Israel ranked 47th in standard of living index
Published: 06.01.10, 22:06
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1. nuts...Mexico where the drug cartel is murdering people
Dan ,   USA   (01.06.10)
by the dozen on a daily basis came in before Israel. Wow! What a crazy rating? Where is it published?
2. Nuts....... Israel where Hamas and hezbollah are killing ppl
Danny ,   Usa   (01.07.10)
3. # 1
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.07.10)
Published in "International Living Magazine" so it says !!
4. Bit surprised about Mexico
Ran   (01.07.10)
It's a stunningly beautiful country, but the food is irrigated with toilet water, murders are at an extremely high level and there is constant warfare between drug gangs, one of which is the police. Kidnappings are a real threat to upper-middle class people.
5. New Zealand top 10............
Kiwiboy ,   NZ   (01.07.10)
345 days of rain a year. Sleep with the chickens and get up with the chickens. 3 month waiting list for an X ray using the public health system. 38% income tax + 12.5% GST (vat) and get nothing in return. No proper public health, no proper roads or footpaths, neither state pension. The only way people can move ahead and do move ahead is by renovating their own house, selling for profit and start all over again. Investing either in shares or managed funds- say goodby to your money. Fund managers can be a former plasterer (Tayaah), no prospectus is required. You may get 3 month community service, but JAIL??? it is built on English criminals, so the law is written to protect criminals. Yala maspik: watermelon by the slice? single courgette plastic shrinked wrapped? 5 radishes @ $3.00 eggplant @ $5 a piece? Cucumber by the piece and tomatoes at $10.00 and BS the world with its green and pure image? No emmision levels checked for car polution? Cheap second hand imported cars from Japan, with tampered odometers and made of 2 half cars previously involved in accidents? Shall I continue ILM? Israel is surrounded by 22 enemy states and has a bunch of terrorists next door, its standard of living would be in the top 10 if these low life neighbours were the "chosen ones" for once.
6. If what is happening to palestinian was considered in this s
Jeff Lapointe ,   Canada   (01.07.10)
survey, Israel and Somalia were of course exchanging the rating periodically no doubt.
7. Sorry, Israel
Cameron ,   USA   (01.07.10)
Kinda sad to rate lower than Mexico & Bulgaria.
8. Israel? scored in freedom (92)?
7azon yesha3ya   (01.07.10)
u must be kidding! why? ask the arabs and other poor and down trodden. whoever figured that must have been abusing substance that moment!
9. I fly to Europe on a monthly basis...
anon ,   Johannesburg RSA   (01.07.10)
life in Israel is better then most european comperison, and i feel that Israel's infrastructure is actually very good. electricity (New Gas resources) is great, water supply is great due to problem-solving techniques (which leave the world in amazment), the roads get better every year that i visit. Flats, even though small are well furnished and people live in safety. I already own a property in Tel Aviv, and am planning on purchasing another, as my first this investment seemes to just increase in value (even through the economic crisis). In South Africa i live in a huge home (5beds), pool, tennis court and room for more then 10 cars in the driveway. I have a maid and a gardner - And no, im not considered to be that rich - but the electric fencing, dogs and security company put a damper on things- as crime is out of control. The only thing i find flawed in Israel is its economy (Even though it is modern and class leading), with so many clever and world class individuals it is really hard to rise to the top of your profesion, which is why so many Israeli citizens make their living in other places. Such as myself - I employ 65 South Africans, in Israel i would of worked a 8 till 5 job- working for some huge mulitinational firm. My moderate success means that i am able to support Israel in my own ways be it giving charity like i do every month to the United Israel Appeal, or by investing in, marketing and buying Israeli made goods. If I was giving out the places i would place israel in the first colum, after USA, Canda, Australia, France, Spain, Germany, Italy Japan, ISRAEL and so forth... but thats just my perspective.
10. the full ranking
Roy   (01.07.10)
11. Below Mexico? Wow. That's gotta hurt...
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (01.07.10)
...if Israel would simply make peace it could use all that war making cash to fix the infrastructure. Plus people would not see it as a war-torn country.
12. Heres the URL for the results
rg ,   Jerusalem   (01.07.10) It is crazy how expensive it is to live in Israel - its up there with Finland, Norway, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland, whilst the wages in those countries are far higher.
13. Sorry Ynet but this figures do not represent
Stephen ,   USA   (01.07.10)
Do not represent the true picture,considering Israel has to live in a state of war constantly.Israel does very well.France why? In short they omitted the USA? I think they have their numbers somewhat skewed.Whoever they may be,I think it is pure imagination by the prognosticators who assumed it.
14. Lithuania, Latvia, SURE! That's why they come here to $ettle
5th generation ,   Israel   (01.07.10)
15. no.1
samuel ,   RSA   (01.07.10)
Just shows one how ridiculous these surveys are.
16. Australia 2nd!?
ex-aussie ,   Israel   (01.07.10)
I know countries in Europe that have a better standard of living then Australia, Netherlands for example. Sure Australia has spectacular views but the average Aussie goes o/seas to travel because travel in their country is to expensive. A "lively city culture"? that's a laugh, Sydney is dead after 8pm week nights. I have a better night life and fun in Tel Aviv.
17. To samuel, RSA@ 15yes indeed ridiculous it is.And
James ,   ISRAEL   (01.07.10)
And imagine all the oil producing Arab countries fare sooo badly..why me wonders. I do not put much credibility on this so-called figures at all. A lot of rubbish to put Israel on the lower number.Considering we are fighting all the enemies who surround us, and have a lot of money to spend on our defence system. By and large we are doing just fine. And I, my family/friends are doing just is all a load of BS. Funny to put Israel on a par with: Malta,Hungry,Lithuenia,Slovenia? wow..funnny --Costa Rica?NOT VERY RICA FOR SURE.Poland,and Latvia--oh, oh, Bulgaria,and lo and behold---Mexico? Unbelievable TOSH .
18. "simply make peace"
Gavriela ,   usa, usa   (01.07.10)
That phrase is code for "lie down with your belly up and concede to your enemies".
19. To Kiwiboy@5 Sorry i missed your sensible post.
James ,   ISRAEL   (01.08.10)
You have elaborated the whole malicious tendency on economics and the way many countries deal toward the people with their grandiose ideas only for them to profit at the expense of the poor. Bravo for putting the onus on the ones you mentioned, am not surprised to read.Most decent people know of the hardships some people live in.To think Israel was supposed to be put on a low scale is nothing but ridiculous. Fact Israel has to deal with the terrorists and has to an army to maintain--they forget tose countries who were put on PEDESTAL is cringe making. Whoever construed this graph' must have been drunk with power. A very good post Kiwiboy thank you. If I is life over in NZ for you nowadays? I hope you are not suffering any deficiencies having presented the anomalies you put out.
20. Congratulations!
Tal ,   Haifa IL   (03.16.10)
Yep , we are bunch of loosers, I knew it!
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