Nasrallah: War will change region's face
Published: 15.01.10, 17:40
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1. So why do you hide like a little rat?
Eyal ,   USA   (01.15.10)
heheh hahah or is it because you don't want everyone else to smell your diaper on your head? Perhaps if you take a shower every once in a while, people may respect what you say? heheheh hahahah Keep hiding, but they will come for you and will kill you.
2. Hassan is running scared
SE ,   Boston, USA   (01.15.10)
Me thinks that Nasrallah is afraid that the recent Jordan bomb will implicate Hezbollah. Anyhow, I just love the irrationality of the terrorist mind that on the one hand that Israel is worried about losing to Hezbollah and on the other hand is planning to attack.
3. The IDF was beaten in Lebanon but not by Hizbollah
zionist forever   (01.15.10)
It was by Israeli leaders. First we have had over a decade of almost annual budget cuts so the IDF was not buying enough equipment and tried to do things on the cheap. They buy a new tank but they won't spend a little extra to include a system to protect against anti tank rockets. Reserves were not being called up for training as regular as they were in the past and skills were lost. Then in the war the logistics were bad. We had the PM & his cabinet trying to micromanage the war. Up until the last week chief of staff Dan Halutz was convinced that the thing could be won using air power despite the requests by the officers on the ground for more infantry. We had a minister of defense who had never even picked up a gun in the past & whose definition of pre emptive strike has more to do with the Histadrut than the military. A PM who thinks he knows it all along with an idiot foreign minister who negotiated 1701 which allowed Hizbollah to be stronger than ever within a year of the war. Providing that the government allows the IDF to fight wars their own way and take the gloves off instead of Olmert style starting the war but not finishing it. The IDF is capable of winning wars but it must be let off the political leash.
4. Meh.
Good Shabbas, y'all   (01.15.10)
5. Nasrallah on a bad streak since June 2006
Jon ,   Los Angeles   (01.15.10)
Nasrallah lost in every way in 2006 --not just militarily. Southern Lebanon was destroyed. He has the enmity of most of the country. He needed to kill mostly unarmed Sunnis in Beirut who despise him last year. The Christians are firmly allied with Sunnies. He and his allies badly lost the national elections last year because his country hates him. Why? Because of the Second Lebanese War. He has been impotent to avenge Mughniyeh. He has not touched Israel despite the Gaza operation. His Iranian patrons are hated by their people and will be swept away by history. So will he. I hope for more successes like 2006. ;)
6. Time against Irael
Pedro ,   Brazil   (01.15.10)
More time more damage in Israel Hizbollah will be able to cause in the next war.
7. believe it
john ,   lebanon   (01.15.10)
well as a lebanese , and based on real experience , i tend to believe this man . just remember , all he said before he delievered , he is like a wolf in the woods , he smells your fear , and he is playing you soo good .
8. Islam opposess peace and tranquility
Mikha ,   Nai,Kenya   (01.15.10)
There will be constant never ending wars as long as there is islam.May be islam invokes reversed psychology on its followers as meaning of the word islam is supposed to be peace.How can you preach peace while plotting suicide bombings in a mosque? The answer is its acceptable in islam.The actions and fruits of islam are terribly horrific.Hezbollah has a noose round its's just a matter of time for all to enjoy a hezbollahless world.America strives to defeat al qaeda and so should not stand in the way of Israel as takes the apt steps.Islam has denied the world its peace.
9. Again, why has the Mossad not killed him?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.15.10)
10. Look at Lebanon, look at Israel, and tell me who's defeated.
Israel ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.15.10)
Whose economy is booming, despite the world's recession, and whose economy is in shambles? Which country do foreign investors flock to? Which currency is stronger? Which country is a hi-tech superpower, and has the highest number of foreign companies in the Nasdaq? Which country has just recently been qualified as an international patent center? Which country has won six Nobel Prizes in the past decade alone? Who lives in freedom, and who lives under Islamofascist tyranny? Whose citizens are forced at gun-point to serve as human shield? Which country is quiet, and which country routinely suffers mysterious explosions all the time? Which country lost 100 soldiers in the last war, and which country lost 700 soldiers? Which country has a leading parliament member hiding like a rat underground? And which country is so morally sick, that it gives a hero's welcome, to a baby murderer? If all that is called 'divine victory' for Lebanon, I wish them many more of the same.
11. #1 your mouth stinks
observer   (01.15.10)
Diapers anywhere can be accepted, but on the mouth stink.
