummus makers in all of the villages of the region all the best of luck! Competition improves the craft.
4. hummus
lady from abughosh ,   abughosh   (01.08.10)
hummus is an arabic traditional dish so it wasn't isrealian and it will not be , shame on you mr ibrahim
5. #4
you mcan to leve israil if you don like. we life here. it is my cuntry. jawadat ibrahim
6. about the video
Elie ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (01.09.10)
notice the huge crowd waving lebanese flags when we lebanese broke the record VS the 3 people around the hummus dish in israel... it just shows at which extent this dish is representative of our culture and how much we enjoy doing it... u israelis just made it to take away from us this joy and national pride
7. 6
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (01.09.10)
So you had some extra flags available big deal. Maybe the organisers were trying to be sensitive to Israeli arabs and not waving so many flags? Did you think about that? Its pretty miserable that a Lebanese guy like you can't get into the spirit of fun of this competition over humous instead of taking it so seriously... Times are changing. There's a new generation of kids coming into the world and maybe.. just maybe they won't hate each other.
8. SA7TEEN!!!!
YAFA ,   PALESTINE   (01.09.10)
9. Humus War
Zak ,   Milwaukee, USA   (01.10.10)
So, the Arabs in the Levant invented Humus. Yes, it's delicious, but it's just a food. We Jews invented Monotheism. Beat that! I know, you've tried; it's called Christianity and Islam. In the case of the latter, you've tried usurped our prophets--even having the gall to claim that Avraham a Muslim (forget that it's chronologically impossible)--as well as our holy city, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount. So, keep your humus. Meanwhile, we Jews will continue to invent and innovate in more important fields, like science and technology and culture. Oh, and one last thing: the Israelis still whip up a mean humus. P.S. Get a life.
10. #6
complain to your arab israeli brothers. it is them, not the jewish israelis that did this dish. i was there as an israeli jew and there were thousands of people in attendance. the camera, a regular camera, can never include thousands of people, but only a few in the picture. you arabs in lebanon are so stupid. how can a camera take a picture of thousands of people standing around if they want to capture the person making the dish???? intelligence, my friend. intelligence!!!!! you got to have one. by the way, who cares if it is yours, ours, or the moon. we all enjoy this dish and this is what counts. what, you want to have am monopoly on humous? it is better you have a monopoly on education, scientific discoveries, medical innovations. this is what betters the humanity and the world, not humous. israel has all the above, including humous. ARE YOU JEALOUS?
11. #8
yafa here is called yafo. and it is not in palestine which never existed as a country, ever. this place is called israel. if you do not like it. then leave!
12. #6
maybe the israelis (jews) that were there came to support their arab israeli citizens? maybe you don't know that most arab israelis live quite nicely with most of the jews in israel?? THEY DO! I CAN ASSURE YOU OF THAT. but then, you will never know that because what your leaders, your media and your press tells you lies and gives you the wrong picture of the arab situation in israel and about israel in particular. believe me, the arab israelis and the jews in israel are doing very well. the palestinians in the west bank is a different story altogether because of the violence in their society and because they are nurtured on hate and violence in schools, in their charter, by their leaders and from birth. you can;t compare the arab israelis to the palestinians in the west bank. two different people. the israeli arabs do not consider themselves palestinian. they consider themselves israeli arabs with full democratic rights, representation in the knesset and government, etc.. it is these arab israeli leaders that stir all the trouble and press the arabs they represent to hate the jews and to hate israel and never to serve in the army or to serve the state in anything positive like national service, and the like.
13. to #4 what wrong you gelous
ghostq   (01.10.10)
to see jews and arabs getting along.
14. to#11
Yafa ,   Palestine   (01.10.10)
hey you that Yafa is not Al- hummus
15. Bean there done that
Ilan ,   Ariel   (01.10.10)
16. Hummus
Penny M ,   Colorado USA   (01.14.10)
I love stopping in Abu Ghosh for humus when we come to Israel. Good job chefs!
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