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The first Hebrew ghetto
Aviad Kleinberg
Published: 14.01.10, 00:08
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1. logic
samia ,   .....   (01.14.10)
no one carries his door put it in neighbors land and lock it it is not cultural or security or fear it is a wrong decision do not need apology but .........war to the end
2. unless Israel
boris ,   nyc, ny   (01.14.10)
get rid of all arabs (including so-called "palestinians) through immigration, deportation or just paying them to leave country, she never achieve peace, beacause arab countries do not want to fight Israel themselves and use "pals" as cannon fodder.
3. Pipe dreamer
Ariel ,   Earth   (01.14.10)
It all seems wonderful. Just let everybody in and treat them well and the country will prosper. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that. Tell us Aviad, do you have a fence around your house to protect your privacy and property from the friendly neighbours? Do you leave your front door open and announce that all are welcome in your home and may sleep on your couch and eat from your fridge as they please, without any rules? All countries must have solid borders and it is the right of a sovreign nation to decide who will come to live and work in their "home". Israel should stop bringing foreign workers and give jobs to Israeli citizens, even if they deem jobs like cleaning as "beneath them". Don't want to clean when it's the only job available? Then you won't receive your dole payment. Do you want to come to Israel to seek a better life? Apply at the UN or your local Israeli embassy for asylum and be processed like the rest.
4. When will you delusional idealists ever get it?
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (01.14.10)
Do you really think that anybody really wants this fence? Just the thought about how much of our tax money is being wasted on this thing when it could be either saved until the next year as a surplus or handed back to us as an economic stimulus is enough to get anybody with a speck of sense in their heads angry. Unfortunately, however, the fence, like government itself, is a necessary evil. We need it for a myriad of reasons- among them safety of our citizens, the security of our workforce, and restricting the exploitation of illegal aliens. Yes, the fence stinks, but we need the fence because the reality of the world around us stinks even worse. In an ideal world, everybody would be able to live anywhere and everywhere they want to live and have as much to eat as they want and as much money to buy all the things that they want. This is not an ideal world, however, and scarcity is unfortunately an unavoidable fact of life on this planet. Governments exist for a reason- to protect the lives, property and freedom of their citizens, often at the expense of non-citizens. Any government that is unwilling or unable to do so has no justifiable reason for existence. Don't hate the state for building the fence, hate the system that forces states to build fences and hate the countries that force their citizens to risk life and limb to flee their own countries...
5. Fence Around Yisrael
Bill ,   Buffalo Grove, IL US   (01.14.10)
Be practical. Yisrael is a separate country and simply put, doesn't have the resources to bring the whole world's poor in-NO COUNTRY DOES. Can you honestly believe that Yisrael can survive and maintain its character as a separate unique country if it was flooded with illegals? Time for you to get off your ideological horse.
6. Most definitive description of the future now yet...
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (01.14.10)
...it should make for sobering reading for the rational people but I'm guessing that the comments will be filled with wingnuts telling you how wrong you are, even as there is no possible way to deny the reality you describe. They're like that.
7. African refugees are a bigger threat than Arab terrorists
Terrorists can at most kill a handful of Jews. Illegal immigrants are more dangerous, because they threaten to swamp Israel and destroy the social fabric that makes Israel successful.
8. Borders are Walls too
Mark ,   US   (01.14.10)
US is building a long wall along its border with Mexico. So what.
9. gheto
hashoa ,   europe   (01.14.10)
are you stupid ,or are you stupid?do you even know what is a gheto?
10. very good article
victor   (01.14.10)
11. Fear
AARON ,   Jerusalem   (01.14.10)
Yes, this is true, walls and walls, on land, in mind, in culture, in ethics, in our legal system and in our hearts. All made in ISRAEL. W e can’t just keep acting as the perpetrators and increasing the fear and dread in our weakening society including the coming generations.
