Turkish TV show portrays Israelis as baby snatchers
Roni Sofer
Published: 11.01.10, 15:29
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1. here we go again.i feel another de ja vu
gal1 ,   israel   (01.11.10)
rush coming on.
2. Why not go on a ohere in Israel
Lioness ,   Israel   (01.11.10)
There is the beautiful Dead Sea and of course Eilat which have some nice sun this time of the year. Keep your money here is Israel and help the Israeli economy
3. Turkish TV show portrays Israelis as baby snatchers
Gerry   (01.11.10)
no one shoud trust turkey!!!
4. You people ever heard of.....
Marco ,   SPain   (01.11.10)
freedom of expression???? Why is the double standards here. When that Danish idiot published cartoons that Muslims found offensive, you all here barked in favor of freedom of expression. I fail to see the difference here.
5. this is art not incitement, right
IZZIE IRGUN ,   zion   (01.11.10)
so much for secular turkey being a modern islamic country .. its morphing into another anti west islamic stoolie. Looks like the islamic crowd in turkey has scared off EU membership so they are turning to their brothers in the middle east nmsmerly, syria, iran and lebanon to start. They are so deparate to be relevent that they are now self destructing. But aside from how stuipid Turkey looks, or should i say medevil, this show is just another example of the daily incitment practiced by muslims all day every day everywhere in the world. Thgey want peace and this is the garbage that they serve up to their brainwashed populations. Why should Israel do anything to help ay fo these countries or offer any terms for peace when everyday they are subject to this kind of incitment. When turkish kid start blowing themsleves up because their parents aren't islamic enough or didnt; kill enough jews, then they will relaize who they are really hurting.
6. Fight fire with fire
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.11.10)
I think Israeli television can come with a production of what the Turks have done to the Kurdish people. I also think a nice documentary would be appropriate -- one which examines in great detail the mass extermination of the Armenian people by the Turks. Israel has a vested interest in producing such a documentary -- it was the massacre of the Armenians that paved the way for the Holocaust, after all.
7. its a shame
samuel   (01.11.10)
8. #4
the difference marco is that these muhammad cartoons were eventually taken down and not allowed to be exhibited. while here, in turkey, this is another series after the last one that was never taken down as offensive as it is. it has to stop, this craziness in turkey. it is not right as the muhamad cartoons were not right. if the cartoons were taken down because it was offensive to muslims, why do you think that these idiotic and antisemitic and anti israel and hateful series in turkey should not be taken down? because it is about israel which you hate so this is ok??? double standard. maybe?
9. So they hate Jews. This is news, how?
steve from raleigh   (01.11.10)
Seriously, Turkey's vaunted 'support[' of Israel extends to what military technology they can buy from them. Half of which will probably end up with Iran and Hezbollah soon. I say let Turkey go the way of all the other insane theocratic Muslim states and implode. They'll probably wind up blaming that on Israel too, so what?
10. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.11.10)
Freedom of expression does not extend to acts of license, such as shouting "Fire!" in a crowded theatre when there is in fact no fire. Freedom of expression does not cover willful and harmful lies, either. Moslems are free to find cartoons offensive; Jews and Israelis -- and quite a few non-Jews and non-Israelis -- find the depictions of Jews and Israelis that pervade the Arab and Moslem press to be offensive indeed. However, only Islamofascists have issued fatwas ordering the death of an offending cartoonist. That is not covered by freedom of expression; nor is attempted murder, murder, grievous bodily harm and felony home invasion. Just ask Mr. Rushdie, assuming you can find him. Mr. Van Gogh, the Dutch filmmaker murdered by an Islamofascist is no longer available to answer any questions. His family and friends, on the other hand, have had a great deal to say about his murder. As has the Dutch government. None of it has been particularly complimentary, but -- hey -- that IS protected freedom of expression. I guess Arabs and Moslems only believe in freedom of expression on their terms, eh? They do not seem to believe that any other people enjoy the right to free expression, and have proven this astonishing hypocrisy on quite a number of occasions. Finally -- I submit that the so-called "offensive" Danish cartoon paled in comparison to depictions of Jews and Israel in the Islamic and Arab press. Would Jews and Israelis therefore be justified in murdering the creators of these cartoons? According to you -- they would. The depictions of Jews and Israelis in these cartoons are blatant lies. On the other hand, the depiction of Mohammed as wearing a turban which is a bomb is a direct response to all those imams and mullahs and ayatollahs that say that bombing of the so-called "infidel" is in furtherance of Islam and they always have a litany of citations to the Qu'uran by way of proof. Why is it okay for Islamic clerics to say it, but not for a Danish cartoonist to draw it? You're a fraud, Marco, and please stay away from issues such as freedom of expression. Your arguments are just too easy to dispose of. Why do you have such a fierce determination to embarrass yourself over and over and over again? Are you that much of a masochist, or are you merely too stupid to recognize the degree to which you are humiliating yourself?
