Arab media: Turkish ambassador humiliated by Israel
Roee Nahmias
Published: 12.01.10, 12:24
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31. #30 your reading too many nazis website
rachel ,   usa   (01.12.10)
32. To No: 25
Mike the Pike! ,   London UK   (01.12.10)
Here we go again. Holocaust, Holocaust! Yes it happened, it was terrible and evil. THAT DOES NOT Justtify you using it every single time to put a zionist point accross. The Holocaust has been abused by people like you mentioning as a justification for things not relevant to the holocaust. You disrespect every person that dies in the Holocaust the liberal way you so use it! I doubt Turkey needs Israel really. But poor isolated Israel does need Turkey. Turkey, now the energy corridor of the world, fingers in all pies locally. 4th Strongest Millitary, Second Strongest in NATO I do belive. Now becoming strong allies with Russia. What do the Turks care about Israel (a state only supported by US Taxpayers money).
33. Turkey out of NATO?
ALi ,   Istanbul   (01.12.10)
Sarah.. keep dreaming. Largest standing army in Europe.. u want to put TR out of NATO, I WISH! The more you talk like this, the more the Turks will HATE you. PLease go on.. this is the goal of Erdogan. Idiots like you making Turkey hate YOU :)))))
34. To: No. 32
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.13.10)
The analogy is not to the Holocaust but rather to the silence of nations -- the U.K., for example -- which allowed the Holocaust to happen. By the way -- why do you have a problem with factual historical reference? If it's fiction you want, perhaps you ought to be blogging on Al Jazeera's website. Plenty of that going on there.
35. Twisted view of history
Robert ,   Brisbane, Australia   (01.13.10)
To No. 34 "the U.K., for example -- which allowed the Holocaust to happen". Your analysis has become tainted by your evidently twisted views on this topic. Maybe you'd like to share your evidence to justify your opinion that the UK "allowed the Holocaust to happen". It is becoming typical that Israel blames everybody else for their history. After making such a stupid claim every subsequent post from you will lose any credibility.
36. Sarah #32
Resistor   (01.13.10)
Time to be silent again, Sarah. Good girl.
37. To: No. 30
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.13.10)
Congratulations. You get my vote for most rambling and incoherent post of the day. If you are capable of an original thought, please regale us with those. Your habit of posting a transcript of your imam's rant of the day is getting rather tiresome.
38. Little self-criticism?
BadTurk ,   Washington DC, USA   (01.13.10)
Israel has been persistently marginalizing and isolating itself from rest of the world for some time. It's not just Turkey. In Britain courts issued a warrant for the arrest of former foreign minister (of Israel) and other high ranked officials because of the war crimes in Gazza. Israel cannot pick up on entire world. I hope someday common sense will win and fanatics will loose in Israel.
39. #32 I dare you to change holocaust for slavery of
rachel ,   usa   (01.13.10)
blacks ...go ahead and tell them you are tired of hearing about slavery ..make me laugh
40. #36 what's the matter ,yes I know its hard to be outdone by
rachel ,   usa   (01.13.10)
a girl...She 's too smart for you ......hahahahahahah
41. Turkish ambassador humiliated by Israel
Sean ,   Coventry UK   (01.13.10)
So resisting anti-semitism is "humiliating treatment". Let us hope that Turkey never gets to join the EU or the Turks may be in for an unpleasant surprise.
42. To: No. 36
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.13.10)
Sorry, but I just don't take orders from you. I am not, after all, an Arab woman. I am, however, Israeli. You take orders from me. That's a good little puppy. We'll work on paper training next time -- wouldn't want to tax your brain.
43. The classy thing to do
Michael ,   New York   (01.13.10)
The Turkish ambassador should of just taken off his shoes and stretched out on the sofa (had room for three). It would of been the psychological tit-for-tat
44. israeli error
allan ,   melbourne australia   (01.14.10)
to Sarah B No 42 how very sad it must be for you to be witnessing the demise of your mother, the USA. Obviously the Israeli Government is concerned, demonstrated by the building of higher and deeper fences. Has it ever occurred to any Israeli that if your government would just do the right thing by its neighbours, it could find peace? Judging by recent events, obviously not!
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