12. Back in the mid-80s (1984, I think)...
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel aviv   (01.14.10)
...there was a play at Beit Lessin where a yored living in California made this suggestion! The character was serious, but it was written in to show what a boob he was. Don't remember who played him, but his wife was played by Gila Almagor
13. #7
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (01.14.10)
And what social framework are you referring to, pray tell.
14. #6 bbs - "They're like that"
CK Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (01.14.10)
Well, bbs, and what does "that" make YOU? "YOU" as in you and YOUR unbridled LIES and MISREPRESENTATIONS of situations and events to MISLEAD the uninformed. I am guess it MUST be because you ARE like that.
15. Quo Vadis - Israel ?
Narita. ,   Sweden.   (01.14.10)
Interesting article, with a daring angle. May I suggest, that one places mirrors on - both - sides of the fence, one every 10 meters.
16. Ghetto fence
Avraham ,   Jerusalem   (01.14.10)
OK, Mr Kleinberg, you are against fences on Israeli borders, But, have you another solution? Is it to open all our borders to anyone who wants to enter Israel and its towns and settle there? We do not live in the Western Europe (EU) where free circulation of people and goods is a normal phenomenon. We leave in the Near/Middle East, surrounded by hundreds of million Arabs and Muslims who would gladly and immediately invade Israel and put the end to the Jewish state. Let's hope it is not what you had in your mind, Mr Kleinberg?
17. Wonderful,
Salma ,   Palestine   (01.14.10)
there are those in Israel who think of mind,but you forgot, Sir, to remember the wall being built by your clever country I would expect that in thecoming years may be in the Knesset as long as this is the magic solution to resolve the problems in Israel,wow!
18. Yes, we must allow in millions of Refugees & Arabs
Israeli Leftist ,   CukooLand   (01.14.10)
19. great
sherry ,   egypt   (01.14.10)
WONDERFUL article!!...
20. Oh, Mr Ayalon!!!
Yafa ,   Palestine   (01.14.10)
Oh Mr. Ayalon,You had to build a wall between you and the Turkish ambassador in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, perhaps it was Mr.Lieberman mistake who did not give you the appropriate solution to punish Turkey maybe next time!!!!
21. Eurabia case in point for Israel's security
Eitan ,   Chicago   (01.14.10)
In Malmo, Sweden, police must enter certain neighborhoods of the 25% Muslim town with 2 cruisers, since their cars are typically vandalized when a cop arrives without an escort. In France, 751 "sensitive urban zones" (ZUS) exist where the government and law enforcement cannot control the Islamic supremacists and mafia criminal activity - these immigrant-populated zones are de facto not part of the French state! Israel and the US would obviously do well to avoid losing control of their cities to opportunistic immigrants who refuse to respect their host countries' laws.
22. Massada without the suicide?
Ussishkin ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (01.14.10)
I'm surprised at how long its taken for someone to realise what we are doing to ourselves. We are supposed to be strong militarily - this is the behaviour of a frightened people. We are being lead by men with no vision except sitting in the seat marked "power" for just one more day. Such men do not want to use our military strength to give us confidence to use diplomacy to begin creating a different future for our young people. What Bibi is saying is "and then we'll lock the gate and throw away the key."
23. More Leftist corrupted thinking
Frank ,   Canada   (01.14.10)
Ghettos were an oppression tool against the Jews. The purpose of a fortified border is not to oppress Jews but to protect them. This is all about securing the border. If Kleinberg regards securing a border as a ghetto, he must admit that Israel is already a ghetto because the border is currently secured by the military.
24. China did pretty well with its wall as well
Pragmatist   (01.15.10)
The best offense in this case is a good defense. Obviously any type of offensive maneuver is not allowed by the world population.
25. good artical
marko ,   tel aviv   (01.15.10)
At last some one who sees reality in Israel
26. The First Hebrew Ghetto.
Alan. ,   U.K   (01.15.10)
#7. My wife is Jewish, my daughter also. I have African and English blood inside me. You... my friend, upset, disturb and disgust me! A Jewish person who is Racist? Let's meet each other and sit down so I can teach you a thing or two.
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