11. STOP complaining
tiki ,   belgium   (01.11.10)
Why always complain, calling the Turkish ambassador, when it's soo easy to counter. Produce a film/play/satire about the famous 'intelligence of the Turks, their fanatical 'denial of their murderous past, etc, etc. Sell it and make money. When they complain..... freedom of speech, remember.
12. #4 you must be joking !
Dia ,   Germany   (01.11.10)
"freedom of speech" HAHAHAH Turkey should first give freedom of speech to Curds and other minorities + other religions and not only those notorious Jews haters. Turkey needs another 100 Years of democratic development and religious tolerance until they would be aloud to join the EU ! Dia Germany
13. dunno whats the big deal, since the first movie there was
ezra ,   London   (01.11.10)
always a bad guy; the Apaches, the Russians, the extremist and now the israelis. and not undeservedly as we've all seen
14. What about one with armenian genocide?
smith   (01.11.10)
15. Leyt m ereply to Polat's question in the film
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (01.11.10)
In the film strip above The Israeli guy tells Polat that this is considered foreign soil therefore they were conducting a war crime then Polat asks the question - Will you be the only people gto conduct war crimes? - The answer to Polat using actual facts is that Turkey has conducted war crimes in Cyprus and some of it recently discovered and published in the Turkish media. There are about 30 thousand Greek Cypriots lost since 1974 invasion. Late last year mass graves were found in the north of Cyprus of some Greek civilians and POWs. They were shot point blank and buried in a mass grave. This film is fiction as the disclaimer indicated at the begging. The news about the war crime in Cyprus is real reported in Hurroiyet, Milliyet, Sabah (The news paper owned by Erdogan's son in law)
16. Marco de Espana
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (01.11.10)
There is freedomn of speech and then there is blood libel. They are different. You as an Espanol should know it from your history when La Reina Isabelita declared the Inquisition based on the blood libels that the Catholic Church started. But in Turkey similar incitements caused mass attacks to the Jewish minorities in 1936 Kirklareli pogroms, in 1941 the unfair tax law called VARLIK VERGISI sending many Jews to labor camps at Askale and unfairly redrafting Jewish men into a so called military service but actually labor camp, In 1955 the September 6-7 incidents. There is a fine line between freedom of speech and incitement. Based on the Turkish hoistory and national character these are plain out incitements. Here it from me a Jew born and raised, educated, served in the military of Turkey. Buenos dias
17. #4-not freedom of speech but freedom
Shai ,   Israel   (01.11.10)
of incitement and lies as people like you doing idiot...
18. To # 16
Atheist Turk ,   Germany   (01.11.10)
Hello David. Do not waste your time with watching cheap Turkish movies. Turkish movies always have been racist. Cüneyt Arkin´s Battal Gazi was always insulting Christians. Turkey was always a save heaven for racists. In the case of Cyprus it is more difficult. Do not forget the Turkish victims of the EOKA. Regards
Rune F ,   Oslo Norway   (01.11.10)
That so many blames Israel for everything Psalm25:22Redeem Israel, O God, out of all his troubles.
