Haredi entertainer suspected of molesting kid
Ronen Medzini
Published: 08.01.10, 15:59
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stude ham   (01.08.10)
child molestation knows no bounds. even catholic priests have been known to do it... the problem only seems to come as a shock when the perpetrator is in a position of public trust... such as a teacher... a youth group leader... a member of the clergy... someone in the police forces...a politician... but noone is necessarily above giving in to their darker urges. so 'haredi' is a meaningless descriptor and really should not have been used by the press.
2. Man O' man....
Marco ,   Spain   (01.08.10)
Dont tell me that another Rabbi is in trouble for sexual abuse.......
3. Molesting a "kid"?
Anon ,   LA, CA USA   (01.09.10)
Shouldn't a real news service refrain from slang in their headlines -- unless this person molested a baby goat.
4. #2
oh god, please do not tell me that another priest molested children in church schools and church activities and the higher ups are shooshing all this and hiding those priests by moving them to new schools after repeated episodes. didn't that happen in spain in 2001? where the church refused to let the priest go and moved his to another school so that he can molest others??? in the usa, it is a big problem. there is a movie about it. you should watch it.
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