Egyptian threatened over interest in Israel
Daniel Edelson
Published: 06.01.10, 12:10
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1. Dear Egyptian friends
Ruri   (01.06.10)
David Grossman and Amos Oz are left-wing extremists, loony leftists - they do not in any way shape or form represent the Jewish people, except for a thin layer of "progressive" elitists. I hope this centre has more substantial information about Israel but I doubt it.
2. all lies...just a beat up
Scott ,   Australia   (01.06.10)
...Just ask the regular Israeli bashers that comment here.
3. I bet Jimmy will love to hear all about it.
ghostq   (01.06.10)
after all it's his intrest, or faliur. I will vote for failur.
4. God bless him
Scott ,   Haifa   (01.06.10)
Wish there were lots more like Hussein Baker.
5. to #1 you ment Israelis cause jewish people
ghostq   (01.06.10)
you can find else were.
6. #1 - Amos Oz, David Grossman
zoe ,   jerusalem   (01.06.10)
In case you forgot the one you call a loony leftist lost his son at the hands of Hezbollah, defending his country, which includes you. This alone, if not for the admirable morality and decency of the man, should make you think twice before you start using insults. I do not agree with his positions, but both Grossman and Oz have a right to it. On top of that, they, as writers, are part of the best Israel PR they can be. If Europeans have read anything that's not about war in Israel, it from them.
7. A Tenuous Peace
Essie Hakohane ,   Plantation, FL   (01.06.10)
What is frightful about this story is the peace that currently exists between Israel and Egypt is on shaky ground. As long as Egypt teaches anti-semitism to its youth, provides showings of "The Protocol of the Elders..." on TV, actively discourages cultural exchanges, there is no hope for a true, long term peace. Plus this dictatorial government has the potential to be overthrown by extremists, thus ending any semblance of peace.
8. peace leads to racism, but thats good ,   tel aviv   (01.06.10)
egypt is in favor of peace, but the people respond by being racist against israeli's this is very normal and will eventually lead to coming to terms and then friendliness. Its too bad we have to see all the bad before we get to the good, but that is how it is. good prevails
9. The Cold Peace
NYC Girl   (01.06.10)
The treatment of this young man, along with all the other anti-Israel activities and propaganda coming out of Egypt, violate the spirit of the treaty on which American aid to Egypt is predicated. That being the case, maybe it's time for the U.S. to re-evaluate whether the nearly $3 billion/year we give to Egypt is legitimately deserved. As an American taxpayer...I vote NO.
10. "The yellow badge (or yellow patch)",
ilan ,   nazareth   (01.06.10)
"The yellow badge (or yellow patch)", was first introduced in ISLAMIC countries to subrogate jews,christians and bahai from the local ISLAMIC population long before the NAZIS! 60% of the jews in israel ("mizrahi jews") are refugees from ISLAMIC countries! the first documented massacre in the holy land is the Hebron massacre 1929. google "Jewish exodus from Arab lands" "yellow badge" "plunder of Safed 1834" "Farhud" "Dhimmi" "Tiberias massacre"
11. Great to know there are people as Hussein out there!
uli ,   kiryay ono, israel   (01.06.10)
I felt with you Hussein. People like you that are interested in humanity, sanity and truth are the reason our world still exists. I hope you can come visit us once and i wish that many more arabs would be like you.
12. to #6 that's y he is loony, cause if he
ghostq   (01.06.10)
didn't he probably were much more of right winger. his political opinions and point of view r influenced by his emotions in political espect you can't act by your emotions only logic like chess game. ask Kasparov. and they r not r representative of Israeli cultur cause from what I understood in Israel none even bother to read any of Amos oz books. and if there is you can count them on half a hand.
13. such paranoia is the sign of a weak, failed culture
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (01.06.10)
a culture that can't deal with it's self-made disasters and needs to find something to blame. pure weakness and lacking any intelligence, which is what we've come to expect from a backwards society as the once long ago ex-mighty egypt. what a joke.
14. Courageous to go there
EgyptJewRefugee ,   Geneva, SWitzerland   (01.06.10)
He has a lot of courage.
15. Egypt's thirty-year devolution
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.06.10)
Egypt has become increasingly polarized over the years. It is not the same Egypt that concluded a peace accord with Israel. Thirty years ago, one almost never saw veiled women in Cairo. Today, veiled women are the rule rather than the exception. Mubarak will not live forever, and there is no clear candidate to replace him. All indications are that the already fragile "peace" with Israel will crumble if, as expected, hardline Islamicists gain power. They have made amazing strides already. The supposed "peace" with Israel was never really anything but an exigent measure because Sadat understood that the road to Washington ran through Jerusalem. Mubarak has tolerated a cessation of hostilities with Israel, because the economic payoff to Egypt has been substantial. There is no basis to assume that this cold peace will last forever; in fact, it is quite likely to end with Mubarak's death. Hussain Baker is truly a remarkable young man. Should he wish to take the step, I am sure he will be warmly welcomed in Israel.
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