20. Arts community used to groom...
Galut ,   Selah   (01.11.10)
....anti-semitism nothing new here
21. well at least
dani   (01.11.10)
there can be aliyah of the rest of the turkish jews now
22. Atheist Turk: I supported the Turkish intervention to Cypru
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (01.11.10)
War is not something that we desire. However as recently President Obama said in his speach while accepting his Nobel peace prize there are times when it cannot be avoided. In a world where there are people who would blindly sacrifice themselves for a belief or ideology as suicide bombers and mothers who are proud of them the only option to preseve peadce and common sense might be fighting them. Cyprus is a very complicated matter. While I support the Turkish intervention on the base of protecting the Turkish mionority, the Nikos Sampson coup was caused by Bulent Ecevit's election campaign promisses of pullung out of NATO and getting closer with SSCB at a time when Makarios was using horse trading methods to skim more money from USA for the military bases in Cyprus just like a few year prior to it Dom Mintof of Malta had done.
23. #10 - Well said Sarah.
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.11.10)
As always, you put together a thorough, well-written rebuttal to the BS brought forth by Israel-hating pricks like this Marco. And as always, you make him look ridiculous... Thank you very much.
24. # 22
Atheist Turk ,   Germany   (01.11.10)
Hello David. The Cyprus case is really difficult. So no comment on this here. :) I agree with you on the HAMAS case. They launched more than 7.000 rockets on Israel. They carried out suicide-attacks. I saw the memorial for the victims of the Dolphinarium bombing in Tel Aviv. Really scary. That what the radical Turks do not understand is, that the HAMAS does not accept the right of human beings to live in freedom. The HAMAS abuses its people as weapons. During Cast Lead a HAMAS official proclaimed: Those who became sehit´s (shaheed) today, should not worry. Those who were born today will substitute them. How can someone who is in charge for people say something like that? But the HAMAS is a jihadist organisation. What else can you expect from these people? I really hate radical Islam. I am becoming more and more intolerant towards these people. Even though I am a very tolerant person. Regards
25. Erdogan,doesn't talk for everyone in Turkey
AMordern Turk ,   EU   (01.11.10)
He is playing to the Muslims in the region,and not to the enlightened Turks around the world.He is becoming an Iranian Mullah.
26. Atheist Turk
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (01.11.10)
I agree with you. Although I myself have no religious beliefs just like you, I do have a lot of respect for those who believe in any religion in a peaceful and respectful manner. Some people need that spiritual support to live a happy life and others like you and me do not. Unfortunately for the past 7-8 years many Turks out of frustration for their past leaders' incompetent or rather populist but ineffective policies turned to AKP who used the power that they gained to unfairly crate a new Islamist bourgeoisy. Now the only way gto be successful in Turkey in business is to either be an Islamist or pretend to be one like the gay fashion designer. Al ogtherrs are subject to the KODE-5 TAX INVESGTIGATIONS, denied any government contracts or put in jail based on an unsubstantiated coup case ergenekon. Mr. Erdogan is the best master of Takiye (takkiyah) or double talk that I have seen in my 60 year life. If it is true that USA and Israel supported him and his party it is really a shame.
27. Long live Turkey......
Moshe ,   Israel   (01.12.10)
28. I'm more offended...
David Olesker ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.12.10)
by them showing one Jack Bauer wannabee knocking over hordes of Israeli security personnel. Hating us is one thing, but portraying us as a bunch of wussies... that's too much!
29. Tolerance
Robert ,   Brisbane, Australia   (01.12.10)
How dare anyone make any criticism of Israel as any Israeli will tell you that they live in the most tolerant society in the world where other religions are accepted and welcomed as equal without question.
30. Turks are heroes in movies but cowards to face IDF/IAF
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (01.12.10)
in real life this is why that feel the need to make movies to show their fake bravado
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