12. The “detterence” of Hezbollah
Ron B. ,   Lod   (01.15.10)
In the wake of the 2006 war, the following facts have become clear: First, Hezbollah, which represented itself as the “defender of Lebanon,” turned out to be its destroyer, due to the extensive devastation it brought down on the heads of the Lebanese people in the course of the war. Second, Hezbollah’s deterrent charm was dispelled. The war made it clear that the organization could no longer carry out military operations against Israel along the Lebanese-Israeli border and expect Israel to refrain from retaliating. Third, Hezbollah was perceived more and more as a Shi‘i organization serving Iranian interests. More at :
Arn-Orao. ,   Sweden-Srbia.   (01.15.10)
DOES HE REALLY BELEIVE IN THE BELOWE HIMSELF - Nasrallah: War will change region's face Hezbollah leader slams Israeli 'threats,' vows to defeat IDF in case of renewed hostilities on Lebanese border; Israel in trouble, Nasrallah says, promises 'great victory' in case of war IF THAT WHERE THE CASE, THE HIZBOLLAH WOULD HAVE STARTED THAT VICTORIOUS WAR ALREADEY. Arn-Orao.
14. Finish the job this time !
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.15.10)
Instead of listening to the President on the red phone line to retreat the IDF and following failed US plan you need to lead the way and defeat your enemies. You made the same mistake with Hamas to please your peace pimps in Washington. You used to know how to do this before you fell into the peace trap.
15. Anyone with diapers on their head will be defeated easy...
Eyal ,   USA   (01.15.10)
I can't wait for Israel to take the land G-D promised us, all the way to the Litani River.
16. Nasrallah is not running scared because of Jordan
Chris   (01.15.10)
yesterday. That points towards an Al Qaeda operation (double bomb attack). Nasrallah has issued a friendly warning because of the Israeli military build up on the northern border. Basically he is eaving a flag letting you all know that Hezbollah is still around and capable of defending Lebanon.
17. "War will change region's face" I agree
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (01.15.10)
that 50,000 hole golf course that Lebanon would turn into would definitely be a change for the better for the whole region
18. blah, blah, blah: hear it all before, YAWN
izzie irgun ,   zion   (01.15.10)
Is this news or a reurn fo the fatties last speech ... its the same tired lecture .. if he's so tough and won the last war, how come he is in hiding and there are no attacks from the north. Its Becasue if he starts another war, all of Lebanon will turn on him. And he knows the next war will be a game changer. True it might cost Israel a few rocket hits but in the end lebanon will be in the stone age and if they don't watch out Syria will join them in getting beat up. Notice how Syria talks big and has hamas and hezbollah take the blows. that is the arab way.
19. Smokin' In the Boys' Room....
Roy ,   USA   (01.15.10)
Nastyahooty has been smoking the "camel cigarettes with the humps" in the boys' room again! Hez-fulla-bullah has never beaten the IDF in a fight yet, and will never do so!
20. What rubbish he talks. He wants a war???
JO   (01.15.10)
Israel has said repeatedly that he wants a peaceful border and he rants on about war and victory. What a stupid man. He really wants war and does not want a peaceful border. Shame on him. Has he not done enough damage.
21. Reading readers comments
Moi   (01.15.10)
one cannot but wonder over how stupid and ignorant and false these israeli and israel supporters are. YES, israel was beaten in the 2006 war. Just go back to commission report on that war. so, STFU
22. oh hassan
mohson   (01.15.10)
hassan, the glorious one, hamas said they won when they got smashed and israel barely used its force. Now for hezbollah war which at best you had a tie-your strategy of dug in bunkers antitank boobytraps ieds and missiles was very good. But you had olmert which I admit to you may be the biggest coward in history. he is gone. israel is not stupid. It will use other means. And remember, if israel lets say were on the verge of beinig defeated, there would not be one lebanese left including you. No hassan, instead of staying cool, you start flouting wild rhetoric and that is your downfall.Stay away from the iranian embassy in beirut.
23. Media Media
Adrian ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (01.15.10)
Like ever, the report misses, whether deliberately or otherwise, the most important part in the speech. To those who wish to know what has been censored, well here you go: “For the first time, Israel is looking for victory guarantees in any future war.” Chew over!
24. Nasrallah says what he means...
Marco ,   Spain   (01.15.10)
and means what he says. Man, you people are in trouble. Tell me, why do you run to the shelters and complain to the U.N when someone plants a Hezbollah flag on the border fence?
25. #9 Bunnie Meyer
Marco ,   Spain   (01.15.10)
"Why has the Mossad not killed him?". The answer is simple Bunnie. Its because the Mossad today consists of a bunch of incompetent amatures in comparison to the well trained dedicated security tat sorrounds Nasrallah.
26. #10 Israel
Marco ,   Spain   (01.15.10)
Well I listened to you and looked at both Lebanon and Israel. I still say that its Israel that was not only defeated but humiliated in the process.
27. Nasrallah and the next War
Brod ,   USA   (01.15.10)
In the next War, Nasrallah will be gone even if he hides at the Iranian Embassy. And his Hezbollahists will be decimated. The Phoenicians will once again be able to liberate their historic homeland from the Islamist-Jihadist occupiers and usurpers.
28. Signature mistake in #10... ;-)
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.15.10)
29. # 10
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.15.10)
Well said & bravo to you.
30. # 16
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.15.10)
Nasrallah is petrified of Israel. Any move the IDF make on our side of the border we get ranting,raving & threats from this little insecure man who hides himself 24/7.
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