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Iraq wants to turn ancient Jewish tomb into mosque
Smadar Peri
Published: 18.01.10, 15:04
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1. so whats new?
Yisraeli   (01.18.10)
This is what the cult of Islam does, everywhere it goes it eradicates other peoples histories and make them their own. Nothing new here. Why you think they even built a mosque on the Tempel Mount because it was the holy place of another religion they seek to replace and claim as their own. So tell me whats new under the sun?
2. What about Prophet Moses tomb....
Eric ,   JHB SA   (01.18.10)
It is very strange that Prophet Moses tomb is in Israel but they pay no attention to it but pay more attention to a lesser Prophet of the Jews, only because it is in Muslim lands. It must be remember that all Prophets sent to mankind "submitted to the Will of the Almighty". The meaning of the arabic word Muslim means "one who submits to the Will of the Almighty"
3. Measure for Measure - Jews protect your heritage.
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.18.10)
Jews need to act measure for measure, and watch the disproportionate anger against any Jewish actions, if even just suspected of the same . The hypocrisy of the world is a disgrace and the Leftists of this country encourage it.
4. Warn Iraq that if they
Eyal ,   USA   (01.18.10)
destroy the tomb, we will destroy every tomb in Israel, so that there isn't any Islam connection in Israel.
5. this is an outrage. and it needs to be
gal1 ,   israel   (01.18.10)
stopped. let us bring him home and re bury him in israel.
6. jewish tomp into mosque
yaniv ,   england/london   (01.18.10)
why is there so much silence in this world when the muslims try to erase anything connected to judiasim and its even done publicly, but when a jewish person does someting it becomes such a crime!!! All jews round the world need to make much more noise (propaganda) so others have a much better understanding of whats really going on.
7. there's those pesky facts again
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (01.18.10)
when the facts describe something that actually happened in the past that you don't like, just make some cosmetic changes where needed and, voila! that established history that everybody knows about never happened. it tells a lot about the intelligence (meaning: the lack thereof) of the people who do these sorts of things.
8. Irony
Stefan ,   Atlanta GA   (01.18.10)
It's sad that the Jewish people have gone to the extreme to preserve the Moslem temples but Moslems cannot reciprocate. After all, the mosque at the Dome-of-the-Rock in Jerusalem was built on the site most sacred Jewish temple ever constructed: Solomon’s temple. Now, Iran is going to demolish another sacred Jewish site to build another mosque. Why are Moslems permitted to conduct such desecration? They destroy Jewish and Christian sites to build mosques but Churches and Temples are never built on Moslem sites. Is there a double standard or just a clear lack of mutual respect?
9. :: Pot-Kettle-Black
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (01.18.10)
Sounds just like what Israel is trying to do in the WB and E Jerusalem eg: remove all traces of Palestinian heritage. Israel also destroyed hundreds of Palestinians and Hebrewized the entire landscape after 1947. All this is well documented by Israeli scholars.
10. to #3 Moses wasn't prophet to jews
ghostq   (01.18.10)
but ancestor, what Muslim basicaly today try to kill their own prophet offsprings(moses, they see him as their prophet) that includes the zionists. :) ironic isn't it, how they don't know their own religioun, cause all their stories suddenly end when moses die not nowing his family (Haron and Miriam) and the rest of the israelit continued their journey home to the promise land. but one day they will wake up it will be renesense Arabic secular revolution in 800 years from now. I can't tell you waite and see but it's expected.
11. #2 Moses' Tomb?
Meir ,   Toronto   (01.18.10)
No one knows where Moses' tomb/burial place is. Various places are suggested as possible sites but there is no certainty. This was done by design so as to avoid any temptation to have Moses worshipped in death as a god.
12. Re #2
Re: #2   (01.18.10)
Moses was buried in Moab, and we don't know where exactly his grave is. See Deuteronomy 34.
13. wow matty
groves   (01.18.10)
ur one of the best anti-semite i've seen so far on this site. congrats...
14. Matty - continue with your
Eyal ,   USA   (01.18.10)
BS. I guess you wouldn't mind than that we destroy Al Aksa? Perhaps all the Muslim tombs? We don't need Islam presence in Israel, since it's Jewish and Zionists forever? Don't reply with stupidity, the Jews are much better than the Arabs regarding keeping peoples history.
15. lets see if unesco or un is good for anything. if not kick
ralph   (01.18.10)
them out of israel
16. we must aggressively use this opportunity to take back ever
ralph   (01.18.10)
every bit of jewish land, sites, grave yards etc etc the hell with arab or world sentiments.
17. # 2 It is very strange that Prophet Moses tomb is in Israel
OBSERVER ,   CANADA   (01.18.10)
It is very strange that Prophet Moses tomb is in Israel . WHERE IS IT?
18. Can we expect Iraq to take better care of Yekhezqeil's tomb
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (01.18.10)
than we do Yoseiph's tomb? Paqid Yirmeyahu Paqid 16, The Netzarim, Ra'anana, Israel Israeli Torah-reverer (& Orthodox Jew) Advocate for Logic as Hermeneutic Halakhic Authority Welcoming All Torah-reverers (Jews & non-Jews)
19. :: Eyal - #14
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (01.18.10)
Well Israel has destroyed so much already I’m not sure if there is that much left to destroy. However if you wish to destroy Al Aksa go ahead as I’d be interested to see how Israel copes with the wave of attacks as well as total international isolation and censure. A classic Judeofacist racist remark, well done Eyal, did you think of that remark yourself or did you copy it from a hate site?
