Sheikh Salah gets 9 months in prison for assault
Ronen Medzini
Published: 13.01.10, 15:32
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1. Officer, Kol Hakavod! over Sheikh Raed's spit fire
observer   (01.13.10)
$2,045 is a fortune, isn't it
2. While I think it's great this guy finally got sent to jail,
I doublt he will ,   show up.   (01.13.10)
3. they should dedicate a prison cell for him
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (01.13.10)
he's in jail so much he should have a cell of his own. pretty soon he'll be there on a permanent basis.
4. Now throw the key away!JAILER PLEASE!
Alan ,   SA   (01.13.10)
5. my support to Salah
ivan ,   haifa   (01.13.10)
6. Salah
Barbara ,   Israel   (01.13.10)
What is he still doing in the country?Ban him from Israel, West Bank and entire area !!!!
7. Justice will be done when..
Yossi G. ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.13.10)
Temple Mount is fully recovered.
8. this is a hefy sentense!? jail the judge
ralph   (01.13.10)
9. Finally after 2 1/2 years
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.13.10)
Final the quisling appeasers of Israel get up the nerve to bring a little 'equal justice although late. Justice took a very long time to meet the mad muslim for incitement. A Jew from Judea and Samaria is immediately arrested and tried for any hint of incitement in perverse Israel.
10. Amazing stuff: No other country would allow
Scott ,   Australia   (01.13.10)
...such enemies from within. That actually sit in its parliament as well as cause huge incite from total cretins like this wanker. Israel must do something to kick these elements out.
11. #9 Israel has finally got him for a little spat
observer   (01.13.10)
12. better leave
Uri   (01.13.10)
do us and you a favor and leave Israel the jewish state you canot have what is not yours God has spoken and has kept his promise
13. according to international treaties Jerusalem is Israel
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (01.13.10)
according to international treaties all of Jerusalem is under Israeli control. The only is the one with Jordan that acknowledged it as being under Israeli control. No other treaty exists.
14. #13 international? do you mean on the planet earth?
observer   (01.13.10)
15. he should be
Barney ,   USA   (01.13.10)
deported at the end of his sentence. He has no place in Israel. Jerusalem is the undivided, united, permanent, just, eternal capital of Israel and the Jews. The mosque is only there due to the tolerance of the Israelis and the Jewish people. At some point if things don't change then it must go. Hate to drop to their level but nowhere in the islamic world is a Jewish holy site respected. Honorably and respectfully it should be disassembled and taken to saudi arabia
16. Wake up!
gab ,   Montreal, Canada   (01.13.10)
Israel, Hashem named it a Jewish Nation, their is not such a thing as east and west Jerusalem! Who started this? Jerusalem Capital of ISRAEL FOR ETERNITY.(read the Bible, it's all their!). Am ISRAEL Hai
17. Nis7500
hanzalahnaji   (01.13.10)
WoW Nis 7500 for a spit on afficer, I am afraid next time he will spit on nitinyaho or liberman, how much it will cost him then, i suggust he used the jail time to make feasability study for this. lol
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