Report: Mitchell brings no guarantees for Abbas
Roee Nahmias
Published: 16.01.10, 11:48
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31. To @3
James ,   ISRAEL   (01.16.10)
It looks like Nour coming from Lauderdale Florida you are not cognisant of many of the people we have.And Yoram Etinger is one of them. Another thing which is funny when you say to the interlocutor it is not not the first time you see what he has said before. Nour put your thinking cap on and stop dreaming that the demographics will help your people.It will not. What is more it will be A STONE around their necks.And you know why don't you? population explosion of the world is the reason. If by procrating you think the pals will win, TOUGH ON YOU BABY. Back to the studies in the school you attend in Florida.or is it a "madrrassa"? Oh and no country called Palestine from the river to the sea.Are you as deluded as that..
32. Send post Ynet? I did.But you did not published them.
James ,   ISRAEL   (01.16.10)
begin to look where they are. Whilst I am at it,I will repeat that nour is not only a BOOR,but since sh/he lives in Lauderdale Florida has no business to call the America FAT! that is adding insult to injury to the Americans Who give her/him the bread and butter for sustencance. Plus for nour to attend school,or is it a MADRASSA?
33. To Ron B@23 How many times does one have >>
Kate ,   ISRAEL   (01.16.10)
To tell the nuckleheads such as Nour et al,that there are no such people called Arab Palestinians.This Zahir Hussein was right and even without him we know what is true and can prove it with out a shadow of a doubt. I must thank you for elucidating it though. I will leave it at that,for you have amply presented it all. One thing to remind all people here is:Nour who calls herself/Himself palestinian lives comfortably in Florida,has the audacity to call " BIG FAT AMERICA,,that gives her/him the freedom and sustenance to berate the country where s/h lives in. Nour forgets --as is the custom of Arabs:Concerning demographics:Nour falso dismisses the situation of population ezplosion which is counter productive to the Pals wherever they may reside. Noor who still dreams of having a country from the RIVER TO THE SEA, Ha ha oh oh >>> It may apply to Israel but most certainly NOT to any Arab. Lauderdale Nour is deluded to the extreme and shod be taught a lesson in history she/he LACKS.
34. # 32
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.16.10)
James dear, dont you mean BORE ?? & not boor ??
35. @ 34
James ,   ISRAEL   (01.16.10)
Birdi It an be both.Boor,and Bore. Hey,did you read my query on the Arab News forum on my consteration on your good self? In case you missed it: I said "chaver",but perhaps should have been "chavera"? It came to me suddenly because of your moniker,that may translate as "tzipi"?? Shalom
36. To all who accuse me of living in Florida: LOL
Nour ,   Palestine   (01.16.10)
Thanks for the good laugh. Actually a good laugh is perfect just before going to bed. On that note, good night, it's midnight here!
37. # 35
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.16.10)
Yes James dear, I read your "chaver" & yes its "chavera", alas, its not tzipi. Keep guessing !! Shavua Tov to you.
38. Kate, you know nothing of America, let me break it down...
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (01.16.10)
...for ya. The United States does not grant inalienable rights ding dong. The right to life, liberty and prosperity are self-evident. Our system of government is predicated on the fact that the government's legitimacy flows from the people, not the other way around like in your little neighborhood. And what's this with Nour? Do yuo now believe in equal rights for all or are you one of the wingnuts who believes that you have the right to lord it over the Palestinians. You say there are no Palestinians do you? Name a single world leader or head of government, including Israel, who agrees with you dearie. That's right. No one does because your claim is ludicrous. There are about 11,000,000 Palestinians in the occupied territories and throughout the diaspora. Get over it dearie. Your racist xenophobic attempt at virtual genocide simply does not wash. In fact, it simply makes you look like yet another PR nightmare for Israel. A disgruntled armchair kook wanting to simply wish away a peoples that you hold great hatred for. And Kate, there ARE a lot of fat Americans, a lot of them who do not care a whit about you or the Palestinians. But one thing they have in common, they are not run by a religious extremist government like you. We are free. You live in perpetual fear and war over the illegal colonists. There will be no Greater Israel. Be happy with the 78% you got already.
39. #5 Nour
Chatich   (01.16.10)
Your entire "nation" is nothing but a weak argument based on pure fiction, to serve a political agenda. Impressive as your English vocabulary may be, it adds not a shred of legitimacy to your assertions of a fabricated people in a country that's never existed. "Palestine" is Jordan and your arab bretheren in Judea, Samaria and Aza are nothing more than ornery squatters. Dream on with your river to the sea fantasy, it's never going to happen. Am Israel chai.
40. Second attempt..!
Kate ,   ISRAEL   (01.17.10)
Lol you say: This is mainly an American expression,not a British one. Let us inform you on the British Madate. At the time the Jews were called Palestinians and the rest merely Arabs. Live with it. The fact Arafat chose to call your lot Palestinians was a recent phenomenon--only since 1963. Before that no one knew of your existence for the simple reason you had no connection in my country. You are the usurpers,and begging manipulators who have no right to be here. The majority of yours are in Jordan(an artificially created country), which 78% of the population over yonder are all the remnants of the pals.Therefore,you belong there and not in Israel. Incidently when aritfart,decided to resort to demographics by encouraging the women to procreate and by this method a gain for the Pals. Well deary,it didn't work,and will not for any people now in the 21st century.Even China has curbed the growth of child bearing maximum to 2 per family. All artifart achieved was more misery for the people. He took all the monies given to you by the world bodies and sold you down the river. He spent it all for himself(THE THIEF) and the rest the avaricious Suha. To put it in contex: Long before the Balfour Declation our early Jewish pioneers came to the Holy Land,in the 1800.Cleared the malaria infested swamps and made the place habitable.It sure was a mess when they had arrived. They worked like trojans by the sweat of their brow,unlike your lot who beg and whine.They pursued by hard work for the love of the country. It was then that some of surrounding peoples saw what a miracle the Jews had achieved and began to flock into the country and benefitted from it. A mish,mash of divers peoples,and none of them were EVER called Palestinians. On another note: If you people persist in thinking you are Palestinians prove it. i.e 1] Who was your king? 2] What was the name of your currency? 3] Has anyone found artifacts pertaining you? 4] To sum up,NOTHING BUT ZILCH 5] Funny you should tell us time for bed 12 o'clock Naturally because you live NOT in the ME ,but in the USA. Give us break be thankful to big FAT USA who gave you the opportunity acquiring a decent education.***
41. This my @ 40 is addressed to Nour.I forgot(thanks Ynet)
Kate ,   ISRAEL   (01.17.10)
I did have some problems when I cut and pasted the response sorry. It was done through "word". But toda raba.
42. # 3
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.20.10)
Dont hold your breathe Robert, Noor cant answer your question as she doesnt live in Gaza or the West Bank but in USA.
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