20. Destroying Muslim gravesites in Jerusalem
Kim ,   Australia   (01.18.10)
Perhaps Israel and Zionists should look to their own backyard .... the Israeli state is currently trying to build the so called Museum of Tolerance on an Muslim grave site in Jerusalem....but no doubt the Zionists outraged at Iraq's actions think its fine to destroy tombs in their own back yard as long as they are Muslim.
21. Haha Matty Matty the fool
Eyal ,   USA   (01.18.10)
The wave of attacks against Israel, like that didn't happen before? scary..hahaha.... you should be lucky Israel isn't a Muslim barbaric state, like Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and of course Iraq, otherwise, you wouldn't be alive to say sh*t. You should be lucky Israel allows you to live heheheh sucker. By the way, Israel has 100's of Devil worshiping, Satan loving mosques and temples and tomb's you call nothing (in the name of Islam) .
22. voices in my mind
cristian ,   bs as arg   (01.18.10)
Jesus said when the unclean spirit is gone out of a man he walketh through dry places seeking rest and findeth none then he said i will return into my house from whence i came out and when he is come he findeth it empty swept and garnished then goeth he and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself and they enter in and dwell there and the last state of that man is worse than the first even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation,thoughts of envy,jealous,fornication and hate are in my mind with my own voice i need the lord´s salvation because i know i am not me.
23. If things are like that by now...
Keren ,   IL-BR   (01.18.10)
...just imagine how they would be if the chief of UNESCO would be that Farouk(I think that's the name of the Egyiptian anti-semit). Well,Islamists are around making great damages,and if they are let to keep on,a tragedy will come,G-d forbid.
24. To Yisraeli@ 1..The minute I came read the article>>.
Kate ,   ISRAEL   (01.18.10)
And your post that took the words out of my mouth. Is this a new phenomenon? Don't Arab/Muslims constantly destroy Jewish and even Christian holy places and summarily build mosques on top of it. The biggest example is the big onion where OUR HOLY TEMPLE WAS/SHOULD BE. The second is The Hagia Sophia in Istambul. So many,and too numerous. Wonder what Obama thinks about this latest.or perhpas he is too busy trying to give Iraq comfort. Incidently isn't it convenient so soon after they were asking/complaining of the destruction OF OSIRAK? Yes,so what's new indeed.
25. To @2 Eric,JHB SA..Just a short reply
James ,   ISRAEL   (01.18.10)
The Tomb of Moses Is Still Undiscoverd. There is an article implying it may be in Jerico Mt.Nebo where the Muslims attend and celebrate/validating the holy place annually. Fact remains no one knows exactly if at all Moses was burried,where, when. At least as far as I am aware having searched through newsites.
26. Should Jews' build synagogue on Mohammed's grave, erase Arab
Jae ,   Lynn US   (01.18.10)
Arabic, and print hebrew, all while claiming he is Jewish? This is the absurd and the worst of the worst; its exactly what moslems did with the Tmeple site- building their mosque there and trying to erase Jewish history.
27. Arabs get away with building on top of others' 1st Temple
Jae ,   Lynn US   (01.18.10)
in Jerusalem, and now this. Ridiculous! Where are you israel?? Iran and the arab world would throw a hissy fit if Jews built synagogue in former Jewish enclaves medina and mecca (yathrib), on top of mohammed's grave!!! Have you no shame or pride Israel government??
28. "No one knows" Moses burial site
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (01.18.10)
Contrary to Eric's claim (#2) there is no tomb to Moses in Israel or anywhere else. The Torah itself says that G-d buried him "and no one knows" its location. As to Kim's reference to that Muslim gravesite in Jerusalem for the Museum of Tolerance, the Muslims themselves in the 1920s planned to build on that very site, but never did. And any graves found are relocated - that's standard practice in Israel. Personally, I oppose the Museum, not just because it's a bloody waste of money, but because it's not us Jews who need to learn tolerance, rather our Arab and Muslim neighbors.
29. To anyone interested in Jewish History of Moses.
James ,   ISRAEL   (01.18.10)
The biblical character of Moses is the most important figure in Judaism, the leader of the children of Israel from Egyptian bondage and particularly, the great teacher of the Torah he received from God; hence the Torah is often called the "Torah of Moses” According to biblical tradition, the extended Jewish family began with Abraham. But the religion of Judaism began with Mosheh Rabbenu, which translates as "Moses, our teacher." Moses was the lawgiver, the great liberator and reluctant servant of God. He is the most prominent figure, some say the author, of the Torah. Lists of the top ten most influential people of history are unanimous in recognizing his importance. Scholars may not be able to decide whether or not he really existed, but all are in agreement as to his importance.
30. as it should cause shock, unfortunately, it doesnt
jerusalem   (01.18.10)
there have been mosques here in the "state of israel" that have been destroyed, turned into bars, night clubs, and artist studios where works in the nude are painted. this has been made legally possible by the israeli govt. this is not counting the many mosques that the israeli govt refuse to allow their preservation being that there exists many historical and therefore unsafe structures. gotta give it to the israeli state though, they found some pretty "unique" innovations to the "mosque problem"
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